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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mutable Moving Planets - Focus on Sagittarius and Pisces

This has been a rather difficult transitional week as the Sun winds up its last days in deep watery, fixed Scorpio before it enters the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius on November 22nd combining with a new moon in Sagittarius that also conjuncts Venus in Sagittarius. The emotional heaviness of Scorpio will give way to a lighter, more cheerful tone for the next month and a more carefree attitude will prevail, but beware of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune went direct in 4 degrees of Pisces on November 16th. Neptune direct has the ability to dissolve old structures that are no longer viable, but the lower manifestations of Neptunian energy include confusion, depression, victimhood and anxiety. We need to remember that the higher manifestations of Neptune's energy include imagination, compassion and empathy. I mention Neptune because while this new moon in 0 degrees of Sagittarius offers fresh perspective on the path ahead and infuses us with faith for the future (and who couldn't use that right about now), both the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius are squaring Neptune in Pisces. This can manifest as our dreams proving to be bigger than we can handle because Sagittarius is prone to exaggeration and doing things in a big way.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio has not exactly been contributing to a life of the party feel this week, either. On November 18th, Saturn conjuncted the Sun in 25 degrees of Scorpio, inspiring me to tweet:

"Reality check today as Saturn in Scorpio conjuncts Sun for last time in 2 1\2 years. Last call for unfinished business."

Most people that I have talked to this week experienced this aspect as creating frustrations, irritations and delays in their lives. I was in the same boat myself. I rose early on that morning to attend an important meeting, but encountered delays on public transit, a store opening late requiring me to make a second trip and the water in my apartment being shut off for most of the day. Call me a control freak, but I like to be able to decide when I want to leave my dishes in the sink!

On the following day, November 19th, the moon in Libra was squaring Mars in Capricorn, so there was still a residue of irritation and tempers flaring. I tried to focus on the positive aspect of that day with the Libra moon sextiling Jupiter in Leo. On that day I tweeted:

"Libra moon sextiling Jupiter in Leo today is nice energy for enjoying the arts and social activities but don't overindulge."

How did that day play out for me? Well, a friend and I attended the Goya Order and Disorder exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts and then she treated me to a scrumptious, leisurely lunch at the museum's restaurant. Goya lived in a time of tumultuous social and political change and struggled with illness, dizzy spells and deafness. His work highlighted some very dark themes of war, death, illness, aging, violence and fantasies and nightmares of the insane. Hunting and bullfighting were also featured predominantly in his work. Over lunch my friend and I agreed that the show was very intense. I wouldn't exactly call it uplifting, but after my weekly meditation group that evening, I realized that for me personally the Goya exhibit was a metaphor for what the last days of the Sun in Scorpio felt like. So the universe had a plan in having me see that show on that particular day.

On November 20th Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio were at it again. On that day I tweeted:

"Venus in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces today can add tones of deception, escapism and delusion to relationships today."

I was also blown away by Michael Lutin's quote "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" on his site, that day. He went on to say:

“When Saturn lies between the balsamic Moon and Sun, it can seem pretty scary. You can get the all too real experience of being cut off from your own core. There's a stone lying between you and your emotions and it can seem empty. Actually it is only during this day or two when you need the most patience and quiet to recharge your very drained battery. Some people love this period, because they can finally get away from everybody. Others panic and feel trapped, and freeze, and that can be dangerous. Actually, it is only within this kind of darkness that intimacy and creativity are born. So hunker down, go inward and wait for the magic to happen. It always does."

This really hit home for me because transiting Saturn in Scorpio is currently squaring my natal Pluto in Leo. This transit manifests as a very difficult time with many obstacles on my path. I know that I need to detach (I swear that is the hardest lesson of my life) and conserve resources as I strive to eliminate the unnecessary elements in my life.

Saturn will give us one last hit of its rather depressive energy when it conjuncts Mercury in 25 degrees of Scorpio on November 25th.  But as a special Thanksgiving treat on the 27th, Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius. And don't forget that Chiron goes direct in 13 degrees of Pisces on November 23rd, so healing is indeed possible. It's time to go with the flow of these mutable Sagittarian and Piscean planets.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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