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Friday, May 26, 2017

Mars and Saturn Facing Off Make it a Memorable Memorial Day

Monday, May 29, 2017 is Memorial Day, an American holiday where we honor our fallen soldiers and is also the unofficial start to the summer season.  But this year could prove to be quite memorable as Mars in 25 degrees of Gemini forms an exact opposition with retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius.

Challenging Mars/Saturn aspects are not easy, breezing flowing aspects by any stretch of the imagination.  These two planets are known as the malefic planets, with Saturn taking top billing as the greater malefic.  Malefics are generally reputed to be unsupportive and at times destructive. I am a true veteran on this score as the proud owner of Mars in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio. Indeed, having a Mars/Saturn square or opposition can at times make you feel like you are your own worst enemy and the war being waged is more of an internal one precipitated by external circumstances beyond our control.

What can we expect during this Mars/Saturn opposition?  The major themes of Mars and Saturn misbehaving are frustration, obstacles and delays. Saturn loves to test us by presenting us with delays and obstacles in our path.  And Mars is all about how we express our anger and passion.  We may find it difficult to express our anger or conversely, we may wind up projecting our frustration and irritability on others.  I have been feeling quite irritable myself since the new moon in Gemini on May 24th and I have been hearing similar tales from friends and clients.  We may also have the experience of feeling misunderstood.
If we suppress our anger during the effects of this aspect (which should only last a couple of days, fortunately), we might find our physical health taking a hit.  The best ways to deal with this bottleneck of frustration are to exercise and try to call on our reserves of self-discipline and patience.  Discipline and self-patience may be in short supply or literally feel like they are missing in action under the auspices of this brief transit.  If we do wind up exploding, maybe this is the time to consider to bring on the anger management therapy or classes.  The silver lining with this aspect is that the players are in mutable signs, not fixed signs, so the damages should be minimal or blow over quickly.

The new moon in 5 degrees of Gemini on May 25th did not aspect any other planets, but we did have one doozy of an aspect on that day that may have provided a buildup to the Mars/Saturn aspect. Venus in 17 degrees of Aries squared Pluto in 19 degrees of Capricorn.  On that day I tweeted:

Once again, I am a veteran of yet another challenging aspect.  My natal retrograde Venus in Scorpio squares my Pluto in Leo.  Obsession and compulsion rule with this aspect and we are not above engaging in manipulative tactics to get what we want in relationships or financial matters. Intensity prevails with this aspect and there is a tendency to experience confusion regarding love and power.  There is also a tremendous difficulty in letting go of relationships that are toxic, especially if this aspect occurs in fixed signs.  But a Venus Pluto square in cardinal signs may have made some of us eager to initiate change.

Not all is gloom and doom in the astrological world, though.  On Sunday, May 28, 2017, we have a delightful sextile between Mercury in 12 degrees of Taurus and Neptune in 14 degrees of Pisces. This aspect will promote inspiration and we can have more faith in whatever psychic impressions we receive being on the mark.  Enjoy this one!

The moon in Cancer on Memorial Day will be stirring up its own brand of trouble, though. Prior to the Mars/Saturn opposition, the Cancer moon will be inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius.  Once again, the themes of my chart are being activated as I have this aspect natally, only with a Gemini moon and Saturn in Scorpio. With this aspect, we may be feeling somewhat insecure about what responsibilities we can handle.  And a Cancer moon has a way of making us feel vulnerable and defensive.  That Cancer moon also squares Uranus in 26 degrees of Aries on Memorial Day, so there could be some unexpected emotional events stirring the pot. But that Cancer moon has the power to redeem itself on Memorial Day when it trines Chiron in 28 degrees of Pisces, opening the floodgates for healing to occur.
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Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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