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Friday, May 13, 2016

Jupiter Moves Direct

Jupiter stationed direct at 13 degrees of Virgo on May 9, 2016 after being retrograde since January 7, 2016.  This can literally make us feel like the year 2016 is finally being launched as we have the opportunity to refine our goals. And it means that one less planet is retrograde.  Granted, we still have Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Mars retrograde which are intense enough in their own right.  But we do have Mercury stationing direct later this month, which should also lighten the mood.  I am dealing with both Mars and Saturn retrograde in my 2nd house, so my plate is pretty full and I am very grateful for Jupiter moving forward. On that day I tweeted:

“Optimism & good fortune return today as Jupiter stations direct after 4 months retrograde.  We can start to feel forward movement.”

I think that I was especially sensitive to this because I was born with Jupiter stationary direct and it is where I live astrologically.  But Jupiter in Virgo is not the happiest of campers because it is one of its two signs of detriment.  Jupiter is considered to be in detriment in the signs of Virgo and Gemini because they are ruled by Mercury.  And it is in fall in Capricorn because that is the opposite of Jupiter in Cancer, where it is exalted.

Jupiter is frequently referred to as the Great Benefic, but when Jupiter is in Virgo, it makes you work hard for your blessings.  The themes pertaining to Jupiter in Virgo include service to others, paying attention to details, being patient and having faith.  It doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, n’est pas?  I think that many of us are still lamenting the loss of Jupiter in Leo since August 2015, which encouraged us to embrace our creativity and child-like qualities.

Jupiter in Virgo is trining Pluto in 17 degrees of Capricorn, which has a tendency to set off the energies of the infamous Uranus/Pluto square aspect that dominated from 2012-2015. In other words, we cannot deny the need for radical change. It is also opposing Neptune in 11 degrees of Pisces and squaring Saturn in 14 degrees of Sagittarius.  Jupiter’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces demands that we find a practical way to implement our spirituality, which is no small feat. We need to be mindful of over-optimism, risk-taking, gambling and addiction as our spiritual growth is challenged. And Jupiter’s square to Saturn in Sagittarius indicates that we will definitely be tested as we seek to make progress in attaining our goals.  We have to work hard for our money with this Saturn aspect. But Jupiter in Virgo is also trining Venus in Taurus and that is very favorable for love and money.  So try to focus on that aspect, because we have two benefics working in harmony.

Jupiter in Virgo is also squaring my moon in Gemini in the 8th house.  This is playing out for me by trying to balance my enthusiasm for new ideas with caution and practicality.  A certain level of detachment is required, especially with a natal 8th house moon.  And I freely confess that detachment has been and continues to be one of the most difficult lessons that my soul is learning in this lifetime.

The north node in Virgo has an underlying theme of service to others.  In that spirit of pursuing my path as a healer, I am channeling that north node and Jupiter in Virgo energy by offering my Reiki services. If you are in the Boston area, please consider getting a Reiki treatment at Acupuncture for Everyone in Copley Square to destress, revitalize and remove blockages to healing.  It’s a perfect way to start your weekend off and can also be described as a spa for the soul to boot!   Reiki is the most profound treatment for stress relief because it concentrates on CALMING your body. 

For more information on my Reiki services, please see this page on my site:

For my clients who can’t fit Friday into their schedule for a treatment or have difficulty traveling, I have also recently begun doing distance Reiki sessions for them.  I have a conversation with them about what they hope to achieve from a session, we set up a time for the session to take place when they will be in a state to receive healing energy and I follow up with a telephone conversation to discuss their experience and my perception of their blockages.  I have also incorporated a new technique with my distance Reiki treatments since I don’t always have a photo of my client.  I use a teddy bear so that I can scan and focus the healing energy where it is needed.  Talk about regrouping and revising during a Mercury retrograde! If this appeals to you, please feel free to contact me by email at or call me at 617-304-2205.  Additionally, I see clients at my home in Newton, Massachusetts and am generally available on weekends and evenings for your convenience.

I have also recently become a member of the Fellowship of Massachusetts Energywork Practitioners.  It is a great resource for those seeking energyworkers.  Please feel free to check out this site at:

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If you are contemplating an astrological reading to obtain more insight into your life, especially with the recent eclipses in March and the season of retrogrades including Mars, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn, please consider getting an astrological reading. Or maybe you are just wondering how Jupiter’s direct motion will impact your life in terms of moving forward and experiencing growth. An astrological reading can provide valuable insight and tools.  If you are not quite ready for a full blown natal interpretation or a solar return forecast, I also offer one question astrological readings and composite couple readings that offer insight into the purpose of a relationship. And I offer shorter transit readings for three and six months. You can learn more about my menu of astrological services at:

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