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Friday, August 28, 2015

Super Full Moon in Pisces Has Potential for Making Dreams Come True

Full Moon Alert- we have a full moon in 6 degrees of Pisces coming up on August 29, 2015.  I'm not exaggerating when I call it a super full moon because it is especially close to the earth. I also think it would be a fair assessment to say that most people have been feeling the effects of this full moon for the better part of this past week.  Everyone I know has been stressed out to the max and there has been a plethora of bad news out there, between the stock market volatility and more senseless shootings.  But we did have that nice Sun Jupiter conjunction in Virgo on August 26th which definitely helped alleviate some of that stress.  On that day I tweeted:

"Super good luck abounds today as Sun and Jupiter hook up in Virgo. It's a cosmic green light to make things happen.  Run with it!"

I wouldn't be surprised if the stock market having a somewhat upward turn was influenced by that Sun/Jupiter aspect.

This full moon has a special connection with Neptune because it conjuncts Neptune in 8 degrees of Pisces, Its alignment with Neptune can lift us to imaginative heights but it can also confuse us and cast a Neptunian fog over what's real and what isn't.  Fear could also run rampant in the light of the recent bad news that has enveloped us.

How do we deal with this full moon?  Keep in mind that this Pisces moon is opposing the Virgo Sun. so we will do well to embrace the concept of practical magic.It will also be opposing Jupiter in Virgo, so there is ample reason to expect something good to come out of this full moon.  Healing is an important theme of this full moon.  Of course, fantasy, escapism, unconditional love, sacrifice and potential loss of self also figure in the mix.  Yes, it can be a loaded, emotional full moon in the watery sign of Pisces which, like Pisces itself, can go either way.  Our best bet is to integrate our spirituality more fully into our daily lives and somehow make both intuition (Pisces) and analysis (Virgo) work as a team to manifest our dreams.

Saturn is still concluding its final weeks in Scorpio (can September 17th come soon enough, although we will have a Mercury retrograde to deal with as well on that day) and it is still making its influence felt.  If you haven't checked out Michael Lutin's site lately, I highly encourage you to do so.

I could definitely relate to what he said about feeling helpless while awaiting a change in direction while feeling like you are in a state of feeling suspended in a vacuum or stuck in a void.  He talks about the eight root causes of desperation as Saturn leaves Scorpio and I think that many people besides me are feeling that we are on the verge of a major change in direction in our lives but are extremely frustrated with the delays in manifesting those changes.  Anxiety is at an all-time high. And I believe that Michael is right when he says that holding on to improper attachments is a major cause of that desperation.

This full moon is trining my south node in Cancer, which is all about the past.  For the past couple of weeks I have been encountering situations that reflect unresolved issues from the past and triggering old emotional wounds that I thought had healed. It is a very humbling experience to realize that I haven't totally forgiven some people  and that there is more work to be done on my end to reach that state. A Pisces full moon is all about love and surrender. The answers may come when we literally let go and release our expectations of how a situation will play out.  No matter how old I get, it never ceases to amaze me how much things do not happen on my timeline or in the manner that I envision. Trusting in the process is a hard fought lesson for me. That will probably be the greatest challenge for me with the Pisces Full Moon.

One way to embrace the Neptunian piece of this Super Full Moon in Pisces is to go to the movies. Neptune rules film, so if you really need to escape this weekend, that may be your safest bet.  And depending on the film you decide to see, it may give you some inspiration.

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