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Friday, February 27, 2015

Saturn and Pluto Mix It Up to Manifest a New Reality

The prevailing reality for many people these days is a sense that something major is about to happen which will change their lives forever.  That is the message I am hearing from my clients. The reason for this feeling is that we are headed for the seventh and final Uranus Pluto square on March 17th, to be followed by a solar eclipse three days later in 29 degrees of Pisces.  And we have a lunar eclipse on April 4th in 14 degrees of Libra, which will set off that last Uranus Pluto square.  So relax, folks, you are not paranoid or imagining things.  Major change and a new reality are inevitable.

This week started off with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring the Sun in Pisces on February 23rd and on that day I tweeted:

"Major reality check today as Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Sun in Pisces. We can’t escape so accept the challenge."

This played out in a very sobering way for me that day.  I received a phone call from the sister of a friend who had moved to Florida several years ago informing me that my friend had just died.  I hadn’t spoken with her over a year and at that time she mentioned that her breast cancer had returned.  I sent her a Christmas card this past year telling her that I would love to chat with her to catch up when she had the time.  Her sister told me that she had gone to see her in December and watched her health deteriorate rapidly.  My friend did not want to reach out to anyone outside of her family and she died in hospice.  I was touched by her sister’s compassion in reaching out to me to let me know of her passing.  I was grateful to be considered someone close to her; my friend was only 68 and her breast cancer had metastasized to her bones and liver.  I was saddened by the news and felt somewhat guilty that I had not reached out more to her during the last year of her life.

I was still reeling from this news when I went to retrieve my mail an hour later and received a card from another friend informing me that her sister’s endometrial cancer had returned and had been told by doctors that she had at most two years left to live.  I have known her sister for almost 40 years and was close friends with her in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s until she moved to California.  I had just gotten an email from her a week ago, and she had never mentioned that she had cancer.  My friend said her sister didn’t want anyone to know she was sick, but she lived in New York and was trying to encourage her sister to seek out alternative forms of healing, and she was asking me I had any suggestions on how to get through to her.  She was clearly frustrated that her sister was not being more proactive with her care options and tired of her hiding the truth about her health.  We had a long talk and I think that it was probably the first time that we both honestly discussed the reality of her sister’s situation.  I had been friends with both women for years, so I had always been wary of saying anything critical about one to the other.  But the stark reality of one of them dying dissolved that pattern.  I kept wondering what was the deal with having two sisters delivering such devastating news on the same day?  Thank you, Saturn square the Sun!  On a very personal level, this aspect was manifesting for me by giving me a reality check that my friends and I are getting older and that we will have health issues.  We won't live forever, but we can make the most of  our time here by living a meaningful life and being mindful.

Saturn in Sagittarius was on a roll.  It has trined both Venus and Mars in Aries this week. Saturn trined Venus in Aries on February 24th and Mars in Aries on February 25th. On February 24th I tweeted:

“Venus in Aries trining Saturn in Sagittarius today bodes well for love, self-worth and finances.  The universe supports efforts.”

When Mars in Aries trined Saturn in Sagittarius on February 25th, I tweeted:

“Mars in Aries trining Saturn in Sagittarius today provides lots of energy for accomplishing goals. Go for it!”

Saturn in Sagittarius trining both Mars and Venus in Aries can help us manifest our desires if we remember to be totally honest with ourselves so that we can create this new reality.  Mars and Venus in Aries are infused with enthusiasm and impulsive energy while Saturn is all about the hard work and effort required to make things happen. Saturn always tests us and teaches us; in the sign of Sagittarius that lesson involves seeking the truth and being totally honest.

And now we move on to Pluto in Capricorn.  On February 27th, Pluto in Capricorn inconjuncts retrograde Jupiter in Leo.  This aspect is all about making adjustments.  The major theme is dealing with insecurities which can cause us to come across as overly self-confident.  We need to make adjustments in life to justify our knowledge.  We are being challenged to use our talents to do something constructive to transform our world.  Jupiter in Leo loves the attention and shining those talents, but Pluto in Capricorn needs to transform our structures.  I have a feeling that this aspect will also have a profound impact on me because I have my natal Pluto in Leo, and my generation is renowned or infamous (depending on your point of view of the “ME” generation) for transforming the world through our creativity. I also have my natal Jupiter in 29 degrees of Cancer, which I have finally figured out tends to manifest more as a Jupiter in Leo than a Jupiter in Cancer.  Talk about justifying my knowledge of astrology!

We are never exempt from Pluto’s influence, but we are nearing that last Pluto Uranus square on March 17th, so Pluto in Capricorn will not be denied.  It’s time to clean up our attitudes.  Or as fellow astrologer Dietrech Pessin aptly describes the inconjunct: “It’s life’s messy, clean it up aspect.”  Pluto demands nothing less!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Embrace the Season of Pisces and Welcome and Mars and Venus in Aries

The planets are changing signs this week and gearing up for the massive changes that will happen in March and April with the seventh and final Uranus P!uto square exact on March 17th and eclipses on March 20th and April 4th. The Sun entered Pisces on February 18th, literally a few minutes after this year's second New Moon in 29 degrees of Aquarius. A second new moon in Aquarius is rare, and gives us a second chance to pursue our dreams. On February 18th I tweeted:

"#New #Moon in 29 degrees of Aquarius today, the 2nd this year. Make the most of pursuing your dreams and celebrate Sun entering #Pisces."

