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Friday, December 19, 2014

Change of Seasons - The Winter Solstice and a Sign Change for Saturn

Once again, folks, there are big things happening astrologically this week. Many of us are still recovering from the recent Uranus Pluto square on December 15th (I know I am), but on December 21st, the Sun and moon move into the sign of Capricorn for a new moon that marks the Winter Solstice and the official beginning of winter. Adding to the mix is the fact that Uranus stations direct at 12 degrees of Aries. Could there be a possibility for things to calm down?

As someone who has Uranus retrograde natally, I am usually quite comfortable with Uranus retrograde, but even I have to confess that the past couple of weeks have been uber frenetic and I am looking forward to a little more stability.

Enter the season of Capricorn. On December 21st, the sun and moon join Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. This heralds a more serious tone signaling a time to rest and reflect. It is also a perfect time to set plans and intentions and create goals for the new year. On December 20th, Venus conjuncts Pluto, deepening connections and memories of emotional loss. But on the 21st, the day of the winter solstice, Venus in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces, so there is room and the opportunity for healing of those painful emotions. That winter solstice creates a healing space for light to shine on those wounds. Bring it on! Mercury will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Christmas Day as well as sextiling Chiron in Pisces, so don't count out a Merry Christmas full of honest, compassionate communication.

But as a true Scorpio, I can think of yet another important reason that Christmas 2014 will be a Merry Christmas. Drum roll, please - Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 23rd! I'd wager that Scorpios are rejoicing about this across the world after the past two and a half years!

There is definitely a chance for new possibilities with Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius because it is ruled by Jupiter, whose expansive nature tends to lighten up Saturn's restrictive energy. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, which tends to create a lot of drama and sturm and drang. And it is no cosmic accident that Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is changing signs when the sun is in Capricorn.

As Saturn completes its transit through the last degree of Scorpio, a lot of dark thoughts rise up from the depths so that we can release our worst fears. It's important to remember that becoming conscious of our worst fears doesn't necessarily mean that they are real; it makes infinitely much more sense to interpret them as manifestations of our worst nightmares.

I love what Michael Lutin said earlier this week in his Week in Review section on his site:

about Saturn leaving Scorpio:

"The departure of Saturn from Scorpio can be that ecstatic moment after a bout with constipation. Everything that has been stuffed inside mercifully comes out. It is a time of healing. The process, however, demands that all the darkest material is also released. Relationships always pass through the MOST scary crisis, mainly because in a couple or partnership or even friend/colleague situation, much time is spent AVOIDING REAL ISSUES and discussing movies, politics, family or everything EXCEPT the real dynamics driving you apart and keeping you from being close. Now only reality is possible."

So could the departing gift of Saturn in Scorpio be reality, an entrance into the light  and the new possibilities that Saturn in Sagittarius will make us work for? Time will tell.

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

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