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Friday, December 5, 2014

Fire Trines, Full Moon in Gemini and Mars and Venus on the Move

This week is seeing quite the mixed bag of astrological activity. The prelude to the full moon in 14 degrees of Gemini on December 6th (exactly conjunct my natal moon in the 8th house I might add) kicked off with a series of fire trines that began on December 1st. On December 1st, the Sun in Sagittarius trined the moon in Aries, which also trined Mercury in Sagittarius. Is it any wonder that they called it Cyber Monday?

On Tuesday, December 2nd that Aries moon trined Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, inspiring me to tweet:

"Aries moon trining Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo today lends a feel good, expansive somewhat indulgent vibe."

I guess it was no accident that many retailers extended Cyber Monday to Tuesday with a grand fire trine going on!

Our next hit of the fire trines occurred on Thursday, December 4th when the Sun in Sagittarius trined Uranus in Aries. On that day I tweeted:

"Sagittarius Sun Trining Uranus in Aries today encourages us to take risks. Gotta love that impulsive fire energy!"

I have a trine from the Sun in Scorpio to Uranus in Cancer in my chart, so I can relate to that aspect. My trine is in water signs, so it tends to play out more in terms of my taking risks by trusting my intuition and emotions to implement change.

We also experienced a glorious trine from Venus in Sagittarius to Jupiter in Leo on December 4th, which inspired me to tweet:

"Venus in Sagittarius trining Jupiter in Leo today pages the way for more love and faith in the changes that are coming."

Venus trining Jupiter is another aspect that I know well because I have it natally in water signs. I must confess that it plays out for me with a love of beautiful possessions. I swear that it infused a shopping gene into my DNA!  But the bottom line is that this aspect has a strong predisposition towards receiving gifts, if one makes the space in their life and is open to receiving.

On December 5th, Uranus in Aries trined Mercury in Sagittarius. True to its Uranian nature, this aspect is very liberating because it allows us to break free of our limiting thoughts. It definitely got a boost from Mars entering the sign of Aquarius on December 4th, where it will reside until January 12, 2015.

Mars in Aquarius is something else that I am extremely familiar with because I have it natally. Mars in Aquarius inspires erratic energy, new adventures and helps us break free of whatever is limiting us. I can personally attest to the fact that having Mars in Aquarius literally causes you to march to the beat of a different drummer. Is it any wonder that on December 4th I tweeted:

"Mars enters freedom loving Aquarius tonight until January 12th. All modes of communication are energized and electrified."

The full moon occurs at 7:27 a.m. on December 6th in 14 degrees of Gemini. Since Gemini is the symbol of duality, no other sign can bring logic to the energies of insight and illusion in such a powerful way. I think that I can be pretty safe in predicting that there will be an enhanced emphasis on communication during this full moon. We should be able to determine what needs to be sorted out of our life as a result of this full moon. As I said earlier, this full moon is exactly conjunct my moon in the 8th house, so I am definitely anticipating some changes in my financial status. This full moon is also trining my Mars in Aquarius and my Libra ascendant, thus activating my grand air trine. I fully expect lots of activity and renewed energy as a result of this full moon.

Another potent theme of this full moon is the potential for healing. Chiron in Pisces is squared by this full moon, which is also a transit that I am currently undergoing. Addressing and releasing old wounds has been a pivotal theme in my life and this transit will continue for me through February 2015.

Indeed, Chiron has been a major player in my chart. I have always identified with the wounded healer persona. I even offer an astrological reading devoted to Chiron. You can see a sample of my own Chiron Report at this link:

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We have two more planets on the move this coming week. Jupiter will station retrograde at 22 degrees of Leo on December 8th, causing us to rethink our plans and values for the next few months. And Venus will enter the sign of Capricorn on December 10th to help us find more meaning in our relationships. It's also a more practical time to engage in some Christmas shopping if you were afraid of blowing too much money while Venus was in Sagittarius, as is often the case.

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