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Friday, June 26, 2015

Mars Joins the Cancer Love Fest

Mars entered the sign of Cancer on June 24th, where it will reside until August 8th.  The summer love fest is official now that it is accompanying the Sun. We are done with the hyper, frenetic multi-tasking days of Mars in Gemini.  Mars in Cancer can be a slower burn. On June 24th, I tweeted:

“Mars enters Cancer today for 6 weeks where it is not comfortable.  We could take things too personally and become defensive.”

Mars in Cancer will definitely enhance the protective urge towards home and family during its transit, but Mars is extremely uncomfortable in the sign of Cancer.  It is literally considered to be in detriment in Cancer because Mars is exalted in Capricorn.  Cancer is an emotional water sign that can be prone to defensiveness and over-protectiveness.  Think of the image of the Cancer crab and I think you will get my drift.  When Mars is in Cancer, we have the capacity to tune into the emotional scene and back off when someone is about to lose it.  Sometimes this is a good thing, other times not so much.

How else does Mars in Cancer manifest?  There may be a tendency to swallow our anger and engage in passive-aggressive behavior.  Watch out for those guilt trips to crop up in relationships.  But because Cancer is such a moody, at times unpredictable water sign, tidal waves of emotion could flow and anger could suddenly surface in family gatherings.  And with the 4th of July coming, three days after a full moon in Capricorn, that is a distinct possibility.

Eating can be another hotspot with Mars in Cancer.  Digestive disorders can arise if we are not careful with what we eat.  Cancer does rule the stomach. The most common sense approach to dealing with Mars in Cancer is to attempt to be more objective and not take things too personally.  This may be easier said than done for many folks. 

Personally, I am facing transiting Mars in Cancer conjuncting my south node on that full moon on July 1st.  It squares my Libra ascendant on July 19th and then it enters my 10th house on July 24th and conjuncts my Jupiter and Uranus, while simultaneously squaring my Neptune in Libra.  I’m sure it won’t be dull, but I hope I can keep my cool. Impatience, irritability and restlessness are bound to be major themes for me during this Mars transit.

The Sun in Cancer will be squaring the north node of the moon in Libra and the south node in Aries on June 27th. This transit should help free us to move beyond karmic patterns that make us fearful and over-sensitive. 

On June 28th, we have some really nice astrological summer energy with Venus in Leo trining Uranus in Aries.  Venus trining Uranus in fire signs will lighten the mood so that we can enjoy ourselves by being more spontaneous, social and more creative. This is a great vibe for summer festivities.

Chiron went retrograde in 21 degrees of Pisces on June 24th a couple of hours before Mars entered Cancer.  With Chiron in the uber-sensitive watery sign of Pisces, we may find ourselves more attuned than usual to our frightened inner child who experiences difficulty in trusting that everything will turn out all right.  Chiron will be retrograde until November 28th, affording us ample opportunity to work on healing our deepest wounds.  You might want to consider purchasing my Chiron Report during this transit. It’s a fabulous way of obtaining insight to heal your deepest wound and it’s only $15!  Check out a sample report at:

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