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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Power of Jupiter and Uranus in Fire Signs

We had a full moon in Leo on February 3rd, but many of us may have felt downright ebullient instead of on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I had a slight meltdown when the full moon opposed my Mars in the 4th house, but that had more to do with being snowbound for the second time in a week. The east coast is getting slammed with snow and bitterly cold weather this year. But how could the rest of us feel so optimistic? Well, we had Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries riding to our rescue.  Uranus in Aries has been a key player and its influence isn't letting up any time soon. It sextiled the Sun in Aquarius on February 2nd, ushering in a totally different way forward and an intense desire for change.

On February 3rd, I tweeted:

"Feeling that Uranian energy again today with full moon trining Uranus in Aries bringing lots of spontaneous vibes & desire for change."

The bottom line is that Uranus in Aries is actually giving us some support for a change. Uranus trined that full moon and is also conjunct the south node of the moon. Michael Lutin reminded us on his site that this conjunction is taking place at 13-15 degrees of Aries, which is where the seventh and final of the Uranus in Aries Pluto in Capricorn squares will occur in March. And it will be activated by transiting Mars in Aries.

According to Michael Lutin, attachment issues are a prevalent theme of this aspect and self preservation can veer into self absorption while the desire for independence can lead to a fanatical wish to control. We may have strong connections to the past, but ultimately our best course of action may be to let go of what is no longer serving our best interests, even if it has become a kind of security blanket for us.

Personally, I know that Uranus in Aries has been pretty scary for me in recent years with its transit to my sixth house and I have experienced all kinds of changes regarding my health, daily routine and work that were not exactly what I would have expected or welcomed.  I have literally had no choice but to roll with the punches, although I have frequently have felt like I was in a state of freefall with absolutely no control over the outcome and wondering where my journey was taking me.  Probably the most important lesson of this transit for me was to not get caught up in expectations and learn to surrender to change. This is no mean feat for me, especially with my natal Sun Saturn conjunction in the fixed sign of Scorpio.  Believe me, it is a supreme challenge for me to believe that the universe has a plan to provide me with something better, but I am harnessing all of my courage and faith that this tremendous surge of growth will lead to a deeper level of happiness.  I am banking on that nice, easy sextile aspect that Uranus has been making to my Gemini moon.  This is giving me my break by encouraging me to seek more emotional self-expression and satisfaction. It has also stimulated my imagination, and with a moon in the 8th house, I will have ample opportunity for inspiration and intuition to kick into full gear. And Uranus will finally leave my sixth house on April 11th, after the seventh Uranus Pluto square on March 17th, a solar eclipse on March 20th and a lunar eclipse on April 4th.

Jupiter in Leo conjuncted the moon on February 4th and this can bring unresolved issues to a completion within the next two weeks and imbue us with a more generous spirit. On February 4th, I tweeted:

“Leo moon conjunct Jupiter today wants to party and enjoy life and continues full moon theme of desire for change.”

Jupiter in Leo was also trining Uranus in Aries, which can help us to see a new solution to an old problem.  A trine is a real boon, and when it involves these two planets, it can bring totally unexpected change.  It encourages thinking outside of the box and asking for help.  With Jupiter trining Uranus, if you ask for help, you have a really good shot at receiving it.

Jupiter in 17 degrees of Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius on February 6th. Oppositions to the Sun bring objectivity, and with Jupiter involved it provides space to turn inward and reconsider our hopes for the future.  It also affords us the opportunity to acquire more detachment and be less egotistical.  It literally represents the best of both sides of Aquarius and Leo.

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