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Friday, May 1, 2015

Full Flower Moon in Scorpio and Mercury in Gemini

It's May, folks, and the full flower moon in Scorpio is imminent. Those seeds that we planted earlier should start blooming soon, hence the moniker of  flower moon. It occurs on May 4th in 13 degrees of Scorpio.  A full moon in Scorpio is not for lightweights, but it does support the deeper work of releasing and clearing access to more energy as we face our fears and move forward.  It also trines Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, so we are receiving a special spiritual dispensation to go forward and the sky is the limit. The full moon also squares Jupiter in Leo, so there is a strong likelihood of the theme of too much of a good thing.

This full moon is conjuncting my natal Saturn at the tail end of my first house.  I moved on April 29th, so I am literally experiencing the effects of establishing new foundations in my new home.  It is also why this week's post will be relatively brief, as the experience of moving has been overwhelming. Saturn is also about responsibility and building foundations.  On April 30th, I tweeted:

"Moon enters Libra today and sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius.  A good day for accepting responsibilities without resentment."

But Mercury is a key player in all of this planetary action.  It entered the sign of Gemini on April 30th and due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde on May 18th, will not leave the sign of Gemini until July 9th.  But let's not forget that Mercury enters the shadow period on May 4th at 4 degrees of Gemini and officially stations retrograde at 13 degrees of Gemini on May 18th.  The magic number is 13 degrees, what with the full moon in Scorpio and Mercury stationing retrograde.  I also have Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct my moon in 14 degrees of Gemini, so this aspect is really being activated big time. And yes, true to the nature of an inconjunct, I am making adjustments in my life as I settle into my new home. I am getting rid of things that don't fit in my new home, and it is an ongoing process. First I have a full moon conjunct my Saturn and then Mercury stations retrograde on my moon in the 8th house.  I sense that there are definitely some changes and perhaps challenges ahead for me regarding my resources.

Mercury in Gemini is all about gossip, chitchat, the proverbial too much information and humor that can sometimes be taken the wrong way.  However, Mercury's extended sojourn in Gemini can be a highly productive time for writers, teachers, and artists because the retrograde forces us to review the process of getting our message across.  In 2015, all three Mercury retrogrades occur in air signs, unlike the highly emotional year of 2014, when Mercury retrograded in the water signs. We had our first Mercury retrograde in Aquarius from January 21st through February 11th and the final one will be in Libra from September 17th through October 9th. Am I naive to believe that Mercury retrograde in air signs this year will make it more comfortable because it is in its own element? This particular Mercury retrograde is in its home sign to boot. Time will tell...

Happy May Day everyone!

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