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Friday, October 16, 2015

MIghty Mars Heats Up the Action

Mars in Virgo has really been heating things up this week to pave the way for constructive change by trining Pluto in Capricorn on October 15th in preparation for its conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo on October 17th.  On October 15th, I tweeted:

“Mars in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn today can fuel the passion to find solutions for healing & practical improvements.”

Mars and Pluto are deemed to be the rulers of Scorpio (Mars claimed the title before Pluto was discovered in 1930), so it is huge to have them favorably interacting, smoothing the waters for deep change and transformation.  Scorpios are heavily impacted by this aspect and I am convinced that it was no cosmic accident that we also had the moon in Scorpio from the evening of October 13th through the wee hours of the morning of October 16th.  On October 13th, I posted the following tweet that resonated big time for many people with over 6700 views:

“Moon enters watery Scorpio tonight bringing on more emotional intensity and opportunities for transformation.”

That Scorpio moon also sextiled Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo on October 14th while also sextiling Pluto in Capricorn.  This was a boon for improving relationships. Mars trining Pluto is definitely a positive force for leading us on the road to change and Scorpio especially will reap the benefits of these two power house planets working together. It literally is like having your home team rooting for you.

On October 17th, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo.  This is a very big deal because we only experience this aspect once every two years.  It is a potent combination of action and enthusiasm for growth.  Mars conjunct Jupiter in the sign of Virgo can trigger a desire to be of service to others and promote healing.

Mars and Jupiter are currently transiting my 11th house.  Mars will enter my 12th house on October 22nd and Jupiter will begin its transit of my 12th house on November 1st.  Mars and Jupiter transiting my 11th house has been providing me with the energy to pursue my goals and interact with new groups.  Jupiter in Virgo asks us to trust our instincts, and I have trusted my instincts to the point where I actually sought out a volunteer position in my community.  This is something I never dreamed I would do.  Talk about the power of Jupiter in Virgo!  I also attended a QPR Suicide Prevention Training on October 15th, the day of the Mars Pluto trine.  Once again, I have every confidence that this was no accident.

When Mars transits my 12th house I expect that I will be doing even more reflecting and researching on my goals.  My dreams are always on the intense side, but I anticipate that I will derive even more insight from them during this period.  And on December 12th Mars in Libra will enter my 1st house, which will clear the decks for action.

Jupiter transiting my 12th house will be a much longer transit, lasting until December 2016.  Jupiter in the 12th house is reputed to offer spiritual protection and renewal, and who can’t use a little of that?  It also generates compassion, empathy and sensitivity while providing access to our subconscious mind.  I am relying on it to guide me on my spiritual path in the coming year.

Neptune in Pisces also featured prominently in this action.  On October 14th it trined that Scorpio moon, adding an even deeper spiritual dimension to the mix.  Neptune will also be opposing Venus in Virgo on October 16th, which can create that notorious Neptunian fog regarding idealized affection in relationships and a proclivity towards the victim role.   Neptune continues to engage in more subterfuge when it inconjuncts Mercury in Libra on October 18th.  So beware of some truths being obscured at this time.  Not everything you hear could be true and there may be some important facts omitted.  Never rule out the power of Neptune.

The bottom line is that change is definitely in the air and there is support for positive change and growth, courtesy of Mars and Jupiter in Virgo making nice with Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is all about deep transformation and it’s pretty sweet to catch a break in moving forward after the recent eclipses and retrogrades of Mercury and Venus.

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