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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Super New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn

The new year of 2014 began with a bang. On January 1, 2014 there was a new moon in 10 degrees and 57 minutes of Capricorn.  In addition to being conjunct the sun, it was also conjunct Pluto. It was extremely potent because this particular new moon in Capricorn was so close to the earth.  The themes of this new moon were letting go, paving the way for rebirth, realignment with integrity and planting seeds for the year ahead.  Mercury is also in the sign of Capricorn.

I think that many of us felt this intense energy as early as December 29th when Mars in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn.  I liked what Michael Lutin had to say about Pluto always devastating in the beginning by coming up from the depths and laying waste to a reality that was getting old and plowing it under so that new growth can spring up.  With Mars in the relationship sign of Libra, where it is most uncomfortable, there were lots of fights and hopefully interactions in deep, profound ways.  The most constructive use of this energy was to have successful fights that led to creative resolution.  In essence, we were breaking old patterns, rebelling against parts of ourselves that were stuck and trying to reform ourselves.  For many of us, it was probably tough to not give in to irrational anger in relationships.  This extended transit of Mars in Libra can bring disruptive change and release of energy by getting everything out in the open. 

Venus is still retrograde in Capricorn and this challenges us to be responsible to those we love while being true to the emerging self.  Venus retrograde stirs up old issues for review in love relationships and shakes things up.  Letting go and transforming are part of the healing process so that we can release destructive attitudes and see the best in others by applying new insight to these old issues.

So on January 1, 2014 our super new moon and the sun were conjunct in Pluto in 11 degrees of Capricorn.  The best way to channel this intense energy is to demonstrate persistence and positive thinking that pays off.  I know that the expression New Year’s Resolutions sounds cliché, but this is one year that it may really be worthwhile to set some goals by planting the seeds of what you want to happen in 2014.  You may not see the fruits of those seeds until April or May, but it is important to set things in motion. It is also important to remember that Pluto is the Phoenix and that transformation can involve fighting to go forward not backwards.  Power struggles, manipulation and ruthlessness are key issues.  Pluto deals with elimination, so it is crucial to deal with your stuff.  Holding back is destructive and holds you back; you need to be like the Phoenix and jump into the fire of rebirth.

I have felt this super new moon in Capricorn very personally.  I had the sun, moon, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn conjunct my north node in the third house.  Is it any wonder that I can’t stop talking about it?  This new moon in Capricorn is about labor and pain can definitely be involved—as in the phrase “labor pains.” I experienced this new moon as somewhat energizing, yet I was emotionally sensitive and contemplative of what I needed to do to continue reaching out of my comfort zone to challenge myself by tackling things that once terrified me.  In January of 2013 I never thought I would be writing a blog, yet here I am. For instance, a friend recently suggested that I use YouTube videos to promote my business.  This is not something I ever would have considered in the past, but it may very well be something to implement in 2014. I am not instantly rejecting that idea.  And I am also trying to expand my business by offering Reiki sessions to local health clubs, spas and salons in 2014.  Yes, all of these concepts are somewhat scary and uncomfortable, but I do feel that this year is meant to be a continuation in my journey to my soul’s purpose.  This super new moon in Capricorn conjunct my north node in the third house has made me very aware that I need to remain open to new means of communicating.   I am an intuitive astrologer and healer and adopting unconventional means of communicating these gifts to the world cannot be ruled out if I am to experience the growth potential of my north node.

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