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Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Blue Moon in Aquarius and Saturn Goes Direct

Change is in the air these days.  Last week we had the Sun and Mercury move into Leo, and Venus and Uranus stationed retrograde.  This week we have our second full moon of the month (hence the moniker Blue Moon) on July 31st in 8 degrees of Aquarius and Saturn stations direct in 28 degrees of Scorpio on August 2nd on the east coast.

A full moon in Aquarius is future-oriented, determined to let go of the past and open to new possibilities.   This theme is reinforced by Mercury in Leo trining Uranus in Aries.  Even though Uranus is retrograde, it is still seeking new concepts with that trine to Mercury.  This full moon can help us release stuck psychic energies. 

This full moon is conjunct my natal Mars in the 4th house, so I am eagerly anticipating a fresh blast of energy in this area of my life.  I work out of my home a great deal in addition to my one day a week giving Reiki treatments at a community clinic, and I sense that changes are in the offing.  For one thing, I desperately need to get a new computer, and that is pretty Uranian.  I am also switching cell phone carriers after 11 years because the erratic coverage is causing dropped calls and inability to answer some calls.  This is just not acceptable for a home based business.  A friend of mine wryly observed that it is a perfect phone for the 21st century because while it lets me text, email and have Internet access, I can't complete a conversation on it.  And for those of us old enough to remember when all that you could do with telephones was talk, it is a pretty sad commentary. The full moon is also squaring my natal Saturn in Scorpio, so it may also feel a little heavy.  The transfer process from one carrier to another was quite frustrating and I am sure that aspect played a role in that.  I need to remember that the key to utilizing this energy is the theme of constructive change.  After all, a full moon in Aquarius is all about new ideas and spiritual growth.

Saturn in late Scorpio factors heavily into this mix.  It is trining Mars in Cancer, which facilitates us in the transformation of feelings.  It is also encouraging us to take risks and helping us restructure our psyche.  Saturn has been retrograde since March 14th, so if you feel like a certain project or goal has been on hold or felt like the brakes were put on, you are not imagining things.  Saturn assuming direct motion gives us the green light to move forward with our goals.  If you’ve been itching to start a new business, this is your time to strike while the iron is hot. Saturn will move back into the sign of Sagittarius on September 17th, where it remains through December 2017 and it won’t return to Scorpio until 2041.  I know that many Scorpios, myself included, are breathing a collected sigh of relief over that!

Meanwhile, we are still dealing with Venus retrograde.  Venus stationed retrograde in 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th, but on July 31st on the day of the full moon, Venus re-enters Leo, where it will reside until October 8th.  The best way to utilize this period is to give yourself some space and reflect on your past if necessary, but don’t glorify it.  Venus retrograde is also an opportunity to acknowledge any codependent traits that we have in relationships and stop excusing others who don’t treat us respectfully.  It is definitely a time to cultivate a little self-love and possibly do some repair work on current relationships by reassessing and reevaluating.  I love working on my clients' astrological charts and realized this past week that while I am totally useless at reading regular maps, I have come to regard the astrological chart as a map of the soul.  That map is one that I can read and it offers a wealth of tools and resources to help navigate the roads in life.

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