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Friday, May 8, 2015

Relationships Shift as Venus and Mars Change Signs

Relationships are about to undergo some sweeping changes as the two love planets, Mars and Venus, change signs. But the day before Venus entered Cancer on May 7th, we received another planetary assist from the Taurus Sun trining Pluto in Capricorn in 15 degrees of both signs. On that day I tweeted:

"Taurus Sun trining Pluto in Capricorn today gives us the power to achieve our goals. Go for it! Nice when these 2 play well!"

We also got a boost from having Ceres in Aquarius, the former asteroid associated with nurturing, upgraded to dwarf planet status, trining Mercury in Gemini on May 6th. This set the stage for unresolved trauma linked with separation issues from loved ones to be healed through conversations. Ceres and Mercury also trined the north node in Libra, forming a beautiful grand air trine that propels us forward in our relationships.

What can we expect when Venus is in the sign of Cancer, where it will reside until June 5th? There will be a more sensitive expression of Venus with a focus on homes and families. Love and values will take on a more sentimental tone. On May 7th, I tweeted:

"Venus enters Cancer tonight shifting the focus to more nurturing in relationships and increased sentimentality."

Venus in Cancer does pose a potential danger of getting stuck and wallowing in the past by indulging in self-pity. But there are many perks associated with Venus in Cancer. It is, after all, a cardinal sign that can serve as a powerful motivator to get out there and forge some new connections. Venus in Cancer also enhances personal creativity and intensifies our self-protective and nurturing instincts. It urges us to reexamine our dependency needs. Intimacy and the longing to belong are stronger when Venus is in Cancer. Bring on the urge to merge!

I know for a fact that I will be profoundly affected by the transit of Venus through Cancer. It will conjunct my south node, midheaven, Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer. My 9th and 10th houses will feel its powerful effects. I am also anticipating some healing to occur when Venus enters my 10th house and opposes my Chiron in Capricorn in the 4th house. I recently moved and am starting to settle in nicely and resume my work schedule with my Reiki, astrology and psychic readings practices.

Mars, the planet of desire and action, moves from slow, steady and sensual Taurus into Gemini on May 11th and stays there until June 24th. This will bring more scattered, unfocused and nervous energy. We also have Mercury in Gemini until July 9th due to its retrograde, so we can definitely expect some communication snafus in relationships. The Sun will join the Gemini party on May 21st.  There is bound to be lots of chatter in relationships, but as yet another planetary prelude to Mars entering Gemini, we had Mercury in Gemini trining the north node in Libra on May 9th while squaring Neptune in Pisces. The desire to communicate our goals was strong, but the square to Neptune may have obscured our vision. And Mercury being in the shadow retrograde didn't help matters!  I find it very interesting that the official Mercury retrograde starts on May 18th and the Sun enters Gemini three days later.

I will not be escaping the effects of this Mars transit either because transiting Mars in Gemini will be conjuncting my moon in the 8th house and setting off my grand air trine by trining my Mars in Aquarius and Libra ascendant. I suspect that interesting times are ahead!

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