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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jolly Jupiter and the Holidays

Jupiter may have turned retrograde at 20 degrees of Cancer on November 7, 2013, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t living up to its full potential in terms of expansion and growth. In fact, Jupiter retrograde is a great time to review issues around expansion and abundance, as well as your values.  Reconsideration, reflection and finishing what has been left undone are the most productive ways to harness the period of Jupiter retrograde.  Life tends to slow down somewhat to give us perspective.

I like to think of Jupiter as Santa Claus, because it loves to indulge and expand. Many astrologers refer to Jupiter as the “Great Benefic.”  I also have Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, which is said to be exalted.  A few months ago I noticed that I was born when Jupiter was stationary retrograde—it was just getting ready to go retrograde.  So I can only presume that Jupiter’s retrograde period, which lasts until March 6, 2014 when Jupiter goes direct at 10 degrees of Cancer, will be an important time for me.  It will be revisiting my 9th house and conjuncting my south node again, so undoubtedly I will be involved in more reassessment to let go of some part of my past that is preventing me from moving forward.

Jupiter may not have been perfectly aligned with Mars on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day for the dawning of a new age, but it was opposing Venus in Capricorn and that certainly lent to the merriment and celebratory atmosphere around the holiday table.  When Jupiter and Venus get together, they like to party and have a good time.  Oppositions are usually interpreted as tough aspects, but with these two planets they just want to have fun and it doesn’t matter how they are aligned. Sometimes that can be too much of a good thing, though.  How many people overindulged on Thanksgiving?  A Jupiter/Venus opposition on Thanksgiving practically gives people carte blanche to do so.  Wine flows freely at the table and people tend to have extra helpings of all that delicious food. Jupiter in Cancer was also trining Mercury in Scorpio (which just left its shadow retrograde period on November 27th, clearing the decks for communication to move forward), so there was also plenty of talk going on. 

But the moon in Libra on Thanksgiving was squaring both Jupiter and Venus, which only served to reinforce the theme of overindulgence that might have led to less satisfaction.  Jupiter tends to want more, but perhaps the trick to flowing with Jupiter retrograde is to seek out what is real as opposed to just seeking out more in an effort to overcompensate for feelings of lack.  After all, the sun is always in Sagittarius during Thanksgiving, and Sagittarius seeks the truth.  But not only were we celebrating Thanksgiving on November 28th, many people were also celebrating Hanukkah. It came to be known as Thanksgivuka.  So Jupiter was really working overtime that day.  Hanukkah and Thanksgiving have not occurred on the same day for 125 years and it will be another 70,000 years before it happens again.  I hope everyone who partook of the joint celebration enjoyed it.

In the meantime, I am getting in the holiday spirit myself and taking full advantage of transiting Jupiter trining my sun and playing Santa Claus.  I am offering a 20% discount on all of my services during the month of December.  Transiting Mercury is also conjunct my Venus now, so I am taking the opportunity to extend this offer of my astrological knowledge with you during this holiday season.  An astrological reading is a thoughtful, unique gift and the insight it imparts can keep giving throughout the coming year.   Please review my Services Offered page and go to this link to learn more about this special offer. 

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