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Friday, November 15, 2013

Neptune Trining Mercury and Moving Forward

Neptune in Pisces began trining Mercury in Scorpio on November 9, 2013 when both of these retrograde planets were at 3 degrees of their respective signs. Mercury went direct on November 10th and Neptune went direct on November 13th, so we had another chance to experience this energy.  Stationary Neptune can cause leaks in your boundaries, though, so there was a flip side to this change in direction. Mercury had only been retrograde since October 21st, but Neptune had been retrograde in its home sign of Pisces since June 7th.   I have my natal Mercury in 0 degrees of Scorpio and can personally attest to the full effects of this transit.  I also have my Neptune in 26 degrees of Libra conjunct my Libra ascendant and Mercury and have always considered myself to be very Neptunian.   True to my Neptunian nature, I have always experienced difficulty in setting boundaries, although I have been more mindful of that issue in recent years.

What are the themes of this transit?  Neptune trining Mercury can give us answers without much effort because problems can be solved intuitively and naturally.  It is also an excellent time to connect with what appeals to you.  Neptune, especially in the dreamy sign of Pisces, is also about compassion and with it trining Mercury, it is high time to express that compassion towards others.  Let the healing begin as Neptune moves forward. The themes of surrendering and letting go are strong, but we need to guard against being too lazy.  Feelings of spaciness and confusion are also common with this transit. Neptune is all about the transcendent nature of reality, dreams, delusions, surrender, and redemption.  Neptune also pertains to dissolving our reality, our ego and sense of duty and responsibility.  But Neptune has a way of dissolving psychological boundaries through the vehicles of confusion and ambivalence, thereby allowing us to float beyond our perceived limitations. Sometimes you just can’t see the road ahead or, more frequently, you just see what you want to see, courtesy of Neptune. 

Neptune retrograde allows us to access our feelings through heightened sensitivity.  Dreams can be more vivid and intense, while at the same time creativity may flourish.  The wisest course of action during Neptune retrograde is to listen to that inner voice and heed that heightened sensitivity.  Intuition is stronger than usual during Neptune retrograde. If you get a strong hunch, pay close attention to it or you could have serious regrets when Neptune goes direct.  But Neptune stationary retrograde, which occurred on November 13th, still tends to have a very surreal, foggy aura.  The fog may not quite have fully lifted even though Neptune is moving forward.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio afforded us the opportunity to do the research so that we could make our dreams a reality.  I have certainly had ample opportunity to access my dreams, surrender and heal since last June when Neptune went retrograde.  And Mercury retrograde was definitely an opportune time for me to keep investigating ways to make my business grow.

On November 13th I went to see a dermatologist about the mole I had discovered on my back.  The doctor removed it and another mole on my back.  He said that he would do a biopsy on it and assured me that he would have a good report for me next week.  As an astrologer, I can’t help thinking how this played out the energy of Neptune trining Mercury.   Neptune can also rule mysterious, sudden ailments and with Mercury in Scorpio there would be some research done on that suspicious mole that seemed to just spring up a few weeks ago.

Another way the Neptune trining Mercury transit has played out for me is by learning about more free opportunities to advertise my services.  I could continue spreading the word (Mercury) about my spiritual beliefs and services (Neptune) without having to expend enormous amounts of money.  I couldn’t ask for a better manifestation of that transit's energy.

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