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Friday, February 21, 2014

Swimming in the Deep Piscean Ocean

It is officially Pisces season.  The Sun entered the sign of Pisces on February 18th at 12:59 p.m.   The Sun is joining Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, so be prepared for some highly emotional times.  Themes of compassion, kindness to express deeper feelings, forgiveness, surrender and childlike faith abound.  The Sun will be exactly conjunct Neptune on February 23rd, and Michael Lutin aptly described this aspect as emotion running the show and drowning in the wave of feeling.  Clearly, the only way to navigate this watery journey is to honor your feelings and release pain and regret.  The Sun connecting to Chiron and Neptune make it a time to feel, dispel and resolve all wounds.  Let the healing begin!  Pisces is ruled by Neptune and one of the highest vibrations of Neptune is redemption.  I personally feel that I have undergone my own period of redemption in recent months.  Several people have mentioned to me how much lighter I seem and how far I have come in overcoming what I interpreted as overwhelming obstacles in my life.  Perhaps my delusion, another feature of Neptune, caused me to lose hope when surrender was actually the saving grace that I needed.

I always love it when the Sun is in Pisces.  In spite of the fact that it falls during the dead of winter, it revitalizes me, sparks my creativity and makes me feel hopeful that spring is on its way.  That is no mean feat when you live in New England, especially during this winter when a new storm appears at least once a week. Of course, I believe that I have a natal right to that feeling because Pisces is transiting my 5th house of creativity until March 9th.  The Sun in Pisces is also trining my Scorpio and Cancer planets, making nice, so it is definitely a feel good time for me.

I also think that the Sun in Pisces tends to mitigate some of the harsher astrological aspects of the week.  Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius squared Saturn in Scorpio on February 19th and manifested in negative thinking, misunderstandings and hard mental challenges.  Saturn was conjunct my Venus in Scorpio, and I heard some potentially discouraging financial news.  However, I do realize that the nature of this transit is to see and possibly hear things in their worst possible light and tone, so I am trying not to get too depressed by it.  But Mercury retrograde has been amping up the frustration level with its usual fare—missed phone calls, emails , and problems with my cell phone and computer. 

Transiting Mars in Libra is also conjuncting my Neptune in the first house as I contemplate how to implement a part-time Reiki practice.  My instincts tell me that this is the best way to utilize this energy by providing compassionate, healing service to others.  It simply doesn’t pay to try anything else new under the auspices of this transit.

Adding to this watery mix of emotions was the moon’s entrance into Scorpio on February 19th at 10:24 p.m.  It enters the more light-hearted sign of Sagittarius on February 22nd at 5:12 a.m.  But the intensity of this Scorpio moon prompted me to tweet the following on February 20th: Moon in deep watery Scorpio today trining sun, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter.  Very emotional yet spiritual. Time to plumb the depths.”  Forgive me for not attempting to embed my tweet on this site during Mercury retrograde, but you can feel free to follow me on Twitter @danceofphoenix. I was amazed at the reaction to this tweet; obviously I was not the only one feeling this way!

The moon in Scorpio squares Mercury in Aquarius on February 21st, which can manifest in an oversensitivity to criticism.  The moon in Scorpio also conjuncts Saturn on Friday afternoon which compounds the tendency to be negative.  But it is also kissing Venus with a sextile, so it may be time for some forgiveness.  Then the moon is moving into Sagittarius on Saturday will fuel creativity for the weekend.

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