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Friday, September 4, 2015

September Shakes It Up

September arrived with a fiery conjunction between Mars and retrograde Venus in Leo, ushering in the promise of an exciting, volatile month.  The month of September will resemble the stock market as of late, with its ups and downs. September will feature Venus stationing direct on September 6th, a solar eclipse in Virgo on September 13th, Mercury stationing retrograde in Libra on the 17th, Saturn returning to Sagittarius for the next two years as well on the 17th, Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn on the 25th and a lunar eclipse in Aries on the 27th.  Is your head spinning yet?

The Sun in 12 degrees of Virgo will be trining Pluto in 13 degrees of Capricorn on September 5th, which will definitely qualify as one of the more positive aspects of the month.  It will provide more empowerment in terms of how we handle life’s realities.  This is an earth trine, so it favors embracing the practical side of life and becoming the best we can be.  I am actually looking forward to this aspect, as it both the Sun and Pluto will be sextiling my Saturn in Scorpio.  I’m not exactly crying about Saturn’s imminent departure from Scorpio, but perhaps this aspect will bring me some rewards for my efforts.  Saturn does bring good things if you work hard.  At least I am trying to buy into that party line…

On September 6th, Venus will station direct in 14 degrees of Leo.  This is a major astrological event of the month since Venus has been retrograde since July 25th and there is always a certain intensity involved when a planet stations.  Venus retrograde may have manifested as a reflection on our values, finances, intimate relationships and friendships.  Some of us may have pondered the undercurrents and patterns that we brought to our relationships.  Now that Venus is moving direct, we can feel empowered to change or release outworn modes of relating that aren’t working for us.  Some may even choose to renew their vows when Venus is direct. While Venus retrograde may not have been an optimal time to invest in major purchases, it was prime time to sell off old assets.  Ironically, some of the best deals acquired during Venus retrograde may have been through antique stores or thrift shops.

On Monday, September 7th, it is Labor Day in the United States.  This marks the unofficial end of summer, but the weather is still feeling very much like summer in New England.  The moon will be in Cancer on the 7th, and it forms some tense aspects that could make us rather testy and emotional.  It squares Mercury in Libra and opposes Pluto in Capricorn, so there could be some squabbles and power plays in relationships on the holiday.  But we get a nice save that day from Neptune in Pisces, when it trines the Cancer moon.  So all should end on a more peaceful, compassionate note, especially with the Cancer moon sextiling the Virgo Sun by evening.  There may be some fireworks during the day, but compassion and the desire to do right should prevail.

On September 8th, as we all head back to work and school, we are the recipients of yet another positive aspect.  Mars in 19 degrees of Leo trines Uranus in 19 degrees of Aries.  This aspect serves as an adrenaline boost of energy to accomplish our goals in new and exciting ways to implement major changes that we have been contemplating.  This is fire energy, folks, and Uranus in Aries loves to do things in iconoclastic style.  Uranus is forming an exact square to my Cancer midheaven, so this could be an interesting day for me, especially since I have Uranus and Jupiter in the 10th house.

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Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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