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Friday, October 2, 2015

Eclipse Aftermath and Mercury Retrograde

The lunar eclipse of September 27, 2015 was a beautiful sight to behold if you observed it and while I count myself fortunate to have seen it, its aftermath and repercussions have been lingering this past week.  It was reputed to pack a strong emotional wallop, but for many people, the emotional undercurrent didn’t really hit until the following days.  The bottom line with this eclipse was that repressing emotions was not an option.  The eclipse opposed the south node of the moon and simultaneously conjuncted the north node, which facilitated the resolution of old karmic issues.  Astrologer Kristin Fontana described it as a fallout period where we will be putting certain pieces back together again so that our lives will be put in motion in a way that reflects the events of the past two weeks.  She certainly nailed it with this description!

Mars in Virgo formed an exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius on September 25th and this seemed to be the message for me personally as a result of this eclipse.  As I have previously noted, Mars squaring Saturn is all about frustrations, limitations and delays.  I swear that this aspect just prior to the eclipse triggered my own natal Mars Saturn square. It can also contribute to feelings of depression.  I felt perfectly fine and emotionally calm on the day of the eclipse, but by Monday I was definitely feeling its effects.  On September 28th, I tweeted:

“Uranus Pluto square is activated today by Aries moon conjunct Uranus and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Aftereffects of eclipse.”

“Communication could still be on edge today with Mercury in Libra opposing Aries moon.  More conflict between we and me.”

I experienced irritation and impatience throughout my day.  I acknowledge that a major theme of the eclipse is letting go of what is no longer serving my best interests, but letting go doesn’t come easy for me.  I am a fixed sign and Scorpio is not known for giving up easily.  On a soul level, I know that some major changes are necessary in my life but I have this annoying little problem of not having enough faith to trust in the process. 

On Tuesday, September 29th, retrograde Mercury in Libra was inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and this continued to wreak havoc by reinforcing the theme of denial.  Of course Mercury in Libra wants to say everything is fine and Neptune in Pisces prefers to deny any semblance of imbalance or conflict.  Mercury retrograde was on a tear that day for me personally, as my cell phone started taking on a life of its own and my tablet was extremely slow.  I heard similar stories from other people: computers crashed, buses never showed up, and another friend experienced an inability to access email and delete apps on her phone after downloading a new operating system on her iPhone.  Even my computer got in on the Mercury retrograde action on October 1st by downloading and installing updates while I was trying to write this post.  It is literally a miracle that this week’s post exists.

I have been working as a telephone psychic on a couple of networks for the past six months, dating back to the solar eclipse of March 20th in 29 degrees of Pisces.  So perhaps it should not come as a surprise to me that when I logged in on September 29th, there was no record of my being available on the site and no calls. This recent lunar eclipse in 4 degrees of Aries is challenging the decisions I made during that eclipse.  Business has slowed down, and obviously Mercury retrograde wasn’t helping.  But patience is not one of my strong suits and waiting for the phone to ring is not my idea of fun, so I am trying to accept the message that the universe is delivering that this work was transitional for me.  I am stubborn and tenacious, but sometimes you just gotta let go.  I have to practice what I preach.  I want to be doing more astrology and Reiki work in addition to readings, so I am trying to let go of this part of my life.  On September 30th, the Libra Sun conjuncted that retrograde Mercury, which may very well have been the vehicle that I needed to deliver a message that was crucial to my wellbeing and sanity.

On October 6th, Mars in Virgo will be in direct opposition to Neptune in Pisces at 7 degrees, so we can expect more craziness to emerge.  Literally, our subconscious is casting a shadow on our real life.  Our addictions to fears, worries, boundary issues and anger can manifest as pretend outrage.  But hopefully we can take productive action to manifest a better reality instead of getting tripped up by our egos.

Mercury will resume direct motion in 0 degrees of Libra on October 9th, so relief is in sight.  On October 8th Venus will re-enter Virgo, where it has not been since July 31st due to the extended Venus retrograde in Leo period.  Venus in Virgo will put the focus on service to others and healing.  Change is coming; that is the real aftermath of the recent lunar eclipse.

I am focusing more energy on developing my Reiki practice as a result of the recent eclipses. I am now practicing on Friday evenings. If you are in the Boston area, please consider getting a Reiki treatment at Acupuncture for Everyone in Copley Square to destress, revitalize and remove blockages to healing.  It’s a perfect way to start your weekend off.  Reiki is the most profound treatment for stress relief because it concentrates on CALMING your body. 

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