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Friday, January 24, 2014

Aquarian Space

The Sun entered the sign of Aquarius on January 19th at 10:51 p.m. and I sensed a definite change in the cosmic energy field.  The sign of Aquarius is renowned for being inventive, original, progressive, rebellious, aloof, independent and stubborn.  It is, after all, the fixed air sign.  New ideas and information are being circulated with the Sun in Aquarius. Social conscience, humanitarianism, and eccentricity are also associated with Aquarius.  Aquarians are known for their genius, uncanny ability to detach and their need for a lot of space.  This is a very different vibe from all of that intense Capricorn energy of the past few weeks.

But the Sun is not comfortable in the sign of Aquarius.  It is actually in detriment because it is dignified in the sign of Leo, which it rules.   When a planet is in a sign of detriment it has difficulty operating positively.  I have Venus in Scorpio, which is in detriment, so I know all too well how that one feels.  On the bright side, having a planet in detriment is slightly better than having it in fall.  A planet in fall is considered to be debilitated.  The Sun is considered to be in fall in Libra because it is exalted in Aries, its opposite sign.  Let’s face it, the Sun in Leo exudes the life force and the ego of the self plays prominently.  The Sun in Aquarius actually subjugates the ego and puts more of a focus on detachment.  Feelings of isolation can occur and difficulties relating in interpersonal relationships abound.   Perhaps that is why Aquarians tend to shine in group endeavors.

Winter is in full force when the sun is in Aquarius.  Who can argue that the cold and inclement weather don’t contribute to feelings of isolation?  Let’s face it, the holidays are over and the bills are coming due.  It’s time to face our fears, surrender and deal with our challenges.

This is not to be construed as negative energy.  On Tuesday, January 21st, the sun in 0 degrees of Aquarius was trining the moon in 0 degrees of Libra.  This was a delightful, high energy day replete with contacts from friends and very pleasant energy.  I even managed to enjoy a visit to a new dentist.  It always helps to hear that you are a new patient with no major problems!

On January 23rd, the moon entered the sign of Scorpio and that ramped up the intensity emotionally.  But it trined Neptune in Pisces, which lent a spiritual note and boosted intuition.    On January 24th, Mercury in Aquarius trines Mars in Libra, which will support us to take risks and communicate.  But on January 25th, Mercury in Aquarius will be squaring off with Saturn in Scorpio, so we can expect the universe to be testing us.

The fly in the ointment with this Aquarius energy is Mercury.  Although it technically doesn’t resume retrograde motion  until February 6th in 3 degrees of Pisces, it did enter the shadow of Mercury retrograde on January 23rd at 18 degrees of Aquarius.  I learned about the shadow of Mercury retrograde last year and made a few life-changing decisions based on that.  Trust me, there is merit to the shadow theory.  I am eternally grateful to astrologer Jessica Adams for reminding me of that this week.  Check her out at:

In keeping with the tone of the Aquarius energy, I took a big leap of faith this week and conquered one of my biggest fears—social media.  I knew that Mercury retrograde was fast approaching, so on January 22nd, I opened a Twitter account for Dance of the Phoenix.  I certainly didn’t want my social media debut to occur during Mercury retrograde, or even the shadow.  You can follow me at

Mercury will resume direct motion in 18 degrees of Aquarius on February 28th but then it will enter its post-shadow period.  Mercury will emerge from it post-shadow period on March 20th in 2 degrees of Pisces.  So if you hear astrologers predicting that there will be delays and changes until mid-March, blame it on the Mercury retrograde shadow.

Transiting retrograde Jupiter in 12 degrees of Cancer will be opposing the Venus (also retrograde until January 31st) Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 26th.  This aspect will definitely put the focus on relationships.  Growth and expansion may come as a result of a power struggle.  This should be an interesting weekend!

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