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Friday, April 25, 2014

Anger and the Cardinal Grand Cross

"Anger is always speaking on the behalf of something essential that is being denied; Like a need for boundaries and love...
Anger wants more from you than 'discharging' it by beating a pillow... 
Anger wants you to feel IT and discover what in you 
sent Anger as a Messenger. 
The advocacy of anger is CHANGE.  
Feel the anger. 
Embrace the change. 
Let Anger help you take the action necessary for the change..."
Robert Ohotto on Mars Retrograde in Libra

Well, this has been the week that astrologers have been talking about all year. Uranus in Aries was exactly square Pluto in Capricorn on April 21st and we experienced the full effect of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 22-23. What a line-up we had with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn all at 13 degrees.  I personally didn't feel anything on the 21st, but I definitely felt the intensity on the 22nd and 23rd. Like most people, I didn't know what to expect, but I can tell you now that it played out for me with a big theme of anger. Astrologer Jeff Jawer described April 20th as preparing for a cosmic tsunami and he wasn't exaggerating!

How could I have not realized it would manifest that way? My ascendant is in 16 degrees of Libra, so I was caught right in the crossfire of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Mars is in my 12th house now, but it is conjunct my ascendant and it is opposing transiting Uranus in my 6th house. Uranus is at the end of my 6th house, but it clearly isn't finished with bringing up unexpected issues for me with my health and daily routine. I experienced more scheduling changes in my Reiki practice and I had a run-in with the radiology clinic when I booked an appointment for one procedure and they scheduled me for a full battery of procedures that I emphatically stated that I didn't want.  Ironically this appointment is scheduled for April 29th, the day of the solar eclipse, so I am hoping that some light is shed on the matter and that my feelings and needs are actually listened to.

While Mars in Libra is making me angry and attacking my body, Pluto in Capricorn is squaring my ascendant and making me feel powerless.  Transiting Pluto is also inconjunct my moon in Gemini, so it is no wonder that health issues are arising. I am dealing with old emotional wounds and the last time I had a cyst I was undergoing a lot of emotional pain and sadness. But that Mars is energizing me to assert my rights in having a say over what I can control in terms of my choices regarding my body.

Jupiter in Cancer is squaring my ascendant and I confess that I indulged in a little retail therapy on April 21st and 22nd. I purchased some new clothes, which certainly fits the bill for a Jupiter transit to one's ascendant. Let us not forget that Jupiter tends to blow things out of proportion and in the sign of Cancer, emotional wounds and abandonment issues from when we were young come up for review BIG TIME. And Jupiter was opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus and Mars.

I was inspired by reading astrologer Stephanie Weiss on She wrote that we should let the emotion flow and try not to blame or be reactive. I don't know about you, but for me this is easier said than done.  I do think she is right when she said that relationships that survive are ones you are meant to be in. Indeed, it is time to face your past and move on to a better future. Self care and self love are crucial right now. Breakthrough is a major theme.

Mars in Libra was squaring Pluto in Capricorn on April 23rd. This was definitely a tension release phase, which I personally believe is the essence of this Cardinal Grand Cross. And a major feature of Mars squaring Pluto is the potential for power struggles. I certainly experienced this on the 23rd when I had my meltdown about my upcoming procedure. This transit is definitely revealing things and it is time to tell the truth. No more hiding under a rock!

The bottom line is that change is inevitable. Michael Lutin nailed it again this week when he said that we shouldn't be asking how long does this last because a change of this magnitude will probably last for the rest of our lives. This transit is not something you wait out, you have to move and grow by adapting to the changes that are required.

As for me, I plan on attending a Reiki conference on April 27th when the moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus currently in my 6th house. I trust that it will be inspiring and bring fresh ideas on healing and building my business.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Stressful Week with Saves from Venus and Jupiter

This week started off with an intensity on Monday, April 14th that has yet to abate. Pluto stationed retrograde at 7:44 p.m. at 14 degrees of Capricorn. It produced a lot of tension and forced many of us to examine issues around power. I know that I was not alone when I tweeted that it was the lack of power that was so frustrating. Pluto is also squaring Mars and I am feeling the hits of transiting Pluto squaring my ascendant and Mars conjunct my ascendant.  Is it any wonder that I am experiencing controlled rage about situations that I have no control over?

