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Friday, November 28, 2014

Mercury Joins the Party in Sagittarius

After an extended run in the sign in the sign of Scorpio (from September 27th to October 10th and from November 8th to November 27th due to a particularly intense Mercury retrograde), Mercury entered the sign of Sagittarius at 9:26 p.m on November 27th. This was definitely something to have gratitude for on Thanksgiving Day! It joined the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, so we can definitely expect a time of good cheer accompanied by a lighter tone in communications and greater ease in getting unstuck. That's what I call the Power of Three - let the party begin!

Mercury did not leave the sign of Scorpio by going gently into the good night, however. Mercury in 25 degrees of Scorpio conjuncted Saturn in 26 degrees of Scorpio on November 25th. I loved what astrologer Penny Thornton said about this aspect in her weekly absolutely. com:

"...while Mercury conjoins Saturn inspiring reality checks and generating a fairly cheerless climate, the Sun is angling Neptune, interfering with our perception and blinding us to reality; either we are in Cloud Cuckoo land or in a severe trough of low pressure."

I concurred with Penny on that score and tweeted this on the 25th:

"Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio today may feel like a harsh reality check but it's temporary. Any depression lifts soon."

What could make me think its effect would be temporary, especially when this aspect squared my natal Pluto in Leo? Well, first off, I knew that Mercury would be leaving Scorpio in a couple of days, but more importantly, I know that Saturn will be leaving Scorpio on December 23rd, so I know that I won't have to experience that aspect any time soon!

Mercury in a fire sign is a time of renewed energy and momentum. Sagittarius is the most future oriented of the fire signs; it loves to explore and expand. It allows freedom in the ability to see things from a broader perspective. New information becomes available and we are encouraged to adapt to that new information. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, so we should find it easier to literally go with the flow, share what we know and travel both physically and mentally.

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One last things, folks. Mercury in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces on November 30th, so we can expect a rather fuzzy day. Chalk it up to being a lazy Sunday. If you are of a certain age, you may vaguely recall Sunday being referred to as a "day of rest." I don't recall it ever being that restful, but it was a time when retail establishments were closed, which certainly meant you didn't have to labor going to the supermarket or the mall, let alone work in a store on a Sunday.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mutable Moving Planets - Focus on Sagittarius and Pisces

This has been a rather difficult transitional week as the Sun winds up its last days in deep watery, fixed Scorpio before it enters the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius on November 22nd combining with a new moon in Sagittarius that also conjuncts Venus in Sagittarius. The emotional heaviness of Scorpio will give way to a lighter, more cheerful tone for the next month and a more carefree attitude will prevail, but beware of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune went direct in 4 degrees of Pisces on November 16th. Neptune direct has the ability to dissolve old structures that are no longer viable, but the lower manifestations of Neptunian energy include confusion, depression, victimhood and anxiety. We need to remember that the higher manifestations of Neptune's energy include imagination, compassion and empathy. I mention Neptune because while this new moon in 0 degrees of Sagittarius offers fresh perspective on the path ahead and infuses us with faith for the future (and who couldn't use that right about now), both the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius are squaring Neptune in Pisces. This can manifest as our dreams proving to be bigger than we can handle because Sagittarius is prone to exaggeration and doing things in a big way.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio has not exactly been contributing to a life of the party feel this week, either. On November 18th, Saturn conjuncted the Sun in 25 degrees of Scorpio, inspiring me to tweet:

"Reality check today as Saturn in Scorpio conjuncts Sun for last time in 2 1\2 years. Last call for unfinished business."

Most people that I have talked to this week experienced this aspect as creating frustrations, irritations and delays in their lives. I was in the same boat myself. I rose early on that morning to attend an important meeting, but encountered delays on public transit, a store opening late requiring me to make a second trip and the water in my apartment being shut off for most of the day. Call me a control freak, but I like to be able to decide when I want to leave my dishes in the sink!

On the following day, November 19th, the moon in Libra was squaring Mars in Capricorn, so there was still a residue of irritation and tempers flaring. I tried to focus on the positive aspect of that day with the Libra moon sextiling Jupiter in Leo. On that day I tweeted:

"Libra moon sextiling Jupiter in Leo today is nice energy for enjoying the arts and social activities but don't overindulge."

