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Package Deals

Have you ever wished that you could ever have your own private astrologer at your disposal to call upon for assistance and guidance when you need it most? .

Well,with my .package deals, you can have that level of service at your fingertips and save money to boot.  I am pleased to announce that I am now offering three different packages for my astrology clients and one package for my tarot clients. Don't forget that astrology and tarot readings make great gifts.

My Silver Package includes one solar return, one intuitive astrology chart question or Composite Couple Report, one Chiron Report and one Black Moon Lilith Report.  Purchased individually, the total would be $180  But the Silver Package saves you $30  at a cost of $150.


My Tarot Package saves you $30-50 because it is worth $180-$200 depending upon your selection.  Either way, you will reap the benefits of two free readings.  You can purchase twelve one question tarot readings (one reading per month) which is normally $180 or you can purchase eight two question tarot readings that is worth $200.  Or you can mix and match with some one and two question readings.  This package costs only $150.

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