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Friday, June 5, 2015

Venus Moves into Leo for an Extended Stay

Venus is changing signs on June 5th, which is not unusual, but it will be spending the next four months in the sign of Leo, which is pretty unusual.  How can this be?  Venus will be in Leo through July 18th, briefly enter Virgo on July 19th, station retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th, and re-enter the sign of Leo on August 1s..  On September 6th, Venus will station direct in 14 degrees of Leo, where it will stay until October 9th.

Why is Venus retrograde such a big deal?  Trust me, as someone who was born with it (albeit in the detrimental sign of Scorpio), it is a very big deal.  If someone has Venus retrograde natally in their chart, they will face delays and frustrations in their love life.  And the native with Venus retrograde takes a long time to bond with someone because there will probably be karmic trust issues.

When Venus is retrograde, we can expect relationship stress and may need to develop new approaches to existing relationships or risk losing them.  Emotions will run high and it is more prudent to reflect than to act.  This may be easier said than done! Venus retrograde will also affect financial affairs; it is an optimal time to review one’s budget and spending habits.  Creative projects can also veer off in different directions.  But one perk to having Venus retrograde is that it bodes well for slowing down and pampering ourselves.  The fact that Venus is in the sign of Leo, a sign associated with summer, makes this pill a little easier to swallow.

Venus will be spending its retrograde period in the sign of Leo.  Leo rules love, romance, and money. It symbolizes summer fun.  Venus in Leo heightens creativity, pleasure and prosperity.  Leo craves attention, drama and is prone to too much of a good thing.  But let’s not forget that Leo is also generous and warm-hearted, so this Venus retrograde may not be that difficult to take this summer.  It is fire energy and should add some inspiration to the mix.  I know that we are all waiting with baited breath for Mercury retrograde to end.  Officially it ends on June 11th, but I always caution my clients to be mindful of the shadow period.  Mercury’s shadow retrograde period began on May 4th and it leaves the shadow on June 27th.  So we are dealing with two retrograde planets that pertain to communication, finances and relationships.   Remember the “re” in retrograde—time to review and research before making important decisions.

This particular transit of Venus retrograde starts out in my 10th house, enters my 11th house on June 28th, returns to my 10th house on August 22nd for a month and then re-enters my 11th house in late September.  When Venus enters Leo on June 5th, it will be trining Saturn in 0 degrees of Sagittarius.  Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house (fun times, LOL), so I am hoping that Venus in Leo will provide some support for my finances and professional reputation.    Another thing to remember about retrograde planets is that they provide second and some time third chances for us to get it right.  I frequently tell my clients that many of us just don’t get it on the first hit from a transiting planet, so the retrograde gives us another chance to learn the lesson and get enlightened when it hits our chart for the second or third time.  I have Pluto in Leo in my 11th house, so I will be feeling that hit in July and then again in October before it leaves Leo.  I am hoping for some beneficial group associations and support for my goals to manifest during the Venus in Leo transit to my 11th house.  But I know that I have to take responsibility for that to happen.  Venus and Jupiter are known as the great benefics in astrology because they bring good things into our lives, but you have to be proactive.  A nice Jupiter transit can indicate winning the lottery, but it won’t happen if you don’t buy that ticket.  And an easy flowing Venus transit won’t bring the love of your life to you if you if you don’t engage socially.

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