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Friday, April 10, 2015

Greater Benefics on the Move- Jupiter Goes Direct and Venus Moves into Gemini

The planets Jupiter and Venus, aka the Greater Benefics, are on the move this week, assisting us in our quest to move forward. Jupiter stationed direct at 12 degrees of Leo on April 8th and that generated a lot of buzz in the astrological community. On that day I tweeted:

"Big day as Jupiter turns direct in Leo today and optimism returns after 5 months retrograde. The pace will pick up."

When Jupiter is retrograde, we tend to turn inward to access deeper wisdom and rebuild our faith. I loved what astrologer Kristin Fontana said about truths that were recently accessed during the retrograde being ready to set in motion. We just need to follow our intuition. If nothing else, the Jupiter retrograde period afforded us the opportunity to really get in touch with our deepest feelings and dreams. Now the stage is set for us to manifest those dreams. Our sense of optimism is restored and becoming more engaged in our community can also become a priority in our lives now. It's time for our expectations to be met.

Jupiter is still transiting my 10th house, and will continue to do so until June 9th. I plan on taking full advantage of this transit to expand my public standing. I am making efforts to enhance my Reiki practice by attending a Reiki conference on April 26th, still writing this astrology blog and doing astrological and psychic readings. I am also contemplating starting a meditation group. Many of my clients have expressed a desire to have meditation become a part of their life and I would like to share that gift of empowerment that meditation brings with them.

Jupiter in Leo is also currently opposing my natal Mars in Aquarius and I will feel the effects of this transit through early June. This transit brings inner restlessness and excessive energy. I am fully aware that I will need to guard against overextending myself by making too many promises to people that I can't meet. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin and set impossible goals for myself. Jupiter opposing my Mars might very well overinflate my confidence in terms of what I can accomplish. And it could make my temper shorter, which is not such a good thing.

And then Jupiter will also be conjuncting my natal Pluto in the 11th house in mid-July, so I may have a tendency to become even more obsessive about achieving my goals. I can't deny that expanding my business is foremost for me this year.

On April 11th Venus will leave Taurus and enter the light and airy sign of Gemini. This will shift the focus in relationships and finances from security to diversity for the next four weeks. The first half of this transit occurs in my 8th house, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if transformation in finances occurs.

I will also be blessed with transiting Venus in Gemini conjuncting my natal moon in the 8th house and this can play out in a variety of delightful ways. It will probably make me more sentimental, affectionate and should improve my relationships with partners and women. Transiting Venus conjunct the moon puts more of an emphasis on domestic matters and I am moving during this transit. Hopefully it will also make me more attuned to others needs and enhance my spiritual growth. Venus in Gemini also trines my Libra ascendant, which should improve my chances of making a favorable impression and trines my Mars in Aquarius. This has the potential to benefit my relationships by providing the opportunity for emotional release. So I am fairly optimistic about Venus in Gemini because it favorably sets off my grand air trine.

If you are curious about how Venus in Gemini will affect you or the potential for expansion that Jupiter 
direct in Leo has in store for you, please feel free to contact me for an astrological reading  

This week gets even better astrologically on April 12th when Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces at exactly 8 degrees of both signs. This aspect lends support for helping our dreams come true. My 5th and 7th houses will benefit from this aspect, but Mars will also be trining my north node in Capricorn while Neptune in Pisces sextiles that north node. How sweet is that? I am literally getting a green light to move forward on my soul's path.
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