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Friday, May 29, 2015

Neptune's Murky Waters and Full Moon in Sagittarius

Neptune has pretty much been ruling the astrological landscape with a mash of mutable energy in the midst of a Mercury retrograde in Gemini this past week. And all of this is leading up to a full moon in 12 degrees of Sagittarius on June 2nd.  On May 25th, Memorial Day in the United States, we had Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars in Gemini in 9 degrees of both signs.  On that day I tweeted:

#Mars in Gemini #squaring #Neptune in Pisces today may indicate previously hidden difficulties coming back.  Honesty & compassion needed.”

This aspect may have had the tendency to make us want to ignore our problems and indulge in a little escapism.  While that may have sounded good on paper, total denial of reality could have seriously impaired our ability to take whatever actions were necessary to move forward in our lives.  Of course, the caveat is that we really don’t feel like taking too much actions, since we seem to be experiencing delays in making progress. The silver lining of this challenging aspect is that it occurred in mutable signs, which facilitated the process of going with the flow and somewhat mitigated the deception factor. Transiting Mars in Gemini was conjunct my moon, so I definitely felt this aspect.  But I think it played out more for me in terms of feeling the Neptunian sense of compassion and triggering fond childhood memories of holiday celebrations.  It also generated some surprise business for me with Mars on my moon in the 8th house.  So I successfully navigated that passage in Neptune’s choppy seas.

On May 27th, Mars conjuncted retrograde Mercury in Gemini in 10 degrees.  On that day I tweeted:

“Sharp tongues may rule as Mercury conjuncts Mars in Gemini today.  Conversations can get heated.”

On May 29th, darling retrograde Mercury in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces, which may have inspired our imagination, but reality could be a whole different ball game.  I loved what Michael Lutin had to say about having the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces:

“Sun Mercury Mars Neptune:
We shall now be witnessing
much traffic
across the line between
crazy and inspired.”

Check him out at:

 I can’t think of a better way to describe this mutable mash of energy.  One minute you may feel truly inspired, and the next minute you wonder if you are crazy.  The Gemini Sun conjuncts Mercury on May 30th, which has the potential to deliver inspiration, yet on May 31st the Gemini Sun squares Neptune in Pisces, which can bring doubt and that all too familiar Neptunian fog.  It probably won’t be the best time to take action and progress may indeed feel stalled with the Mercury retrograde.

However, there is one truly beautiful, beneficial aspect that also occurs on May 31st.  Ceres, the dwarf planet associated with nurturing, is in 9 degrees of Aquarius and forms a grand air trine with Mercury in 8 degrees of Gemini and the north node of the moon in 8 degrees of Libra.  How will that play out?  Hopefully, it will go a long way in helping us to nurture ourselves and others as we accept their differences while honoring our own unique path.  That is quite a powerful grand trine involving the themes of nurturing, communication and the soul’s mission in life. 

Probably the best way to navigate Neptune’s murky waters is to go deep inside and reflect before taking any major actions.  At times like these, meditation can be your best friend and wisest course of action.

And we do have yet another mutable astrological event on the horizon—the full moon in 12 degrees of Sagittarius on June 2nd.  Sagittarius is mutable fire, which may give us some energy.  The element of fire is empowering and energizing and Sagittarius may very well give us a whole new big picture.  Sagittarius loves new adventures and rules the truth and high ideals, so the sky could be the limit.  I wouldn’t rule out some very prophetic dreams during this full moon, either.  This full moon does square Neptune in Pisces though, which is definitely going to challenge us to stay real and not go off half-cocked.  Those dreams and aspirations may seem wonderful, but we need to stay focused to give them a chance of becoming a reality.

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