What are the themes pertaining to Pisces? Pisces rules surrendering to the process and trusting in the unfolding of life events, especially when we have no control over the outcome. This is very familiar territory for many of us these days and a perfect backdrop for the upcoming Uranus Pluto square, which demands that we trust in the process of whatever changes come our way by believing that it will ultimately serve our best interests. Am I under the influence of a Piscean Neptune ruled fog with this belief? Well, the flip side of Pisces is delusion, deception and escapism, but I do have more faith that this last Uranus Pluto square will be less traumatic than previous ones because both of these planets are direct. I am choosing to believe that whatever changes come will be easier to accept this time around.  Pisces season also enhances faith and creativity, so let those creative juices flow. And check back with me in a month to see if my faith was justified.

Mars entered the sign of Aries at 7:12 p.m. on February 19th. Mars is very comfortable in Aries, a sign it rules. It encourages us to embrace the new and take action. If you have been considering implementing a new fitness routine, Mars in Aries gives you a green light to go for it. But it also has a tendency to make us more impetuous, irritable and act out our frustrations. Mars in Aries will also be trining Saturn in Sagittarius on February 25th, and this is a favorable aspect that facilitates achieving our goals.

Venus enters Aries on February 20th at 3:00 p.m. Venus is not so comfortable in Aries; in fact it is in one of its signs of detriment, the other sign being Scorpio. Venus has just left Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, so it is a little uneasy in Aries. Venus will hook up with Mars in Aries by conjunction on February 21st, so be prepared for passions to explode and relationships to be fast-paced. Venus in Aries is a time of action and awakening new energy or revitalizing a current relationship. Aries is a cardinal sign, so Venus in Aries will be in its element in terms of initiating action in matters of love and self-expression. Just be careful not to stir up trouble!

So take full advantage of the creative, inspirational energy of the Sun in Pisces and the initiating, action-oriented vibe of both Mars and Venus in Aries. Personally, I love it when the Sun is in Pisces because it spends more than half its transit in my 5h house, so I enjoy the burst of creativity it gives me.  This could prove to be one of the most creative times of 2015 if we utilize the power of combined water and fire planets. Don't forget that Jupiter is also in the fire sign of Leo to boost that enthusiastic energy.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Ceres Dominates -The Dwarf Planet Rules for Valentine's Day

Ceres, the former asteroid reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006, is presiding over and ruling the action for Valentine's Day this coming weekend. In a week where the only other major astrological activity going on was Mercury resuming direct motion on February 11th, Ceres became the key player.

Ceres is currently in the sign of Capricorn, and this placement has a tendency to align our self-worth with our latest accomplishments, but on February 12th it squared Uranus in Aries. This could have definitely triggered a rebellious attitude in this area and a strong desire for change.

What exactly does Ceres represent astrologically? In her groundbreaking book Asteroid Goddesses written in 1984, Demetra George said:

"Ceres describes the ways in which we face the issues of self-worth and self-esteem, relationships to our parents and children, attachment, dependency, loss and separation, rejection, grief, sharing, work and productivity."

She also says that the multitude of psychological traits Ceres governs make it impossible to rule just one sign. As the ruler of Cancer, Ceres addresses the issues of how we give and receive nurturance, develop feelings of self-worth, how we provide and care for others and how we respond neurotically if these needs are not met. Ceres also rules the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, which involves lessons of attachment and aversion, the pathology of loss and rejection, the capacity for grief and sorrow and the principle of sharing. And finally, Ceres' rulership of Virgo addresses the issues of productivity, growth, self-reliance and work. I don't know about you, but I think that calling Ceres a dwarf planet is kind of a misnomer with her workload!

Ceres was once thought to be part of Pluto and on February 15th, Ceres will conjunct Pluto in 15 degrees of Capricorn. How is this aspect going to play out? For starters, it will demand that we release goals and attachments that no longer serve us. We will also need to accept that our fear of loss might very well represent a necessary death on some level which precedes a rebirth.

Ceres is becoming a major player in the ongoing Uranus Pluto square, which will be exact on March 17, 2015 in 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn. But many of us are already feeling its effects now, especially in the area of relationships. I don't think it is a cosmic accident that Ceres formed major aspects with both Uranus and Pluto around Valentine’s Day. It is preparing us for the final round of changes the last Uranus Pluto square will deliver. Changes in relationships are a huge issue for many folks these days.

