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Friday, April 17, 2015

Pluto Retrograde and New Moon in Aries

This has been a major week astrologically, in case you haven’t noticed and or were hiding out under a rock.  Mercury entered the sign of Taurus on April 14t, which really shifted the focus to resources and values in communications. It inspired me to tweet:

“Mercury enters Taurus today putting a more stable practical thorough focus on communication. The pace is slower.”

But the major event so far this week occurred on April 16th, when Pluto stationed retrograde at 15 degrees of Capricorn.  The astrological world was abuzz over this.  Pluto will remain retrograde until September 24, 2015.  On that day I tweeted:

“#Pluto turns #retrograde today for 5 months allowing us to dig deeper and purge whatever isn’t working in our lives anymore.”

When Pluto is retrograde, it is time for transformation to go deeper to an inner level.  It is also an ideal time to clean out our closets, refrigerators, quit jobs and leave relationships that are toxic.  Pluto retrograde forces us to discard elements of our lives that are not supportive. We really need to reexamine physical, emotional and spiritual patterns that no longer serve our best interests.

Michael Lutin as always nailed it when describing Pluto retrograde.

“Pluto is all about long-range perspective, so it is virtually impossible to see what you are doing now mainly because the effects take years to show up.  Just think back to how your life has changed since 2007.  You couldn’t possibly have foreseen it.”

He goes on to say:

“Pluto drags you away from whatever you were doing… The challenges of Pluto to your creativity and ingenuity bring you gifts of talent you asked for…. Part of what Pluto does is grant you the power to project unconscious thoughts forward into the future.  You can bless or curse yourself with imagery about your life that could come true many years down the line.  Pluto also represents the power to retrieve vivid almost photographic memories complete with emotional soundtrack of events that happened.”

I highly encourage you to check out his site at:

I don’t know about you, but for me thinking back to my life in 2007,  I tend to shudder.  I felt totally powerless over events that were beyond my control back then. I prefer to think that this Pluto retrograde transit is all about claiming empowerment.  After all, I am a Scorpio, and I buy into the belief that Pluto is my ruling planet.   But for me personally, Pluto in Capricorn is currently squaring my Libra ascendant, so my experience is energizing and exhausting simultaneously.  Pluto is still transiting my third house, so I can only hope that I will have a positive influence on other people in my communications. However, I am also aware that there is strong potential for power struggles as I seek greater intensity and intimacy in my relationships.  The themes of manipulation and obsessive behavior hold great potential.  And I would be a liar if I said that financial success was not important to me.  Getting the word out about my work is uppermost on my mind these days as I struggle to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life.

Adding to the planetary mix, Jupiter in Leo squares Mars in Taurus on April 17th in 12 degrees.  Normally, this aspect might be interpreted as an energy boost to move us forward in fulfilling our desires, but Jupiter is squaring my Saturn and Mars is opposing it, so I am a bit apprehensive that I may face more delays and tests along the way.  My sense is that I may experience this aspect as promising more than I can deliver.

And on April 18, 2015 we have a New Moon in 29 degrees of Aries.  This should bring personal and spiritual support for new beginnings.  It’s an ideal time to take action and commit to personal goals.  Don’t let the potential for this new moon pass or you could lose out on some incredible new opportunities. Aries loves action and hates procrastination, so the old adage “if you snooze you lose” definitely applies to this new moon.

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