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Friday, March 27, 2015

In the Zone - The Week Between Eclipses

This has been a strange week astrologically speaking. There were no major, mind-blowing aspects like last week's Uranus Pluto square and solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces on March 20th before the Sun entered Aries. But there has definitely been an undercurrent of highly sensitive energy that is preparing us for the lunar eclipse on April 4th in 14 degrees of Libra. If we are wise, we will tune in to our higher self to facilitate the implementation of the changes that are coming. It is well known that eclipses are the harbingers of massive change and there is usually a two week period between eclipses that afford us the opportunity to catch our breath. It is literally a bridge between two worlds. Michael Lutin brilliantly described the time between two eclipses as: "Swinging between a past it's hard to let go of, and uncertain future, but hey, that's evolution!"

Venus entered the sign of Taurus on March 17th and formed a dreamy sextile with Neptune in Pisces on March 23rd after conjuncting the moon in Taurus the previous day. The vibe on both days was kind of laid back, and people were more in a mood to enjoy themselves. We may have been seeing life through rose colored glasses on the 23rd with that aspect to Neptune. Venus rules Taurus and Taurus does love the finer things in life. So if you engaged in a little retail therapy, fine dining, culture and the arts, or even a massage, blame it on Venus in Taurus. And Venus in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo on March 27th, which only serves to amplify that theme of too much of a good thing.

But we can't ignore the Sun in Aries. I swear that I can always tell when the Sun is in Aries because I become more impatient and irritable. Waiting in lines at the grocery store nearly gives me a meltdown! I just want to get my food and get it home. We experienced a semblance of ambition on March 25th when the Aries Sun trined Saturn in Sagittarius. It was a good day to start on projects and get some structure going in our lives. I actually accomplished a lot that day with my Reiki, psychic reading and astrology clients.

On March 26th I read a post on Twitter that resonated for me about this energy I was feeling and I retweeted it. It was about becoming aware of old patterns because the Sun is diving into the south node of the moon and releasing people, relationships and past cycles. I subsequently posted a tweet that it's spring cleaning of the soul!  This aspect will be exact on April 1, 2015. What perfect timing as a prelude to a lunar eclipse in the relationship oriented sign of Libra on April 4th! Aspects or transits to the south node are all about letting of what no longer serves our highest good, but most of us have a tendency to cling to them for dear life. Indeed, the south node is our comfort zone, our security blanket. When the south node is activated, we are literally pushed and propelled forward towards our north node, which is our soul's mission. It may not be an easy mission, but it is worthwhile. So let's practice a little mindfulness in this zone that doesn't quite feel real and soon enough we will get to our soul's destination where there will be a new reality.

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