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Friday, November 6, 2015

Venus Comes Home to Libra

Venus enters its home sign of Libra on November 8th and will stay there until December 4th when it moves into the deep, penetrating sign of Scorpio.  Venus rules Libra and Taurus, so it will be very comfortable in Libra as it focuses on balance and harmony in relationships.  Charm is the name of the game with Venus in Libra and we are going to feel in major people pleasing mode with this transit.  Idealism about love will be prevalent as we seek balance in our personal affairs.  It will also be a boon for artistic and creative endeavors.

When Venus enters Libra on November 8th it will also conjunct the north node in Libra.  This aspect will help guide us towards the future in relationships as we find it easier to engage in tactful communication and a sense of cooperation versus competiveness in relationships.  Venus conjunct the north node is automatically opposing the south node of the moon, which in turn helps us to release the past.

We are wrapping up the lessons of the north node in Libra and the south node in Aries before the north and south nodes move into the Virgo/Pisces axis on Friday, November 13th.  The themes for the north node in Libra and south node in Aries pertain to learning to get along and releasing the combative, fighting tendencies that tend to crop up and destroy relationships.  We are literally in the home stretch of this transit that began when the north node entered the sign of Libra on February 19, 2014.  Think back to what was going on in your relationships back then and if things have changed in terms of reaching more balance and compromise.

When the north node moves into Virgo and the south node into Pisces on November 13th, we will have new lessons to learn.  This transit will last until May 9, 2017, so we have plenty of time to work on those lessons.  The north node in Virgo guides us into the future by requiring us to get grounded, pay attention to details and come up with practical solutions while releasing the victim/martyr role and urge to escape.  The south node always seems to have a stronger pull on us because it is literally the path of least resistance and what we are inherently comfortable with.  Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 9, 2016 and Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025, so don’t count out the influence of these planets.

We have been the recipient of a lot of Virgo energy the past month with Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, but that particular Virgo party is ending. We do have the north node in Virgo jumping into the mix on November 13th, which will have a very different feel.  Jupiter will remain in Virgo, but Venus enters Libra on November 8th and Mars follows suit on November 12th, the day after the new moon in Scorpio.  Mars will be in Libra until January 3, 2016. And then Mars will feel right at home in the sign of Scorpio. Despite the fact that Mars and Venus will be together in Libra for a few weeks, Mars is not a happy camper in the sign of Libra.  Mars is the planet of action that thrives on competition and conflict, and Libra is a sign that tends to be conflict averse and somewhat indecisive.   This can literally paralyze our ability to act if we overthink issues.  So forewarned is forearmed…

I am also looking forward to next week’s new moon in Scorpio on November 11th in 19 degrees of Scorpio, which is exactly conjunct my Scorpio sun.  I am hoping it will be an important year ahead for me and energize me to seize the qualities of bravery, courage and boldness that a Scorpio new moon symbolizes.

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