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Friday, July 24, 2015

Hot Times in the Summer as Sun and Mercury Roar into Leo and Venus and Uranus Retrograde

It's officially fire season, folks as the Sun entered Leo on July  22nd and Mercury followed suit on July 23rd. On July 22nd I tweeted:

"Sun enters #Leo today and the emotional tone lightens up as humor, generosity and enjoying life take center stage."

The season of Leo is a time to have fun, laugh, spread the generosity, show off and claim attention.  Is it any wonder that Leo falls in the summer?  Mercury in Leo is much more expressive and outgoing in communications.  It's a fabulous time for creative self-promotion and we are much more inclined to speak from the heart.  It's a much lighter vibe and the key to embracing that fiery Leo energy is to operate from a place of humor and generosity. Of course, Leo also loves drama and it can get a little sticky if we become too stubborn with our opinions. And that is a clear and present danger because Leo is a fixed sign.

Venus will station retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th, but from August 1st until Venus stations direct on September 6th in 14 degrees of Leo, it will spend the majority of its retrograde period in Leo. Venus won't leave the sign of Leo until October 9th, so this is an extended transit for Venus, considering that it first entered the sign of Leo on June 5th.

But Venus retrograde is a different kind of energy, as I can personally attest to.  I was born with it in Scorpio, which is definitely not the easiest placement.  Venus retrograde is prime time to reassess our values, relationships and finances.  Venus in Leo can make it all pretty darned dramatic at times.  Don't be surprised if old lovers or acquaintances seem to start crawling out of the woodwork with Venus retrograde.  It can feel like a very karmic time, as Venus is literally stuck in the past.  If you meet anyone new during Venus retrograde, it may not last, but you may learn some very karmic lessons from that person.  It can definitely be a time of temptation, especially in the sign of Leo, which loves the finer things in life.  I wouldn't recommend getting married during a Venus retrograde, nor would I advise anyone to purchase luxury items or make any dramatic changes in their appearance.  Schedule that cosmetic surgery for another time. The cost may turn out to be greater than originally anticipated.  Venus retrograde does have its perks, however.  It is a good time to buy antiques or second hand items because you could wind up getting something that is worth more to you than the original owner.  And Venus retrograde can be an optimal time to engage that inner creativity.

I suspect that I will be facing my fair share of drama with this Venus retrograde as it conjuncts my Pluto in the 11th house and squares my Venus and Sun in Scorpio, both in the 2nd house.  Talk about reassessing finances, values and relationships!

Uranus stations retrograde in 20 degrees of Aries on July 26th and it remains retrograde until Christmas Day 2015 in 16 degrees of Aries.  Uranus in Aries is impatient, angry and inspires people to crave attention. When Uranus is retrograde, it prompts us to access our inner rebel, but the challenge is to find healthy outlets for anger and nervous energy.  This may prove to be easier said than done.  Exercise is a good tool for dealing with this combustible energy, as it may help to avert tension headaches.  It's also a good idea to be mindful of electrical matters with this transit, as fire could result.

Uranus retrograde is also very personal for me, as it is the other planet that I have retrograde in my natal chart.  So I am going to be accessing that inner rebel big time.  Uranus in Aries is currently transiting my 7th house, opposing my Libra ascendant and squaring my Cancer midheaven.  I have been feeling extremely restless for the past month, and I sense that major changes are imminent in my personal and professional life.

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