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Friday, December 6, 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius

We had a new moon in 11 degrees of Sagittarius on Monday, December 2nd and I had been eagerly anticipating it.  Sagittarius is well-known for its qualities of optimism, honesty, sense of humor and search for knowledge and wisdom.  I was looking forward to seeing the bigger picture after weeks of all that heavy Scorpio energy, courtesy of the north node of the moon, Saturn, and Mercury in Scorpio.  And let’s not forget that solar eclipse on November 3rd.    I was also hoping that it would amplify my sense of humor. 

But the day just did not pan out that way.  It simply was not a feel-good day for me.   I discovered that I needed a new prescription for my eyeglasses at my routine eye exam, which was an unanticipated expense.  I had sensed the possibility of that because it has been getting more difficult to read but obviously on some level I was in denial.   Thank you, moon square Neptune!  The result was that I needed a stronger reading prescription. And I was told that I still had to come back in six months to monitor my risk for glaucoma.   In order to see the bigger picture, I would need to shell out more money.  I failed to see the humor in that one.  OK, I have to admit that this new moon was in my 2nd house opposing my natal moon in the 8th house of shared resources.  It appeared that the only thing being expanded was my expenses, not my income! I was definitely feeling the effects of that new moon squaring Mars in Virgo by being upset about finances.  The fact that this new moon also squared both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces triggered my victim mode even more by opening up old wounds and insecurities regarding my health and finances.

The next day I received an email that I would need to attend a hearing to resolve a financial legal matter that I had been dealing with privately for the past three months.  It was scheduled for December 19th, which would be two days after the full moon in Gemini in my 9th house.  As an astrologer, I should have been better prepared for the anything can happen energy of a Sagittarius new moon.  But more importantly, I was nearing a resolution in a matter pertaining to my finances and that was the purpose of this new moon’s influence on my chart. Ironically, I had to reschedule a doctor’s appointment for my annual physical that conflicted with the hearing.

But I did have a couple of a-ha moments.  Michael Lutin made me laugh again when I read his site on December 5th urging us to stay in the light of the new moon in Sag and resist the urge to fall into deep pessimism, which is pretty much my natural state of mind as a Scorpio.  I swear that my moon in Gemini keeps me laughing and alive during the worst of times. His site even featured a photo of Gene Kelly from the movie Singin’ in the Rain.  As Michael so aptly stated, in true Sagittarian fashion, you can remain focused, face the music, and still dance in the rain.

I also started thinking about the concept of planets in mutual reception.  While Saturn and Pluto are not known for being astrological “lightweights” (structure and transformation) , they are considered to be in “mutual reception” these days because Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, where Pluto will be residing until 2023 and Pluto rules Scorpio, where Saturn will be for roughly another year before it enters Sagittarius on Christmas Eve of 2014.  Basically, mutual reception means that the two planets that are in each other’s signs of rulership will have their energies strengthened and provide assistance to each other.  

I thought back to my first Saturn Return when Pluto was in Libra and that was not the case.  While I cannot honestly say that I enjoyed my second Saturn Return this past year, I will confess that my first Saturn Return was far more difficult.  Until my early 50’s, I referred to my first Saturn Return as the worst year of my adult life.  So I realized that this week’s new moon in Sagittarius was in mutual reception with Jupiter in Cancer.  The moon rules Cancer and Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it looks like hope can spring eternal! And Saturn in Scorpio is trining Jupiter in Cancer, which is a good thing because restriction and expansion don’t play well together if they are making harsh aspects. It’s like having the icing on the cake with Saturn trining Jupiter and Saturn in mutual reception with Pluto.  I didn’t miss out on that optimistic Sagittarian new moon energy after all.

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