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Friday, August 5, 2016

Mars and Venus Change Signs

Mars entered the sign of Sagittarius on August 2, 2016, the same day as the New Moon in Leo.  On that day I tweeted:

“Mars enters Sagittarius today renewing our energy & providing a green light to move forward with courage and inspiration.”

Mars was previously in Sagittarius from March 5 through May 27, 2016 but it moved back into Scorpio after a grueling Mars retrograde that featured themes of purging, clearing and healing. Fellow astrologer Lisa Zimmerman described its theme as Letting the Past Go and I wholeheartedly concur. Mars may be a co-ruler of Scorpio, but it has a very intense vibe in the sign of Scorpio, which is not a sign for lightweights, as astrologer Dietrech Pessin frequently says.  Mars was previously in Scorpio from January 4th through early March.  The Mars retrograde was a period of feeling stuck and now that Mars is direct in Sagittarius we can literally have a do-over for projects that got stalled last spring.

Mars in Sagittarius has a much happier, lighter, free-spirited and more optimistic vibe.  It is fun-loving, courageous and inspiring. lt is a very positive, auspicious omen that it reentered Sagittarius on the New Moon in Leo, which pertains to creativity and self-expression.  The first three weeks in August are prime time for taking some kind of action towards creating something new in our lives.  Why do I say the first three weeks in August?  Well, folks, that is because Mars in Sagittarius will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius on August 24th.  This conjunction is a difficult, challenging aspect that will feel like you are driving full speed with your foot on the brake.  In other words, we will definitely experience some form of discouragement and delay in forward movement.  So make hay while that Leo sun is still shining and Mars has a lighter, more carefree vibe.  By August 24th the sun will be in Leo and on August 30th Mercury will retrograde in Virgo.  Enough said. With Mercury retrograde until September 22nd, our best course of action is to tweak any changes that we implemented during the first three weeks in August.  At least Mercury in Virgo will provide a much needed analytical resource for that tweaking.

Venus has been in playful, fun-loving Leo since July 13, 2016, but on August 5th it enters the sign of Virgo, where it will reside until August 29th. I realize that many are dismayed by this placement, since Venus is considered to be in its fall in the sign of Virgo.  Venus in Virgo wants to serve and improve and it may demonstrate its love by criticizing.  Nagging is a sign that someone with Venus in Virgo cares, if that is any consolation. There might be an increased focus on physical flaws, but it can also be a time to develop a little self-love. Venus in Virgo can be an optimal time to focus on new health and exercise regimes. While Venus in Virgo is not as light-hearted as Venus in Leo, it still can be a very alluring Venus placement. Eleanor Roosevelt had Venus in Virgo emphasizing the theme of service, but Brigitte Bardot, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford and Catherine Zeta Jones also have Venus in Virgo. 

Mars is in a lighter sign in Sagittarius and Venus is getting more serious in Virgo.  On August 6, 2016 Mars and Venus will form a very challenging aspect by squaring each other. This could play out in some relationship difficulties accompanied by competitive feelings.  Or some lucky souls could experience passion and sparks flying with new encounters.  On August 15, 2016, Venus in Virgo will conjunct the north node in Virgo and this is a very good thing because it helps us align with our soul’s mission.  If you are single and meet someone new around August 15th, it could be a very profound, life-altering relationship.

Mars and Venus changing signs could prove to be major game changers for relationships.  If you are curious as to how this will affect your relationships, why not consider getting an astrological reading to obtain more insight?

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