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Friday, September 26, 2014

Planetary Moveable Feast

The planetary activity recently has been a literal moveable feast. Pluto stationed direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn at 8:36 p.m. on September 22nd after five months of retrograde motion. What does this mean for us? Well, for starters, Pluto represents upheaval, major endings and new beginnings. Deep transformation and empowerment are possible if we are prepared to let go. As astrologer Pam Younghans so eloquently stated, we need to be aware of negative emotions like fear, suspicion, shame and guilt because Pluto will undoubtedly bring these emotions into our consciousness.

Pluto stationing direct on September 22nd inspired me on that day to tweet:

"Pluto stationing direct today can be somewhat uncomfortable as we feel trapped between the past and the present."

Pluto has been conjuncting my north node in the third house for what seems like an eternity because I have been giving it a wide berth in terms of allowing an orb of up to six degrees. That just feels right to me in terms of the literal compulsion I am experiencing regarding my desire to communicate my astrological insights via this blog, Twitter and also in my efforts to land a monthly astrological column in a magazine.

We also had a New Moon in Libra on September 24th. It ushered in a new period for achieving balance in relationships and received a favorable aspect from Mars as well. On that day I tweeted:

"New moon in Libra today gets a nice relationship boost from moon's sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Don't be afraid to go for it!"

The influence of that Libra new moon spilled into the next day when it sextiled the much heralded Jupiter in Leo/Uranus in Aries trine. It was a good day to engage in communication to spread that expansive energy, and we all know how social Libra is. This aspect has been building for some time, but it was exact on September 25th and I have no doubt its influence will be felt for at least a couple of weeks.

Personally, the Jupiter/Uranus trine is sextiling my moon in Gemini through mid-October, which should enhance my sense of humor and desire to derive more pleasure in life. Jupiter in Leo is also opposing my natal Mars in Aquarius, and this has a tendency to make me more anxious than usual and spin my wheels a bit too much in terms of my goals and projects that I would like to launch. Oh well, Jupiter is known for its over exuberance at times!

Of course, with transiting Jupiter opposing my natal Mars, my natural impatience is raging. I am deeply indebted to fellow astrologer Kristin Fontana's sage insights in her weekly Scorpio forecast. She reminded me that if we don't get the breakthrough promised by the Jupiter/Uranus trine in the next couple of weeks, we have two more chances in early March and June 2015 due to Jupiter's retrograde motion. Who said retrograde planets are all bad? Frankly, my experience has always been that some of us (myself at the top of this list) are too dense to derive the full benefit of an important transit on the first hit and require two more hits to fully absorb it. So retrogrades do serve a purpose!

On September 27th, Mercury moves into deep, delving Scorpio before it retrogrades on October 4th and slides back into Libra on October 11th.  Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees of Libra, right on my ascendant, on October 25th.  This should be an interesting month, to say the least!

The piece de resistance of this planetary moveable feast occurs on September 29th when Venus moves into the sign of Libra. Venus has been residing in Virgo since September 5th, and I am definitely happy about Venus moving into Libra, which it rules and is much more user-friendly. Venus is considered to be in its "fall" in the sign of Virgo and the most tactful way to interpret that is to say that it's at its weakest manifestation of the planet's energy. My natal Venus is in Scorpio, which is considered to be in detriment (as is Venus in Aries), which is not exactly an easy placement either. Many of us may have spent the better part of September criticizing and analyzing in relationships with Venus in Virgo.

Venus in Libra should bring us some relief by placing the emphasis on elevating the concept of ideals, inner and outer beauty, creativity and the arts. Socializing should be on the upswing and the trend should be shifting towards establishing harmony, kindness, shared pleasures and mutual respect in relationships. Who can find fault with that?

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