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"Thank you again for the astrology reading.  You are truly talented."  J.D.

"This is amazing and it looks like you put so much into it. Thank you, Linda.  This is a keepsake." L.G.

"Thank you so much for your insight Linda, I truly appreciate you!"  C.B.

"Thanks again for the reading on the Black Moon.  It really helps to give structure to what's going on with one (i.e., me).  It's reassuring and who doesn't need that?" H.E.

"Amazing! Insightful and accurate!  Thank you so much- this helps a great deal in trying to understand why we are so attracted to each other. Hopefully I can speak with you in the future." C.M.

"Insightful.  Would use again. "  C.M.

"What a fabulous reading.  I must tell you you are right on about the Q. and work situations." J.W.

"Fast delivery.  Very professional service.  Thank you!"  M.K.

"Thank you so much! The Lilith chart is really spot-on and I'm excited to journey through to the other side.  Thanks again and I'll be in touch soon." J.P.

"This was the best reading so far!  It totally affirms what I am feeling about my life right now! H.E.

"Very insightful and honest, really appreciate her feedback.  Will stay in touch."  A.

"Thank you.  The reading was very helpful and on point." J.M.

"Thank you so much Linda - so much of that rings true already. This gave me a lot of hope.  Thanks 
again."  C.T.

"Do yourself a favor: Ask Linda for a reading of your chart and the charts of who you care about.  She is a professional astrologer, the best transit delineator, a objective and empathetic human being who will guide you to achieve the right perspective."  O.R.

Venus Retrograde Special - "Thank you for validating what I am feeling. This has been very enlightening.  I'm so glad I found you!"  G.M.

"What a blessing. This explains so much about my life. You are an angel!" C.V.

"Linda, you really helped give me the courage to get the heck out of there.  I do hope life is going to be a lot better for me." C.V.

"Thank you for coming into my life.  With you, I have found hope."  C.V.

"I loved the astrology services I received from Linda.  She is not only good at her craft but intuitive as well.  It was amazing the things she came up with in my chart that no one else would have known.  I needed some help with direction in my life and she was able to help me.  She also constructed reports on Black Moon Lilith and Chiron.  The reports were so accurate.  I would also recommend the solar return chart for the year which starts on your birthday each year, shows what's coming up for the year ahead.  Key words for Linda are honest, accurate and kind.  Give yourself a treat and find her at Dance of the Phoenix." C.V.

"Thank you so much for my readings!! It was a pleasure.  I was blown away by a lot of the accuracy and it was pretty a good way!  Linda gave me a very detailed and very well explained reading and I look forward to learning more about my transformation and rebirth seen through the eyes of astrology.  Linda was great and I plan to continue to call upon her for her insightful assistance. Highly recommended!!!"  D.K.

"Thank you SO MUCH for all your work! I can relate to ALL of it.  The Black Moon/Chiron readings were creepily accurate! Especially noting relationships with my parents! So accurate.  Again, thank you! You're the best!  I was shocked to see exact dates coincide with my life." G.P.

"Linda- Thank you! So much work and knowledge on your part." C.F.

"Thanks for the tarot reading on J. It was spot on!  You are absolutely right on in your concerns.  Not very caring of himself."  J.W.

Composite Couples Report - "Linda, thank you so much!  Your words explain everything perfectly. We have gone through plenty of hardship that's even listed in the report!  Thank you for your insight, it's beneficial in finding ways to grow and evolve. We both bring our own set of childhood issues and stubbornness but have been finding ways to get past it and work together so this is a great help to me. It all resonates deeply."  G.P.

Composite Couples Report -  "Dear Linda, I just wanted to thank you for the thorough and wonderful composite reading that you did for me and my girlfriend.  We actually reread it to each other often.  It feels really good to have a shared basis for things that we see and enjoy in our relationship.  On Tuesday we celebrated our six month anniversary. Thank you so much one again."  M.K.

Three Month Transit Reading - "Thank you so much for your reading feedback.  It resonated on so many levels with what I have been going through. Especially with regards to August 21 eclipse."  R.M.

30 Minute Telephone Consultation - "A great early Christmas gift from husband was a reading.
Linda was so 🎯 showed me things to look for and she helped me feel I was in the flow. Was more than I asked for and then some! Great gift y'all! Affordable advice and then some! TY!" T.G.

30 Minute Telephone Consultation - "Thank you. This reading really resonated for me." S.M.

One Question Intuitive Astrology Reading -"Thank you so much Linda--that's a very thorough and helpful reading! Here's hoping the eclipse and Jupiter transit in January will provide some relief, one way or the other. Cheers and have a great solstice and holiday season :)  I will definitely recommend your servicesThank you for a very thorough and accurate one-question reading. Highly recommended if you need clarity. I feel lighter, and very much needed that! This was my first reading with her but doubt it will be the last :)"C.T.

One Question Intuitive Astrology Reading -  "Thank you so much Linda!  As always, so helpful and thought-provoking." C.T.

Composite Couples Report- "Thank you so much! This is amazing! This is a 20 year old story and what the charts say blows my mind!  I'm certainly going to take the challenges to heart to strengthen an already STRONG bond S. and I share.  Thank you again so very much!" J.S.

Three Month Transit Reading - "Thank you! You're amazing at what you do and I needed that insight! " L.C.

Tarot Reading - "Thank you so much for the insightful, intricate, intuitive card reading yesterday.  I was amazed at how my life was there, right on the table in front of me.  You guided the session so masterfully.  You pointed the areas in which the work needs to be done and the direction it will take me.  Thank you again so much." J.C.

Monthly Horoscopes - "Nobody delineates like you, you are the best.  The best of the best.  I propose that you write the horoscopes everywhere!" O.R.


"My session with Linda was truly relaxing and insightful.  Linda has a comfortable and caring presence, which helped me to feel truly cared for during the session.  Right away, Linda picked up on the blockages that I knew existed with me.  With her treatment, I was able to ease the impact these blockages have and even dissolve a few of them. I highly recommend her for Reiki."  M.F.

"It was like yoga without having to move." H.E.

"This is the most relaxed I've felt all week!"  L.C.

"My head is clear. I feel great! Thank you."  B.D.

"Thank you for the deeply healing session!"  R.G.

"I've never had Reiki like this before!"  M.I.

"Thank you so much.  You have opened up a whole new world for me.  You are such a powerful healer!"  R.F.

"You are one of the most powerful energy healers that I have ever met!"  D.P.

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