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Chiron Report

Chiron is a minor planet that orbits in between Saturn and Uranus.  In the astrology chart, Chiron serves as a bridge between normal consciousness and higher consciousness.  Chiron can bring limitations, but it is also connected with finding ways to overcome limitations, to heal and to grow.  Chiron spends an average of four years in any one sign, so everyone born in the same years will have the same sign placement.  Chiron's sign placement is most likely to influence your life if Chiron has many aspects or is near one of the four angles in your chart.

Chiron in Capricorn

This Chiron placement puts a lot of pressure on you to become an adult while you are still a child.  You feel strongly the limits that circumscribe your life.  The final goal of your efforts is to get to a state of greater freedom.  A strong Chiron in Capricorn makes you defensive, tough, and controlled.  These qualities stand you in good stead in the world of business.  You also know human nature and are not naive.  Chiron here gives you a sense of connectedness with the rest of society, so that you could end up becoming a compassionate philanthropist, one who wants to make the world a better place, in which no one is left out or left behind.  You do not limit yourself to the small world of the home -- you are aware of and you get involved with the larger public world.

Chiron in the Fourth House

You have a strong attachment to your roots and to the values that you learned from your parents.  You may feel scarred, wounded, confined, or limited in some way by one or more events involving your home and childhood.  If you feel that you are in over your head when you are younger, you are capable of bending the rules.  Your home, family, and children are very important to you.  You could work to clean up and improve your neighborhood.  You might be active in your church.  You have a strong allegiance to and a big heart for the people with whom you grew up.  You could confront issues of racial discrimination.  You will probably be happier living outside the big city, in a more natural setting.  You could find it fulfilling to work with a youth scouts organization or even counsel children who experienced a troubled youth.

Chiron Aspects

Venus sextile Chiron 

This can give you an enjoyable lifestyle.  You could have a powerful singing voice.  Your powers of attraction are strong.  Be careful that the powers of dissolution and drunkenness do not become equally strong, because you may not be the only one that gets hurt.  An injury or illness could permanently affect you.  Illness could affect your spouse.  Unless you completely devote your life to your profession, it may seem like your life is a roller coaster of triumphs and disappointments.  This aspect is about growth of your social awareness.  When you experience disappointments, consider how and where you need to grow more.   You can take the disappointments that you experience in personal love and transform that drive into loving service to your community.

Neptune square Chiron 

There is a charming, vulnerable quality to you.  You have the feeling and imagination of a Romantic poet, dedicated to an idealistic vision.  You are far from naive, however, showing great wisdom about life from an early age.  This aspect increases the level of your creative imagination, which could make you highly prolific and versatile as a storyteller, composer, actor, or singer.  You put a lot of feeling into everything that you do.  In addition to creative work, you could be attracted to the pharmaceutical industry, winemaking, charitable work, public service, and politics.  If you ignore boundaries or rules, you could get into political or legal trouble.  You can be very popular because you make people feel good.  If you personally get involved with alcohol or drugs, look out for accidents.

Uranus opposite Chiron 

This generational aspect is found in a lot of charts, so in order to manifest it needs to be exact or close to a chart angle.  It opens the mind up to questioning.  The native knows or discovers that there is more to life than meets the eye.  This aspect causes your mind to crackle with alternate possibilities.  You live on the frontier of the new and different.  You look for answers in books.  When you were young, things happened that did not make sense.  You could feel like a misfit.  You might seem hyper-active.  You will do things to shock people whom you perceive to be mentally rigid.  Becoming a parent will probably cause you to question and shift your priorities.  You will become more relaxed and focused if you study metaphysics, keep a journal, or practice yoga, meditation, or martial arts.

Midheaven opposite Chiron

Early childhood misfortunes or health problems are quite possible, depending on other aspects involving Chiron.  You do not really have a plan for your life, which can make you unpredictable.  You could bounce from one thing to another or from one lover to another.  Being argumentative and looking out for your own interests fuels your drive to live.  An aspect from Mars or Pluto to Chiron will give you more consistent drive.

Pluto inconjunct Chiron 

This aspect makes you clear-sighted and hard-headed, having few illusions.  It does not make your path easy, but it does give you the strength and power to handle it.  Your clear-sightedness can make you good in business -- you see what would be the most efficient procedures.  You could be a cost-cutting reformer who streamlines operations and eliminates waste.  You are someone who sees the future and can make it happen.  You can be a leader and a mediator.  You are known for being poised, confident, modest and calm.

Jupiter opposite Chiron 

You are attracted to an expansive life.  You could start from nothing and put on a good show.  You develop a distinct style.  The bigger your platform, the more opportunity you have to help others.  Jupiter helps you to grow fast.  Beware that you still have gas left in the tank by the time that you reach middle age.  You can burn yourself out with alcohol or with overreaching behavior.  If you have dependent children, your love for them can be what makes you a responsible adult.

The key to your life is how you handle the opportunities that come to you.  You can be a very productive person, but if you work or party to the point of exhaustion, you will not make the most of your opportunities.  You need to take time for yourself in order to understand life and what you are doing in it.  Figure out how to merge your interests with those of others in a balance that makes your spirit happy.  Appreciate what you have in the present -- that you are not the same needy person that you were in the past.  Favorable aspects to the outer planets will help you to see things from a higher perspective.  A favorable aspect to Mercury could allow success in law, but there is still the danger of overreaching.  What setbacks do you need to experience in order to achieve higher consciousness?

Sun sextile Chiron 

This aspect links outer self (Sun) with growth (Chiron) in a constructive way.  You can develop versatile talents; this aspect makes it easy for you to grow in different directions.  You are a very thorough and capable person, but watch out that success does not go to your head.  If your ego gets over-large, this aspect ensures that you will experience a correction.  Your father was a benefit to you and somehow raised your consciousness about health matters.   You could have a psychological complex driving you to become successful as a result of early problems or physical limitations.  But your passion is for more than just you -- you want to see everyone have healthy opportunities.  You would make a good therapist.  You are good at finding and combating the causes of sickness, whether personal or societal.  You can be a skillful negotiator when it comes to accomplishing your objectives.  You have patience and persistence.  Your vision reaches far and wide.

Chiron in Pisces Transits

The major transit that you have experienced in 2014 and will continue to experience through the first three months of 2015 is Chiron in Pisces squaring your natal moon in Gemini.  This transit can be very painful as it causes you to question your lower-natured emotional reactions, patterns and habits and the role they play in keeping you from healing and resolving old wounds and issues that had their origin in childhood.  There will definitely be a reassessment and reexamination of the emotional life.


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