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Friday, March 14, 2014

Mercury Square Saturn and Health

Mercury in Aquarius is still in the retrograde shadow period until March 21st, and I felt it in a big way this week.  I would attribute the majority of its impact to the square between Mercury and retrograde Saturn in Scorpio on March 10th and 11th.  Mercury in 22 degrees of Aquarius squared Saturn in 23 degrees of Scorpio, and it was intense.  I know that a common description of this aspect can be problems on the home front, and this played out big time for me this week.  Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted my natal Venus, which is never a fun transit.  It also conjuncted my progressed Black Moon, which triggered all of my worst fears about losing someone to death when a loved one spent 5 ½ hours in the ER after experiencing shortness of breath.  I was with him for 4 ½ excruciating hours until we knew that he would be admitted to the hospital.  All they could tell us was that he had fluid in his lung and an enlarged heart that was only working at 15% capacity.  He would need further tests which would need to be performed at another hospital and medication, dietary changes and an outpatient rehabilitation program in the future.

What was happening with his chart that day?  I generally like the moon in Cancer, but not so much that day.  For starters, it squared his north node in Libra in his 6th house of health  and the moon squaring Uranus aspect that day was right on his ascendant.  Transiting Mars in Libra was conjunct his moon in the 7th house and lest we not forget Saturn, it was conjunct his Ceres in Scorpio in the 8th house.  He really needed to be taken care of that day or he could have died.

I’m not through dissecting that moon in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries quite yet. The moon in Cancer, which was also conjunct Jupiter that day, happened to be conjunct my south node in the 9th house.  Was there ever a day that faith was required! 

Mercury and Saturn did not play well together this week.  On Tuesday I received an email from a friend who had sprained her ankle while running for a bus.  Her exact words to me were: “What’s up with the stars????”

While Mercury was still squaring Saturn on March 11th at 2:14 a.m., the sun in Pisces trined the moon in Cancer, which also trined Saturn in Scorpio. That water trine brought some much needed emotional stability before the moon moved into the sign of Leo at 10:09 p.m.  I felt much calmer and more centered in spite of the emotional chaos in my life.  I actually managed to do a tarot reading for someone that proved to be a source of comfort and support.

On Wednesday, March 12th the moon in Leo trined Uranus in Aries, which was a big improvement over the moon squaring Uranus on Monday.  I wound up running into an old friend by accident, which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  So there is some proof that unexpected things can be beneficial and pleasant.  On March 13th, the moon in Leo inconjunced Pluto, Chiron and the sun, not so good while squaring Saturn and opposing Mercury.  How did this play out?  Well, my loved one got the news that he has severe blockage in two arteries and may need bypass surgery.  So Saturn was in play once again, indicating that restructuring of his health habits and routines was in order.  Saturn loves to deliver wakeup calls which can appear harsh, to say the least, but sometimes it is necessary.  In the long run, this may turn out to the best thing that ever happened for him in terms of extending the quality and length of his life.

And this weekend we have the full moon in Virgo, the sign of health.  On Sunday, March 16th, we have a full moon in 26 degrees of Virgo.  I love what the great astrologer Isabel Hickey said about the Pisces/Virgo polarity: “Serve or suffer.”   I don’t know about you, but I prefer serving to suffering any day of the week!

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