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Friday, June 16, 2017

Under the Influence of Neptune Retrograde and Summer Officially Begins as the Sun Enters Cancer

Fog Alert for the next five months!  Neptune, that planet associated with associated with inspiration, dreams, illusion, psychic receptivity, confusion, addiction, and spirituality is stationing retrograde at 7:09 a.m. in 14 degrees of Pisces on June 16, 2017. It will remain retrograde until November 22, 2017 when it stations direct in 11 degrees of Pisces.

What can we expect when Neptune is retrograde?  Well, since Neptune has such a subtle, elusive quality, it may be hard to pin down.  Whenever a planet is retrograde, its energy is internalized, With Neptune retrograde, we may find our fears and anxieties internalized as it strips away the illusions that have clouded our vision.  It can be a truly confusing time and many Neptunians like myself myself (Neptune in the 1st house conjunct my ascendant) may have been feeling its effects since the beginning of the week.  Mercury in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces on June 13, 2017, inspiring me to tweet:
The moon is also in Pisces on June 16th, so we can expect a great deal of emotional sensitivity and feelings of vulnerability.  Health problems that are difficult to diagnose could also emerge during Neptune retrograde and we could see a rise in the number of infectious diseases. 

The positive side of Neptune retrograde is that it favors spiritual development.  This is an ideal time (pardon the pun) to engage in meditation and to be more aware of our dreams.  Neptune may be sending us messages through our dreams during its retrograde stint as it seeks to lift the veil that has been around many of us.  But it will also test our ability to discern reality from illusion.

I am a bit anxious myself about this transit myself because when Neptune stations retrogrades in 14 degrees of Pisces, it will be forming an exact square with my moon in Gemini.  I am fully aware that I am in danger of developing false ideals, wrong ideas, and confusing dreams with reality.  With my natal moon in the 8th house, this transit will undoubtedly increase my psychic sensitivity and empathy.  I also sense that my innate Neptunian desire for escapism will be activated when I am confronted with the harsher realities of life.  Retreating is my MO during times like this. Meditating and calling on that old standby of white light will be my resources during this transit.  It goes without saying that avoiding drugs is a good idea during Neptune retrograde.  But with Neptune squaring my moon, I anticipate some emotional confusion, overreactions, misunderstandings in relationships and a need to see things as they really are.  I certainly will have my spiritual work cut out for me during the next five months.  I need to be mindful of the fact that the key to dealing with challenging Neptune transits is acceptance. It’s good advice for everyone during the next five months. 

Summer officially begins on June 21, 2017 at 12:24 a.m. on the east coast of the United States when the sun enters the water sign of Cancer.  This day is also known as the Summer Solstice.  In addition to being the day when there is a change of seasons, there are other changes when the sun enters Cancer.  We become more self-protective, nurturing, home oriented and just plain more emotional. It is also a good time to release old hurts.  Don’t let that emotional crab shell get too hard or crusty!

Mercury, the planet of communication, also enters the sign of Cancer on June 21st at 5:57 a.m.  Mercury is moving from its home sign Gemini into a much less objective sign.  With Mercury in Cancer, we will be processing our information on a deeper, more instinctive level.  It is less glib than Mercury in Gemini.  Communication will take on a deeply personal and emotional vibe.  Mercury in Cancer will begin its transit in my 9th house and conjunct my asteroid Vesta and south node before it enters my 10th house and conjuncts my midheaven, Jupiter and Uranus.  And Mercury enters Leo on July 5, 2017, so this should be an emotional few weeks.

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