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Friday, August 21, 2015

Virgo Season Officially Arrives

The Leo party is starting to break up as the Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, joining Mercury and Jupiter already in Virgo.  But before the Sun leaves Leo, it makes some pretty intense aspects by squaring both Saturn and the moon.  On August 21st, the Leo Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio, which is bound to bring on feelings of being restricted and delays in achieving our goals. It may feel impossible to make any headway or accomplish anything and I wouldn’t rule out conflicts with authority figures. Frankly, I regard it as Saturn in Scorpio’s swan song before it enters Sagittarius again on September 17th.  Saturn in Scorpio is not going quietly into that good night; it will challenge our sense of self and will certainly not feel like a day at the beach.  August 21st may not be the day to launch any bold new enterprises, but maybe we can embrace Saturn’s energy by paying attention to what it is trying to teach us.  Perhaps patience is the ultimate lesson in spite of the fact that we feel that our ambitions are being thwarted. 

On August 22nd, the Sun’s last full day in Leo, it also faces off with the moon in Scorpio by squaring it.  This aspect will bring emotional tensions to a head as the conflict plays out between desires and emotions.

Even though Leo symbolizes the warmth of summer, I confess that I am looking forward to the sun entering Virgo and a time of more introspection.  Leo is the life of the party, but there comes a time when we must get back to work.  Every year I find that by the last week of the Sun in Leo, I start to feel impatient and irritable and berate myself for not accomplishing more.  It could just be the Leo Sun squaring my Sun, Venus, Ceres and Pallas Athena in Scorpio.  I definitely experience these challenging transits as a major tension between wanting to enjoy myself and engage in some major transformation because that Leo Sun is also conjuncting my Pluto.

Virgo is much more introspective, introverted and reflective than its extroverted astrological neighbor Leo.  The themes of Virgo involve health and work.  Service to others is a major focus of Virgo.  Opportunities for healing can abound when the Sun is in Virgo.  Research, analysis and organizing are also very Virgo oriented tasks.  Is it any wonder that the academic year resumes when the Sun is in Virgo?  Back to school is like a reality check and resumption of practicality, which is a strong Virgo trait.

Jupiter is already in the sign of Virgo and this indicates that we will draw the greatest benefit and luck if we engage in service to others.  Volunteering may be an option for some people with both Jupiter and the Sun in Virgo.  On August 26th, the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo.  This is literally the best day of the month to make something happen, so don’t waste this precious energy!  I always say that if you snooze with Jupiter, you lose.  You have to grab its brass ring or the opportunity will slip away.  It literally is the polar opposite of Saturn, which is slower moving and manages to stick around to get inside your head. You can’t ignore Saturn successfully, but you can fritter away Jupiter’s benevolence if you relax too much and neglect its presence.

There are some pitfalls involved with the Sun in Virgo.  Virgo is renowned for being a perfectionist and a control freak.  And Virgo really needs to embrace the mantra of change taking time to curb its natural impatience.  We also have a solar eclipse coming up in 20 degrees of Virgo on September 13th, so we need to prepare for that.  If we want new beginnings, and that seems to be the case with most folks these days, we need to contemplate what we want to manifest.

As a practicing psychic, I love the Hermit tarot card that is associated with the sign of Virgo.  The Hermit symbolizes wisdom, solitude, detachment, and observation.  Take a look at it.


The star in the Hermit card represents the balancing of male and female energies working together for spiritual advancement.  It is a beacon of light for us if we choose to do the work of traveling that path.

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