Naturally, this prompted me to examine my own Ceres. I have Ceres in 27 degrees of Scorpio conjunct my natal Venus in the 2nd house and squaring my Pluto in Leo in the 11th house. I'm sure this placement has a lot to do with my love of harmony and beautiful things (Venus conjunct Ceres knows no bounds when it comes to self-nurturing through shopping), but it also explains my desire to nurture others, provide for them and be an agent of healing and transformation. Ceres squaring my natal Pluto is not so easy to deal with, however. This is definitely where the power struggles and negotiations for nurturing comes from. It also contributes to my frequent inability to let go--I can be like Ceres negotiating with Pluto for Persephone!  But the positive side of Ceres squaring Pluto can be the ability to nurture others back to health and transform them through nurturing. I sense that my becoming a healer is a more constructive use of that aspect.

I also have Ceres trining my natal Uranus in Cancer, which has led me to pursue a path of spiritual growth in some rather unique ways. After all, I am an intuitive astrologer, psychic and Reiki healer. The other piece with Ceres trining Uranus is that it makes me cherish and appreciate the need for both intimacy and space in relationships.

I am also pondering how transiting Ceres in Capricorn will be affecting me during the Uranus Pluto square in March. It won't be in the middle degrees of Capricorn then; it will be closer to the end of Capricorn and conjunct my natal Chiron in the 4th house. I am no stranger to Chiron transits, having recently survived Chiron's long-term square to my moon, which was not exactly a day at the beach, despite the waterworks it triggered.  But it did manage to achieve a great deal of emotional healing. Hopefully, this upcoming transit will require a less painful form of surrender for any more healing to occur.

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During the month of February to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Venus being exalted in Pisces, I am offering a 20% discount on my Healing Your Love Karma and Composite Couples reports.  You can learn more about this special offer at:

You can also read about my other astrological services at:

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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Power of Jupiter and Uranus in Fire Signs

We had a full moon in Leo on February 3rd, but many of us may have felt downright ebullient instead of on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I had a slight meltdown when the full moon opposed my Mars in the 4th house, but that had more to do with being snowbound for the second time in a week. The east coast is getting slammed with snow and bitterly cold weather this year. But how could the rest of us feel so optimistic? Well, we had Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries riding to our rescue.  Uranus in Aries has been a key player and its influence isn't letting up any time soon. It sextiled the Sun in Aquarius on February 2nd, ushering in a totally different way forward and an intense desire for change.

On February 3rd, I tweeted:

"Feeling that Uranian energy again today with full moon trining Uranus in Aries bringing lots of spontaneous vibes & desire for change."

The bottom line is that Uranus in Aries is actually giving us some support for a change. Uranus trined that full moon and is also conjunct the south node of the moon. Michael Lutin reminded us on his site that this conjunction is taking place at 13-15 degrees of Aries, which is where the seventh and final of the Uranus in Aries Pluto in Capricorn squares will occur in March. And it will be activated by transiting Mars in Aries.

According to Michael Lutin, attachment issues are a prevalent theme of this aspect and self preservation can veer into self absorption while the desire for independence can lead to a fanatical wish to control. We may have strong connections to the past, but ultimately our best course of action may be to let go of what is no longer serving our best interests, even if it has become a kind of security blanket for us.

Personally, I know that Uranus in Aries has been pretty scary for me in recent years with its transit to my sixth house and I have experienced all kinds of changes regarding my health, daily routine and work that were not exactly what I would have expected or welcomed.  I have literally had no choice but to roll with the punches, although I have frequently have felt like I was in a state of freefall with absolutely no control over the outcome and wondering where my journey was taking me.  Probably the most important lesson of this transit for me was to not get caught up in expectations and learn to surrender to change. This is no mean feat for me, especially with my natal Sun Saturn conjunction in the fixed sign of Scorpio.  Believe me, it is a supreme challenge for me to believe that the universe has a plan to provide me with something better, but I am harnessing all of my courage and faith that this tremendous surge of growth will lead to a deeper level of happiness.  I am banking on that nice, easy sextile aspect that Uranus has been making to my Gemini moon.  This is giving me my break by encouraging me to seek more emotional self-expression and satisfaction. It has also stimulated my imagination, and with a moon in the 8th house, I will have ample opportunity for inspiration and intuition to kick into full gear. And Uranus will finally leave my sixth house on April 11th, after the seventh Uranus Pluto square on March 17th, a solar eclipse on March 20th and a lunar eclipse on April 4th.

Jupiter in Leo conjuncted the moon on February 4th and this can bring unresolved issues to a completion within the next two weeks and imbue us with a more generous spirit. On February 4th, I tweeted:

“Leo moon conjunct Jupiter today wants to party and enjoy life and continues full moon theme of desire for change.”

Jupiter in Leo was also trining Uranus in Aries, which can help us to see a new solution to an old problem.  A trine is a real boon, and when it involves these two planets, it can bring totally unexpected change.  It encourages thinking outside of the box and asking for help.  With Jupiter trining Uranus, if you ask for help, you have a really good shot at receiving it.

Jupiter in 17 degrees of Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius on February 6th. Oppositions to the Sun bring objectivity, and with Jupiter involved it provides space to turn inward and reconsider our hopes for the future.  It also affords us the opportunity to acquire more detachment and be less egotistical.  It literally represents the best of both sides of Aquarius and Leo.

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