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Friday, October 17, 2014

Libra Lovefest: Prelude to Scorpio Solar Eclipse

This past week has been a relatively calm one, a sort of reprieve between the lunar eclipse in Aries on October 8th and the upcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 23rd. Astrologer Kristin Fontana has astutely described this period between eclipses as "bookends of energy." This can be attributed to the fact that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the north node of the moon are all in the sign of Libra. And Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo are playing nicely in the cosmic sandbox by forming harmonious sextiles with them. The bottom line with this loaded planetary Libra lineup is that this period between eclipses is a time of reassessment. It is no accident that Venus will enter the sign of Scorpio on October 23rd, the same day when the Sun and the Moon enter Scorpio for the solar eclipse.

OK, we have experienced a few blips on the horizon this week. On October 14th, we had the moon in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Many of us have felt the pangs of uneasiness and anxiety that the infamous Pluto Uranus is renowned for. Those aspects definitely created a conflict between the past and the future. On that day I posted these two tweets:

"Cancer moon trining Neptune in Pisces triggered sentimental dreams of past with feeling of being invisible."

"Venus in Libra sextiling Jupiter in Leo today lends an expansive joyous tone to the day. Enjoy the arts and shopping."

The Libra Sun and Mars in Sagittarius were also making nice on October 15th, prompting me to tweet:

"Libra Sun sextiling Mars in Sagittarius today promotes acting on desires."

And on October 16th, the Sun in Libra conjuncted Mercury in Libra, inspiring me to tweet:

“Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra today bodes well for relationship communication.”

That particular aspect on the 16th conjuncted my Neptune in the 1st house and I did something that I had been afraid to do for awhile, but I knew on a spiritual level that I had to do.  I called a Reiki client that I hadn’t seen in some time because I feared his liver cancer had worsened.  His wife answered the phone and she informed me that he had died in August.  I was devastated because I had been so touched by his positive attitude and great spirit.  I expressed my condolences to her as best I could and she told me how grateful she was that my Reiki treatments had eliminated his back pain during the end of life and that his acupuncture treatments at the clinic had also been a godsend when traditional medicine had runs its course in alleviating his pain.

The themes of healing, letting go and clearing the air in relationships are rampant. These themes will be even more pronounced on October 17th when Mercury conjuncts Venus in 21 degrees Libra. This will be a time to address unfinished business, unfairness and inequalities in relationships. I sense that this will be hitting me big time because this aspect conjuncts my natal Juno Neptune conjunction in Libra in my 1st house. I have been experiencing a lot of dreams which feature the theme of victimhood and it is high time to let that one go. Recently I have become increasingly aware of some major unfairness in my personal life and the time of reckoning with these issues is fast approaching.

On Oct 20th Venus in Libra will be sextiling Mars in Sagittarius in 25 degrees of their respective signs and Saturn will be in 23 degrees of Scorpio conjunct my natal Venus. I sense this day will be a major reality check for me because Venus will be hitting my Neptune Juno conjunction. Saturn Venus aspects aren't exact known for their joviality and frivolity either. That is more of a Venus Jupiter theme. Saturn in Scorpio is much more likely to manifest in terms of delays, frustrations and miscommunications. And Mercury is still retrograde in Libra, further emphasizing the relationship theme. But next week's solar eclipse is exactly conjunct my Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st house, so this should be very interesting...

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Libra serves to make the unconscious conscious by triggering feelings associated with being a victim and imbalance in relationships through giving too much. Relationships will undergo profound changes and transformation this month as a result of these eclipses because more will be revealed.

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