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Friday, October 31, 2014

Neptune in Pisces Trining Venus and Sun in Scorpio- A Watery Bridge to a New World

The legacy of last week's powerful solar eclipse in Scorpio is to usher us into a new world. Many of us share astrologer Molly Hall's sentiments that somehow we will all be changed forever. But how do we get there? Neptune in Pisces has provided us with a watery bridge to enter the healing door of unconditional love and spiritual support through its alignments with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio earlier this week. Venus remains in Scorpio until November 16th, so be prepared for it to awaken sleeping passions and dark themes by forcing us to dive into the murky depths of our emotions and allowing our souls to become more open and vulnerable.

On October 27th Venus in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces, inspiring me to tweet that it could bring a more spiritual tone to indulge in love and creativity. The following day the Sun in 4 degrees of Scorpio trined Neptune in Pisces, which prompted me to tweet:

"Scorpio Sun Trining Neptune in Pisces today is very conducive to spiritual passions but there may be some deceptions involved."

The Scorpio Sun definitely has the power to help us emerge stronger than ever from this eclipse and Neptune in Pisces is renowned for its spirituality. But Neptune also has the reputation for throwing up smokescreens and is associated with the whole fog and mirrors persona.

I am really susceptible to all of this watery energy for many reasons. First of all, last week's solar eclipse exactly conjuncted my natal Mercury in the first house. I experienced a particularly grueling Mercury retrograde culminating with my Twitter account being hacked on October 24th, the day after the eclipse. While I realize that Mercury officially turned direct on October 25th, I will not rest easy or make any major decisions or electronic purchases until November 10th, when Mercury is finally out of its shadow. I also have my natal Sun and Venus in Scorpio. So, yes, I felt these Scorpio trines from the Sun and Venus to Neptune in Pisces quite intensely because my natal Mercury was in the line of fire.

On Wednesday, October 29th I attended my weekly meditation group and found myself in a very deep state of meditation that was unusually difficult to emerge from. I literally described it afterwards as feeling as if I had been between two worlds. At one point in my meditation I sensed that one particular situation in my life could have two very different outcomes. Perhaps one of those outcomes represented the type of choice I would make in my old, pre-eclipse world and the other outcome symbolized the choice I could make in a new post-eclipse world that offered me the opportunity to cross that bridge of healing by letting myself be more emotionally open and vulnerable. That is no easy feat for a hard core, defensive Scorpio, let me tell you! But I'd like to believe it's worth the effort.

I know that I am not alone in sensing this shift in energy. One of my Reiki clients this week told me that her family seemed to be undergoing many changes and felt like they were in transition. I concurred with her that most of us felt that way these days. We have had two major eclipses this month and are still under the influence of the ongoing Uranus Pluto square. The sixth of the seven exact squares is approaching on December 15th in 13 degrees of Aries and Capricorn. Mark that date!

The moon in Aquarius will be sextiling Uranus in Aries, trining Mercury in Libra and opposing Jupiter in Leo on October 31st, so let's hope that that Halloween is more treat than trick this year. We may be inclined to overindulge in the candy with Jupiter involved, but Neptune isn't running any major interference. Happy Halloween, everyone!

If you are feeling confused during these challenging times and curious as to how you can facilitate the process of transformation and healing for yourself during the Season of Scorpio, please consider getting an astrological reading to obtain more insight and assistance. I have also added a one question astrology reading to my list of services for $40 that is an even more intuitive approach based on your natal and progressed charts with transits to both.

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