How did that day play out for me? Well, a friend and I attended the Goya Order and Disorder exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts and then she treated me to a scrumptious, leisurely lunch at the museum's restaurant. Goya lived in a time of tumultuous social and political change and struggled with illness, dizzy spells and deafness. His work highlighted some very dark themes of war, death, illness, aging, violence and fantasies and nightmares of the insane. Hunting and bullfighting were also featured predominantly in his work. Over lunch my friend and I agreed that the show was very intense. I wouldn't exactly call it uplifting, but after my weekly meditation group that evening, I realized that for me personally the Goya exhibit was a metaphor for what the last days of the Sun in Scorpio felt like. So the universe had a plan in having me see that show on that particular day.

On November 20th Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio were at it again. On that day I tweeted:

"Venus in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces today can add tones of deception, escapism and delusion to relationships today."

I was also blown away by Michael Lutin's quote "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" on his site, that day. He went on to say:

“When Saturn lies between the balsamic Moon and Sun, it can seem pretty scary. You can get the all too real experience of being cut off from your own core. There's a stone lying between you and your emotions and it can seem empty. Actually it is only during this day or two when you need the most patience and quiet to recharge your very drained battery. Some people love this period, because they can finally get away from everybody. Others panic and feel trapped, and freeze, and that can be dangerous. Actually, it is only within this kind of darkness that intimacy and creativity are born. So hunker down, go inward and wait for the magic to happen. It always does."

This really hit home for me because transiting Saturn in Scorpio is currently squaring my natal Pluto in Leo. This transit manifests as a very difficult time with many obstacles on my path. I know that I need to detach (I swear that is the hardest lesson of my life) and conserve resources as I strive to eliminate the unnecessary elements in my life.

Saturn will give us one last hit of its rather depressive energy when it conjuncts Mercury in 25 degrees of Scorpio on November 25th.  But as a special Thanksgiving treat on the 27th, Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius. And don't forget that Chiron goes direct in 13 degrees of Pisces on November 23rd, so healing is indeed possible. It's time to go with the flow of these mutable Sagittarian and Piscean planets.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mars, Uranus, Pluto - A Time of the Ego, the Soul and the Unexpected

This has been a banner week astrologically with all of the Mars, Pluto and Uranus aspects. Releasing attachments to what no longer serves our highest good was a predominant theme. Mars represents the ego, Pluto represents the soul and Uranus represents the unexpected. On November 10th Mars was conjunct Pluto in 12 degrees of Capricorn. This aspect can conjure up feelings of being manipulated by other people or situations as well as featuring those in positions of power aligning with aggressive individuals. On that day I tweeted:

"Expect power struggles galore today as Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and Cancer moon opposes them."

I suppose that the silver lining of this aspect is that it does provide the strength to accomplish one's mission. The conjunction in Capricorn, which rules Saturn, is nothing if not determined. And the other bonus that we had on November 10th was that Mercury in Scorpio officially emerged from its retrograde shadow position. Thank heaven for small favors! But that was a little too late for a friend of mine, whose TV died on November 8th. Never disregard the shadow position of Mercury and its power! 

On November 12th Mars in Capricorn squared Uranus in Aries. I love how astrologer Dietrech Pessin described this aspect as "angry stress!" This aspect is associated with sudden changes of direction and life-changing events, breakthroughs and breakdowns, troubles with mechanical equipment and erratic, argumentative energy. There is definitely a need to be free and challenge the system.  Coming on the heels of the Mars Pluto conjunction two days ago, we were still reeling from the accompanying power struggles and heightened emotions.

I had a very Uranian experience myself on November 12th. My computer crashed, refused to start and my Firefox browser also stopped working. Eventually all were restored to working order, but I realize that this computer is probably on its last legs and will need to be replaced within the next year. I just don't want to be forced to purchasing one during a Mercury retrograde!

On November 12th Saturn in Scorpio also conjuncted Venus in 25 degrees of Scorpio. This is not exactly a party aspect, and on November 12th I tweeted:

"Venus conjunct Saturn lends a somber responsible tone to love and finances today. Commitments will be reassessed."

Venus is all about affections, relationships, resources, self-worth and appreciation of beauty. So when Saturn joins Venus there is a reassessment of commitments and a deepening of trust is required to bring relationships closer or sever the connection.  Scorpio is all or nothing! This aspect was major for me because it conjuncted my natal Venus in the second house and occurred on my birthday to boot! I had a very personalized experience of this aspect when an electronic deposit to my bank account was delayed 24 hours! Is it any wonder that I am anxiously awaiting Saturn's departure from Scorpio on December 23rd?