What did I do on the day of the 14th? I had my annual gyn appointment, which was pretty routine except for the fact that my gynecologist was puzzled when he couldn't retrieve the results of the mammogram I'd had the previous week because the computer records said "unread."  I didn't think anything of it but there is more to come on that front. I also went to see the Marathon Memorial at the Boston Public Library because I felt it was something I needed to do after having witnessed the aftermath of the Marathon Bombing a couple hours after it happened. I had a hard time finding it but I did. I knew I didn't want to go the next day, the actual anniversary because I don't do well with crowds. The exhibit did elicit tears and painful memories but it was worthwhile.  It was my personal way of dealing with the Pluto station. After all, it was the Marathon Bombing that was a catalyst for me to make much needed changes in my life. Nothing like unearthing your deepest fears and feelings in order to transcend them.  Thank you, Pluto in Capricorn.

On Tuesday, April 15th we had the lunar eclipse in 25 degrees of Libra.  It conjuncted my Neptune in the first house and I literally woke up feeling sad.  Was I soaking up the collective sadness of the Marathon Bombing anniversary?  I purposely avoided watching television but I did hear the church bells ringing at 2:49 p.m. to commemorate the event.  What happened next really shocked me.  I received a text from the owner of the clinic where I give Reiki treatments informing me that I might have trouble getting into work the next morning because Copley Station was closed and the area was blocked off.  Apparently there had been two unattended backpacks that needed to be detonated.  The bags contained photography equipment and a rice cooker filled with confetti.  But the individual who left the bags was arrested and rumored to be bipolar.  And he chose to act out on a lunar eclipse!  Granted, the moon had moved into Scorpio by that time, but we were still getting the full effect of that full moon in Libra opposing Aries. 

I also got a disturbing phone call from the lab where I had my mammogram done the previous week; I needed to return for a repeat imaging because there was something off compared to my two previous mammograms.  I did not get much information from the person who called me.  I just remember being told to come in as soon as possible and the earliest opening was Friday morning.  I was in shock, to say the least.  A few hours later I composed myself and checked the Patient Site online records to see if the results were in my online records.  The report basically stated that I had dense breasts which limited the sensitivity for detection of masses.  This was news to me; I had never thought of myself as having dense breasts.  Friends tried to reassure me that it was probably nothing and that maybe they had squeezed so hard that it made it impossible to read.  Transiting Mars conjunct my ascendant feels literally like an attack on my physical body, but the whole experience is also making me feel really angry that no one explains things anymore. Uranus in Aries is transiting my 6th house for almost another year, so I suppose that I should not be surprised that this is happening.

But relief was in sight.  On Wednesday, April 16th we had a Grand Water Trine with the moon in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer.  Once again, the water planets rushed to the rescue!  It felt like something was lifting.  Venus and Jupiter are in their signs of exaltation, which is always a good thing.  The much ballyhooed Cardinal Grand Cross will be upon us next week, but I remember reading encouraging words from astrologer Jessica Adams that Jupiter can soften the cross.  I tend to think of Jupiter in Cancer as a secret weapon.  I realized that it was technically the last day Mars would be in my first house, but I would be feeling the effects of Mars conjunct my ascendant until the end of June, forcing me to deal with issues of anger, conflict and resentment.  I did have hope on that day.  An old friend called me that night and we had a delightful chat.  I remember reading the good news that Valerie Harper had been declared cancer-free.  A little over a year ago, she had been given three months to live and I had been devastated by that news.  She struck me as a very inspirational person in her reaction to the diagnosis, and it appears that Jupiter is working its miracles for her.  God bless her and her positive attitude, which we all could use more of these days.  When I went to my weekly meditation group that night, I received a message that I would be making more money in May.  I definitely needed to hear that because business has been really slow this week.  I know that people are majorly stressed out, but it hasn’t translated into business for me.  Then I remembered that I had good financial news in December 2013, the last time transiting Saturn in Scorpio was conjunct my Sun. In May retrograde Saturn will once again conjunct my Sun.   So there is a history and definite potential for it to occur again, because I have been playing by Saturn’s rules and working hard.

On Thursday, April 17th, we had a delightful trine between in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer at 9:19 p.m.  The moon had moved on into Sagittarius, but that wasn’t a bad thing either because Sagittarius tends to be so optimistic and hopeful. 

