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Friday, August 14, 2015

Leo New Moon Stokes the Fires of Creativity and Love

Hang on, folks the New Moon in Leo on August 14, 2015 in 22 degrees of Leo is bound to be an emotional one that will pack quite a wallop.  Generally speaking, the themes of a Leo New Moon include personal power, passionate love or friendship, and reveling in play and exploring our creativity.

This new moon is especially emotional because retrograde Venus in 23 degrees of Leo is in on the action.  Obviously it is conjunct both the Sun and the Moon, so we may be involved in the process of reassessing our values and relationships.  Venus rules love, values and creativity, so it is intensifying the emphasis on love and creativity.  Uranus in Aries is putting its two cents in as well by trining the Sun, Moon and Venus during this New Moon.  This is a good thing because it gives us support to make changes and adapt to new circumstances.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer is also making its presence known during this New Moon.  Chiron is in 20 degrees of Pisces and is inconjunct the New Moon.  It serves as a reminder that we need to have compassion for the part of us that fears the unknown.  We may feel like a frightened child who is about to be the new kid in a brand new school.  Be kind and patient with that inner child. That is quite an adjustment to make, and inconjuncts are all about the need to make adjustments.

The bottom line with this New Moon is that change is on the horizon and that we need to embrace it.  Uranus trining that New Moon is encouraging and facilitating that change while Venus retrograde is affording us the opportunity to reassess our relationships, values and creativity.  I would be very surprised if relationships don’t change as a result of the Leo New Moon and the Venus Retrograde period. This Venus Retrograde is a big deal because it is conjunct the New Moon.  Resolving old issues in relationships can be the featured attraction of this New Moon for many people.   Frankly, if there is no change, it may be due to resistance on our part and we all know that resistance is futile when Uranus is involved.  Haven’t we learned anything from the seven Uranus/Pluto squares of the past few years?

Personally, I have been feeling the effects of this New Moon all week.  While my Pluto is being activated, my Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio is also being squared, adding to the creative tension and fueling my natural impatience to see changes NOW. The Leo New Moon is in my 11th house and is conjunct my natal Pluto.  I have definitely been in a period of reassessing my goals and anticipating the opportunity to connect with like minded folks who will inspire me. I can also feel Chiron in Pisces’ presence because I am experiencing anxiety about my fears of the unknown.  I have made many changes in my life recently and several chapters of my life have ended.  Letting go has never come easily for me, being a member of the fixed sign Scorpio tribe, but I know that it is a necessary part of the soul’s evolution.  I sense that I am on the cusp of even greater changes with Uranus in Aries and I am looking forward to what benefits Jupiter in Virgo will reap for me because I have been sowing seeds like crazy in the past couple of years. I have new ideas to expand my business that I hope to launch within the next month.  

I literally feel like this Leo New Moon has lit a creative fire under my butt.  On the other hand with retrograde Venus in Leo squaring my retrograde Venus in Scorpio, I am conflicted over wanting to enjoy the rest of summer and get those creative juices flowing.  My natal Venus is in my 2nd house, so it is all about the money, creativity and resources for me right now.  My relationships have undergone dramatic changes in the past few months and while I would be a fool to rule out more changes, I don’t have quite the same fear and anxiety about them as I do about expanding my resources and being open to taking new risks.

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