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Friday, August 7, 2015

Straddling Leo Enthusiasm with Virgo Practicality

More changes are coming in the astrological weather forecast as Mercury moves into Virgo on August 7th, Mars moves into Leo on August 8th, and TA-DA—Jupiter moves into Virgo on August11th, where it resides until September 9, 2016.  How are we going to straddle the enthusiastic, over-the-top fiery energy of Leo (don’t forget, the Sun and Venus are still in Leo) with the earthy practicality of Virgo?  Very carefully…

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Leo had quite a party this past week.  On August 4th, Venus and Jupiter were conjunct in Leo, inspiring me to tweet:

“Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo today adds a jubilant vibe to the astrological mix after yesterday’s Saturn/Jupiter square.”

Mercury was not one to leave this Leo party without engaging in aspects to both Venus and Jupiter, the Greater Benefics.  Mercury hooked up with Venus on August 6th, prompting me to tweet:

“Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo today adds a romantic creative vibe to the day.  Speak from your heart & embrace your inner child.”

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Leo in the wee hours of August 7th before it departs the sign of Leo to enter Virgo, so don’t be surprised if your dreams are a little dramatic.

How will the communications climate change when Mercury enters Virgo?  Well, Virgo is very practical and detail -oriented.  It is time for organizing all those little details that we may have ignored when Mercury was in Leo and we were too busy playing.  Mercury in Virgo is mutable earth and we will probably be more focused on communicating more clearly and precisely, but with a margin for staying open to positive changes.  It is rather fitting that Mercury in Virgo coincides with the back to school season.

On the following day, Mars moves from sensitive, watery Cancer (where it is not entirely comfortable) into the fire sign of Leo.  Mars in Leo is outgoing, gregarious and at times, competitive.  It is definitely a time to be spontaneous and affectionate, while engaging that inner child.  The focus is literally on the heart, because Leo rules the heart.  Do what moves you both emotionally and physically to benefit your heart.  And this is a great time to start a new exercise program.

On August 11th, Jupiter moves into Virgo after its year-long transit in Leo.  Jupiter is associated with attracting lucky breaks, so in the sign of Virgo, we need to be diligent and willing to work hard to get that richly deserved luck.  The seeds that we have planted earlier will bear fruit during Jupiter’s transit of Virgo.  It is also a prime opportunity to bring order out of chaos. Health will also feature prominently during Jupiter in Virgo.  The mind-body connection will undoubtedly become more important and I hope that alternative methods of healing will as well.  Anyone need some Reiki?  I practice Reiki at the Acupuncture for Everyone clinic in Boston on Thursday mornings and am also available for appointments at my home in Newton.

Jupiter in Virgo will also be aligning favorably with Pluto in Capricorn (love those trines), so we may find it easier to experience transformation in our lives.  This is another benefit of having Jupiter in Virgo.

I am just coming off of a transit of Jupiter in Leo to my natal Pluto in the 11th house, so this has affected my urge to achieve and increased some areas of my business.   Jupiter will remain in my 11th house through October 2015, so I am not ruling out the need for networking and an increased emphasis on idealism.

I had a session with a client this week who has a stellium of planets in Virgo- Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and it was a pleasure to be able to tell him that things would be easing up for him in the next few month due to Jupiter’s beneficial influence. 

Jupiter and Mercury may be in Virgo, but the Leo party is by no means over.  Enjoy the summer energy of the Sun and Venus in Leo.  Venus will be in Leo until October 8th due to the retrograde. If you are curious as to how this extended Venus retrograde in Leo period will affect you, please consider getting an astrological reading with me.  A little insight is always a powerful tool.  Just ask for the Venus Retrograde Special, which will be $25 through the month of September 2015. Contact me directly at

I am also offering a Summer Solstice Special for only $25 at this link:

This special is literally being offered through the entire summer season and features a two question tarot telephone reading with a look at your astrological chart to see how the summer planetary action is affecting you.  This is a great little reading if you just have a couple of questions and are curious about your astrological chart, but are a little hesitant to committing to a full astrological reading.
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