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Friday, January 8, 2016

Capricorn New Moon Derailed by Uranus and Pluto

We have our first new moon of 2016 in 19 degrees of Capricorn on January 9, 2016 but this will not be the typical go-getter, charge ahead Capricorn new moon.  In fact, it may feel downright stalled in terms of moving forward.  The reason for this is the interaction of this new moon in Capricorn between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  We may literally feel derailed by these two planets.

The notorious seven Uranus Pluto squares that were exact between 2012 and 2015 may be over, but their legacy continues as they remain within two degrees of each other through March 2016.  As I write this, Uranus is in 16 degrees of Aries and Pluto is in 15 degrees of Capricorn.  A major theme of the Uranus Pluto squares was transformation by dismantling the structure and patterns that no longer serve us.  The planetary action this past week leading up to this new moon triggered that Uranus Pluto energy and set the stage for more change to occur.

Technically, Uranus and Pluto are in a separating aspect because they are slowly moving away from each other and a separating aspect is not considered to be as strong as an applying aspect because they aren’t moving closer.  But we all know the old saying that breaking up is hard to do and this particular separating aspect has to do with the past, so it can powerfully affect the present and future.

The dramatic prelude began on January 5th when the Sun conjuncted Pluto and Mercury stationed retrograde in Aquarius.  On that day I tweeted:

“Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto today setting off #UranusPlutosquare aspect.  Themes of empowerment and ambition prevail.”

“#MercuryRetrograde officially starts today in Aquarius but back in Capricorn by weekend. Be prepared for delays in transit & communications.”

On January 7, 2016, the Sun in Capricorn squared Uranus in Aries.  This further triggered the Uranus Pluto square energy by bringing the potential for abrupt changes and feelings of rebelliousness.  And to further complicate the mix, Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo for the next four months.  On January 8th, Venus in Sagittarius conjuncted Saturn in Sagittarius, providing a major reality check in values.  Is it any wonder that we feel stuck and somewhat held back?

Traditionally, a new moon is considered to be an auspicious time for making new starts.  But this particular new moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries, triggering the tumultuous energy of the notorious Uranus Pluto squares.  We are also dealing with the complications of Mercury and Jupiter retrograde.  So this is not the best time to make a new start and we may feel as if our New Year’s resolutions have been cast aside. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter and the north node are all in earth signs, which tends to be slow moving energy.  This is not a fire energy infused time, to say the least.  The theme is more of a slow and steady approach to achieving our goals with lots of stops and starts along the way.

Jupiter is not all that comfortable in Virgo to begin with, and with it being retrograde for the next four months, it won’t make us particularly lucky, so we will have to work hard.  We need to cultivate the retrograde energy of Jupiter and Mercury by reevaluating our dreams and developing patience (GROAN—not my strong suit) to implement the changes we want to see in our lives.  On the plus side, Pluto and the new moon in Capricorn are trining Jupiter and the north node in Virgo, so we may just have some cosmic assistance in developing that faith and patience to see the bigger picture before we impulsively charge forward like the Fool tarot card.  Ironically, the Fool card is associated with Uranus, which pertains to abrupt changes.  I personally love the Celestial Tarot deck because of its rich astrological symbolism.

How is this new moon in Capricorn going to play out for me?  It happens in my fourth house and conjuncts my Chiron for starters.  It’s a good idea for me to release some burdens and negativity regarding family issues and wounds while contemplating setting some healthier traditions and getting grounded.  It’s a tall order to fulfill and I have my work cut out for me.  This new moon also directly opposes my Cancer midheaven, so I sense that there may be some frustrations regarding my career.  I need to be prepared for more delays with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde.  Although I am fortunate to have Jupiter trining my Chiron to assist in the healing process.   But this new moon is also squaring my Libra ascendant, so I may need to watch for any tendencies to get all judgmental with others.

The north node in Virgo has an underlying theme of service to others.  In that spirit of pursuing my path as a healer, I am channeling that north node and Jupiter in Virgo energy by offering my Reiki services. If you are in the Boston area, please consider getting a Reiki treatment at Acupuncture for Everyone in Copley Square to destress, revitalize and remove blockages to healing.  It’s a perfect way to start your weekend off.  Reiki is the most profound treatment for stress relief because it concentrates on CALMING your body. 

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