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Friday, November 13, 2015

Scorpio New Moon

The major astrological event of the week was the powerhouse New Moon in 19 degrees of Scorpio on November 11, 2015.  My tweets on November 11th reflected on the energy of that new moon:

Extremely powerful #NewMoon in Scorpio today that conjuncts Mercury & trines Chiron in Pisces.  Time to transform & heal old wounds.”

“#NewMoon in Scorpio today sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  Let go of stagnant patterns and make a fresh start.  Feel the #Phoenix energy!”

We all know that new moons are about making fresh starts and implementing new plans, but when that new moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the intensity and incentive are ramped up a few more notches.  Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things and doesn’t do anything half-heartedly.  The themes of a Scorpio new moon involve deep soul searching, reclaiming personal power by engaging in our passions, purging toxins and surrendering to the darker shadow feelings of rage, jealousy and obsession.  It is truly a time of letting go and transforming our inner stagnation and letting that inner phoenix rise from the ashes.

There were a lot of heavy hitting planets interacting with this new moon.  For starters, Mercury in Scorpio conjuncted it, affording us the opportunity to purge our old patterns of thinking and communicating that were based on fear or the need to control.  And Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, sextiled that new moon, which was like a double whammy and adrenaline shot of energy to assist us in our path of transformation. Chiron in Pisces trined the new moon and opened the floodgates to facing our inner wounding. This may have caused many people to lash out in fear or anger.  This was an enlightening new moon, but it may have felt like a full moon with its emotional intensity.

We are not free of the effects of the Pluto Uranus squares of the past three years, and Uranus managed to chime in on this new moon as well to make its presence known.  Uranus in 17 degree of Aries formed a semi-sextile aspect to Chiron in 17 degrees of Pisces.  Most people are not that aware of semi-sextile aspects, considering them minor, but that is really not the case.  I was reminded this week of how a semi-sextile aspect functions on a very similar vibration to that of an inconjunct, which is 150 degrees.  Uranus in Aries is a very clear indicator that unexpected events are quickly becoming the norm. I am extremely familiar with the inconjunct or quincunx aspect because I have a natal moon in Gemini/Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct.  While the main theme of the inconjunct is adjustment, other themes of the inconjunct include the ideal vs. the real, the balance between wish fulfillment and responsibility, trade-offs, compromise, review, frustration, lack of moderation, an inability to say no and a compulsive need to prove oneself.  Uranus was a key player in this new moon by forcing us to trust our intuition and bear witness to our forms of reactive behaviors and transform them into more constructive responses to situations that triggered our old wounds with its semi-sextile aspect to Chiron in Pisces.

If you would like to learn more about the inconjunct and semi-sextile aspects, I highly recommend the book Understanding Aspects The Inconjunct by Alan Epstein.  It will blow you away with its revelations of our inner strengths and weaknesses.

The north node of the moon is moving into Virgo on November 13th and this will place more of an emphasis on providing service to others and releasing our feelings of inadequacy and inclinations to withdraw or play the victim.  We will also get one final blast from Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Scorpio Sun in 24 degrees on November 17th.  This aspect is conjunct my Venus in the 2nd house, so I am anticipating something big that day. 

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