On Friday, April 18th, the moon in Sagittarius was squaring Neptune in Pisces, trining Uranus in Aries and squaring Venus and Chiron in Pisces.  A part of me was feeling the fire of indignation of having to endure another mammogram and another part was downright scared, especially since the Patient Site had me scheduled for two appointments that morning.  After the mammogram they gave me an ultrasound which revealed the presence of a cyst and the potential for papilloma, which is a benign tumor.  They recommended a follow-up ultra-sound in six months, but gave me the option of scheduling a cyst aspiration or core biopsy sooner if I chose.  I had a cyst about 12 years ago and had the fine needle aspiration because the cyst started causing me pain.  Right now I am currently leaning towards waiting the six months, but at least I know that if I get too freaked about my less than 3% chance of this being cancer, I can be proactive.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that we have the next Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn square on April 21, 2014. Rumor has it this one will pack the biggest punch.  This represents an erosion of the old ways of doing things while simultaneously experiencing a frustrating denial of escaping obligations.  It is not an understatement to say that it is a major test of patience.  I came across some very wise words from astrologer Vivian Carol at:

Basically, she commented on how the Uranus Pluto square is also activated by Jupiter in Cancer, which squares Uranus and opposes Pluto.  This can play out in two ways: by either creating a joint purpose that everyone can agree on or create drama triangles with a victim, perpetrator and a rescuer.  This scenario is highly dysfunction and should be avoided at all costs.  So let’s focus on creating a joint purpose with next week’s Uranus Pluto square and Grand Cardinal Cross.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Prelude to the Eclipse

The upcoming lunar eclipse in 25 degrees of Libra on April 15th has earned the moniker of “Blood Moon” because it ushers in a Lunar Tetrad.  A tetrad is four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons). The dates of these blood moon eclipses are April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015.
In Biblical times it was referred to as the end of the world in Joel 2:31in the Common English Bible with this prediction: “The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.”

Is the world coming to an end?  NO WAY!   I don’t buy into that.  It may be the end of an outworn way of life and the old order of business, but in my book that is a good thing.  We are just experiencing some severe growing pains.  We survived the last lunar tetrad in 1967-68 and lived to tell the tale of changing times.   In June 1967 Israel fought the Six Day War and regained control of Jerusalem for the first time in nearly 2000 years.  We all know that the 1960’s was a time of immense change and many astrologers are comparing today to the 1960’s.  What is the thread that links the current time to the 1960’s?  Well, back in the 1960’s, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo.  And now we are dealing with the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square.  When Uranus and Pluto tangle, there is upheaval.  Period.  You cannot avoid it, so don’t even try.  At one point this week, I tweeted that the only way out is through. The Uranus Pluto square also triggers the Grand Cardinal Cross later this month, so change is inevitable.  Personally, I think the biggest challenge with this energy is the ego resistance.  We have to release our expectations of how things should turn out and ride the wave of change, no matter how uncomfortable that may feel.  That is no mean feat!

How has this energy been playing out so far?  Well, on April 8, 2014, the Sun in Aries opposed  retrograde Mars in Libra.  On the following day, April 9th, news broke  of the high school student who went on a stabbing spree with kitchen knives in Murrysville, Pennsylvania that injured 22 people.  The chart for the time of the stabbings revealed that the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Juno, the ascendant and the south node were all in Aries. The Sun and Juno were opposing Mars.  It is a sad commentary that we are almost used to hearing about shootings in April, but this is the first stabbing.  Stabbings are much more personal than shootings. 

I have also heard about lot of people having health problems: women having miscarriages and other gynecological health issues in addition to car accidents.  April is one dangerous month and it’s not even half over. People are seriously stressed out these days.  Astrologer Jeff Jawer tweeted that “The Sun opposite Mars has brought out the knives, yet cutting through the limits of ourselves is healthier than attacking others.”  Sage advice.  A far more productive use of this energy is to focus on our own personal goals without harming others.  I can personally attest to the veracity of that statement.  The eclipse on April 15th will be conjuncting my Neptune and I truly feel that the only way I have maintained a modicum of sanity in recent weeks has been through my Reiki work at the clinic, and doing my astrology and tarot readings.  It has been my saving grace.  I certainly have my issues and wounds to deal with now as transiting Chiron in Pisces squares my moon in Gemini, but by focusing on giving others the tools to heal, I am being healed as well.  Transiting Jupiter in Cancer is our secret weapon in this cardinal energy configuration.  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and supplies the faith we need to get through this challenging period.

Pluto will turn retrograde in 13 degrees of Capricorn on April 14th and will remain retrograde until September 23, 2014.  Pluto retrograde forces us to reexamine shaky structures and relinquish power.  It is all about regenerative activity and is an optimal time to reflect on change and transformation.  The key to handling this transit is to be flexible. 