We do have another bright spot on the horizon. Neptune stations direct at 4 degrees of Pisces on November 16th after being retrograde for 5 months. This can indicate a resurgence of idealism, compassion and imagination. Perhaps the fog will lift in those areas of our lives where we have experienced confusion.

If you are feeling confused during these challenging times and curious as to how you can facilitate the process of transformation and healing for yourself during the Season of Scorpio, please consider getting an astrological reading to obtain more insight and assistance. I have also added a one question astrology reading to my list of services for $40 that is an even more intuitive approach based on your natal and progressed charts with transits to both.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus--It's All About the Money

We are still under the influence of a full moon in 14 degrees of Taurus that occurred at 2:23 p.m. on November 6, 2014.  A full moon in Taurus has the potential for revealing secret attitudes about money, values and relationships. This particular full moon represents things that began at the time of the new moon in Scorpio on October 23rd, which was an extremely potent solar eclipse. Seeds were planted then but we may have more information now which can lead to a completely different attitude.

The last couple of times we had a Taurus full moon around 14 degrees occurred on November 11, 2011 at 18 degrees and on November 5, 2006 at 13 degrees. When I reflect on those times I recall feeling hurt by the actions of someone I trusted and cared about who made decisions affecting my life without any consideration or respect for my feelings. But this full moon in Taurus can bring karmic themes with others full circle. Perhaps it is time for me to balance those karmic scales once and for all.

Several other planets were featured heavily in this full moon. The full moon opposed Venus in Scorpio in addition to the Sun in Scorpio. And we all know that Scorpio rules the 8th house, which is other people's money. It also sextiled Chiron in Pisces, inspiring me to post these two tweets on November 6th:

"Taurus full moon sextiling Chiron in Pisces today symbolizes the pain and potential for healing and transformation."

"Taurus full moon opposing Venus in Scorpio puts the emphasis on relationships and seeds planted during October 23rd eclipse."

Uranus, Pluto and Mars were also key players in this full moon. Uranus and Pluto are moving closer to an exact square in December, but the Taurus full moon trined Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars and Pluto will form an exact conjunction on November 10th, which can bring violent confrontation. And Uranus in Aries will square Mars in Capricorn on November 12th, which brings the promise of more disruption and the need for change.

Mercury will be moving back into Scorpio on November 8th and will finally be out of its retrograde shadow on November 10th, which coincides with the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. So this will mark the beginning of a "safe" period to make decisions regarding relationships. Confrontation or collaboration? It's your call.  Be mindful of the potential for stubbornness and breakups because this full moon was in the fixed sign of Taurus, which is renowned for being stubborn as a bull. And I can tell you from personal experience how stubborn a Scorpio can be!

Molly Hall's weekly astrology article featured a section about the impact of the full moon falling in the 12 houses. I can attest to the fact that she nailed it for me with her description of it in the 8th house.   She said that the theme of this full moon could very well be about funding with strings attached if it occurs in your 8th house. This resonated big time for me because the Taurus full moon occurred in my 8th house opposing my Saturn in Scorpio at the end of my 1st house. Finances are a major concern for me as I continue to establish my business and build a practice. She wrote about the issues of selling one's soul for stability and the need for deep inner change around self-worth while releasing toxic situations and people. Make no bones about it, themes of disillusionment and the need for transformation abound. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is currently conjunct my Venus in the 2nd house while transiting Venus in Scorpio was conjunct my Saturn at the beginning of the week. Financial stability is important to me but I also need the freedom to pursue my own path of transformation.

I came across a quote from Vedic reader Maharani Rutan on the Taurus full moon that I would like to share with you.

"The Taurus energy will give rise to the Phoenix out of the ashes."

I don't know about you, but I am intent on channeling that inner Phoenix! It's time to work on integrating stability and transformation into our lives. It is literally a fusion of opposites.

If you are feeling confused during these challenging times and curious as to how you can facilitate the process of transformation and healing for yourself during the Season of Scorpio, please consider getting an astrological reading to obtain more insight and assistance. I have also added a one question astrology reading to my list of services for $40 that is an even more intuitive approach based on your natal and progressed charts with transits to both.

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