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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: A Time for Second Chances

Here we go again.  Last week it was Mars in Libra and now we have Venus in Capricorn retrograde.  This is in addition to this week’s full moon and Uranus going direct on December 17th.  With both of these planets being retrograde, especially with Mars in the partnership sign of Libra, of course this will be about relationships, but with Venus in the business sign of Capricorn it will entail taking love seriously like a business proposition.  Ironically, Venus was all set to go into the sign of Aquarius when it stationed retrograde at 29 degrees of Capricorn on December 21st.  So there will be no Venus in Aquarius until March 5th.  Am I as worried about Venus retrograde as I tend to be about Mars, Saturn or Mercury retrograde?  Surprisingly, no.  Why—well, as the old Maybelline slogan went, “Maybe she was born with it.” Yes, folks, I was born with Venus retrograde, so it is not a huge stretch out of my comfort zone.   My Venus retrograde is not in Capricorn, but in the detrimental sign of Scorpio. 

What does Venus retrograde feel like?  Well, I can tell you from personal experience that Venus retrograde internalizes hurts and experiences difficulty in finding fulfillment in relationships.  Generally it feels like there is a lack of love in life.  If you have Venus retrograde natally, you tend to have difficulty expressing love due to an inherent reserve, reticence and shyness.  You can literally feel unloved, unappreciated and disappointed if you are in a committed relationship.  Venus retrograde also has a tendency to delay marriage or the development of relationships.  Venus retrograde is literally a “late bloomer” in the relationship department of life.

Past relationships will figure prominently in this transit; don’t be surprised if ex-lovers show up during this Venus retrograde, but when Venus goes direct you may also remember why you broke up with them in the first place! This Venus retrograde transit will force us to face our past and either let it go or claim it once and for all.  It can be about second chances to commit to love.  But the trick is not to expect instant progress.  This can be an excellent time to learn whom you can really trust.  It can also be a good time to determine what you can tolerate in a relationship and understand the differences between you and your partner. Whatever you do, don’t get engaged or married during Venus retrograde because you will probably see the relationship in a completely different light when Venus goes direct.  It’s probably not a good idea to break up with anyone either, because you may be setting the stage for an on-again, off again type of relationship.  Things will be much clearer when Venus goes direct and when it enters the sign of Aquarius there will be an enhanced sense of perception and detachment.

Venus retrograde is also about revising approaches to financial matters.  Venus rules finances and values, so it is not a good time to purchase luxury items.  I don’t think that retailers want to hear that with Christmas approaching.  There could be more returns than usual this year.  Ironically, it is a good time to purchase antiques and second hand goods, so feel free to hit the antique shops and auctions.

As for me, I have some pretty interesting transits coming up with this Venus retrograde. Venus will be conjuncting my natal Chiron.  I am viewing it as an opportunity to release some blockages from old wounds and unresolved issues and trust in the healing process.  I can reprioritize my spiritual values and let the creative juices flow. Venus will also be opposing my natal Uranus, which could bring sudden changes in agreement and erratic actions on the part of others.  If I am craving excitement, I probably won’t be bored with this transit.  And since I have a natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, Venus will also be opposing Jupiter, so I am definitely going to be in the mood for pleasure.  I just have to be careful not to overindulge and go easy on the after-Christmas sales.

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Merry Christmas!

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