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Friday, January 31, 2014

Enlightenment: Super New Moon and Venus In Capricorn Direct

This has been a banner week astrologically.  On Thursday, January 30th, we had a new moon in 11 degrees of Aquarius.  This was no ordinary new moon—it has been hyped as a “Super New Moon” because it is the second new moon in the month of January and is also referred to as a Black Moon. Super new moons occur when the moon is closer to earth in its orbit than usual.  The first new moon of the year occurred on January 1st in 11 degrees of Capricorn.  We won’t see two super new moons again until 2018. And we won’t have a new moon at all in the month of February.

I have to confess that this new moon gave me quite a jolt, conjuncting my Mars in Aquarius in the 4th house.  On the 29th of January, the sun in Aquarius was also sextiling Uranus, encouraging us to do something different. That played out for me when I woke up from a dream in which my apartment was being cleared out.  Obviously I am preparing for a new cycle.  Nothing like having a new moon on your Mars to energize you! This new moon had the potential to bring light into our lives after a heavy sojourn through the month of January.  Enlightenment is in sight and yes, there can indeed be light at the end of the tunnel.  Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is helping us to think outside of the box.  Uranus sextiled that new moon, facilitating the process of letting go and trying something new.  I actually spent more time on Twitter these past few days connecting with other astrologers and enjoying it immensely.  I’ve learned quite a lot. Who knew that such a shy, reserved, techno-phobe could have a positive experience with social media?   I have resisted social media for years, fearing it would rob me of my privacy, yet somehow I finally took the plunge.

This new moon in Aquarius also squared the nodes of the moon by manifesting situations that test our emotional and physical reactions regarding our need for emotional freedom and space.  I loved what astrologer Molly Hall said about this new moon in Aquarius—let go of the negative influences on your mind!  It is time to connect with like minds and free up space and energy.

Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn since December 21, 2013.  It began in 28 degrees and completes its retrograde cycle at 13 degrees of Capricorn when it resumes direct motion on January 31, 2014.  What were the themes of this Venus retrograde transit?  Venus in Capricorn emphasized a more mature approach to relationships by taking them more seriously.  It also afforded us the opportunity to delete negative beliefs and low self-esteem.  Venus retrograde in Capricorn conjuncted my natal Chiron in the 4th house, so this was a very personal, poignant transit for me.  But with Venus moving forward on January 31st, we can reclaim our self-confidence, authority and integrity.  We will have more power, but we need to be careful what we say to others. 

On January 31st, Venus will also be conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer.  The best way to handle this transit is to guard against being too greedy (Jupiter does like to expand), don’t grab too hard and practice some form of detachment.  The Jupiter Pluto opposition is the second hit of this transit.  The first one occurred on August 7, 2013 and the third will happen on April 20, 2014.  Jupiter is optimistic and Pluto is a brutal realist.  The themes of this transit are tearing down old structures represented by Pluto in Capricorn and awareness of feeling vulnerable in the midst of major change, represented by Jupiter in Cancer.  The August transit introduced doubt, the current one confirms the facts and the April transit will make the truth irrefutable. I was preparing to leave my job back in August to launch a new career as an astrologer, so this resonates for me.  Pam Younghans in her NorthPoint Astrology Journal stated that the Pluto-Jupiter opposition represents a struggle and “the impasse we can feel when we must choose between extremes.  And yet, the solution to oppositions is said to be finding a place of balance in the middle, that incorporates the best of both alternatives and finds a third way forward.”   Sage advice!  Check her out at:

Mercury swims into the sign of Pisces on January 31st and trines the north node in Scorpio.  This helps to reinforce the intentions of the new moon by facilitating our process for turning inwards for guidance.    But don’t get too comfortable with Mercury in Pisces quite yet, because it turns retrograde on February 6th and moves back into Aquarius on February 12th.

While I confess that I don’t know much about Chinese astrology, I am psyched that the Chinese New Year begins on January 31st and it is the Year of the Wood Horse. I was born during the last year of the Wood Horse, so I am feeling more optimistic.  Perhaps it is no accident that it also coincides with my Jupiter Return.

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