As for the buildup to the eclipse, retrograde Mars in Libra will be its closest to the earth on April 14th, the same day that Pluto goes retrograde.   I am never comfortable when both Mars and Pluto are retrograde, as I think it increases the likelihood of violence.  The lunar eclipse in 25 degrees of Libra will also conjunct the north node, so we can expect changes in the direction of relationships.

But we have yet another secret weapon to support us through this lunar eclipse.  Venus and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces on April 11th at 10:23 p.m.  The themes of this aspect are forgiveness, compassion in relationships and heart healing.  How sweet is that energy!  Rely on it to keep you strong through the weekend and the eclipse.

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Angst

April is definitely off to a roaring start in terms of fulfilling the astrological predictions of the changes it will bring with the Uranus Pluto square on April 21st and the Cardinal Grand Cross  on April 23rd for the cardinal  signs face-off of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and retrograde Mars in Libra at 13 degrees.  Is there anyone who doesn’t have planets or points in these signs within a three degree orb?  I think not; this will impact everyone on some level.  And let’s not forget the lunar eclipse in 25 degrees of Libra on April 15th and the solar eclipse in 8 degrees of Taurus on April 29, 2014.  The month of April is action packed for sure!

On April 1st, the Sun in 11 degrees of Aries squared Jupiter in 10 degrees of Cancer.  Jupiter is still conjunct my south node, so I felt this aspect in a rather, large expansive Jupiterian way.  But not in the lucky, feel good Jupiterian style.  For me, it played out as massive frustration and a drain on my energy.   Nothing seemed to go right and revisions were the order of the day. The sun was in my 6th house (it enters my 7th house on April 6th) and changes in my daily routine were my mantra for April 1st.

The action continued on April 2nd with the Sun’s annual conjunction to Uranus.  Uranus is the Great Awakener and the key to understanding this transit is to expect the unexpected.  In many ways, it may be a harbinger of the Cardinal Grand Cross later in the month.  How did this play out?  Well, there was a shooting spree at the Fort Hood, Texas army base which left four soldiers dead, including the shooter. Sixteen others were injured. This was clearly unexpected.  Tragedy struck again in the month of April.  Shootings and bombings seem to becoming part of April’s news on an annual basis.  This is a tough time of year for impulse control and it appears to be a prime time for losing it in a big, tragic way.   In recent years during the month of April, there was the Waco Texas massacre in 1993, the Columbine high school shooting in 1998, the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 and the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.  Mercury in Pisces was trining Saturn in Scorpio on April 2, 2014 in an attempt to find a spiritual perspective to the truth.  The investigation continues into psychological condition of the shooter.  He was undergoing treatment for anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders. 

On April 3, 2014, the Sun in Aries squared Pluto in Capricorn.  Its theme was transformation and time to release outworn patterns of relating.  I have a natal Sun Pluto square in my natal chart, so I am no stranger to its message.  It is very personal.  I can tell you firsthand that Sun square Pluto strengthens personal will and bestows creativity, passion and loyalty to loved ones.  It does not reside in neutral territory!  The Sun square Pluto is complex and can trigger issues with authority figures and fears of abandonment or painful endings.  I swear that the only relief on April 3rd came from the moon entering the sign of Gemini at 5:22 a.m.  It gave a slight amount of breathing space on an otherwise intense day.  But I have my moon in Gemini, so it nurtures and comforts me.

I personally found the first three days of April exhausting and found myself needing more sleep each night.  That Aries Sun squaring Jupiter, conjuncting Uranus and squaring Pluto has felt like a roller coaster ride.  I get the message that a drastic overhaul is necessary and that we need to release outworn patterns and embrace the unexpected.  It is a tall order for most of though.

I loved what Michael Lutin had to say about April 4th on his website:

A new ride about to open in
an amusement park
takes you up
to a height
equal to the top
of the Empire State Building,
and then abruptly drops you
forty-one stories
to the next part of the ride
which I would imagine is
straight to a mental hospital
A N Y W A Y..
that's what April 4th is all about
it's the astrological
April Fool's Day
So be careful of the mayonnaise
Where do we go from here?
read it on

It looks like April is going to be one wild, crazy ride!  According to Michael Lutin, we do not escape April Fool’s Day – it just comes three days later.  The moon inconjuncts Pluto on April 4th, so once again, expect some emotional adjustments to be required.

But we do get some relief on April 5th when Venus enters the sign of Pisces, where it is exalted.  It makes a nice trine to the moon which enters the sign of Cancer later that day.  Compassion and a desire to restore peace should prevail at least for the remainder of the weekend.