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Friday, February 2, 2018

Aquarius Season is in High Gear Following a Powerful Lunar Eclipse

The season of Aquarius is definitely in high gear and shows no time of slowing down any time soon.  The recent lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018 featured a lunar eclipse in 11 degrees of Leo opposing the Aquarius sun, inspiring me to tweet:

But Mercury joined the sun and Venus in Aquarius on January 31st, which triggered this tweet:
The recent eclipse and Mercury entering Aquarius have been intensely personal for me and demonstrated once again the power and truth of astrology.  On January 26th, transiting Pluto in Capricorn entered my 4th house of home, family and beginnings and ending in life while simultaneously opposing my Cancer midheaven.  On that day my husband called his doctor about some pain he was experiencing behind his eye.  My husband has a heart condition, so this was troubling.  His primary care physician recommended seeing his eye doctor, who thought it was an infection and prescribed some eye drops to be taken four times a day.  I was also using eye drops four times a day for my recent cataract surgery.  His pain seemed to go away until Sunday night when it returned with a vengeance and he began having trouble reading and saying words.  I urged him to go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital, but he was too stubborn to listen to me.  On Monday, January 29th, he was so disoriented at the follow up eye doctor appointment that the eye doctor called the emergency room at the nearest hospital to warn them we were on our way.  They ran tests and CAT scans and delivered the bad news that there was bleeding in the brain and that he needed to be moved to Massachusetts General Hospital where they had more experience in treating this condition..  There was strong suspicion of a stroke.

Of course, this occurred only two days before the eclipse and certainly falls under the influence of the eclipse. What was going on in his chart?  For starters, the eclipse occurred in his 5th house widely conjunct his Pluto in 4 degrees of Leo.  It was also squaring his natal Saturn in 9 degrees of Taurus in his first house as well as his natal Jupiter in 7 degrees of Taurus in his first house  It squared his Mercury in 14 degrees of Scorpio in his 7th house.  It made perfect sense that his speech was affected with the challenging square to his natal Mercury.  On January 31, 2018, the day of the eclipse, an MRI finally determined that it was definitely not a stroke.  Currently his neurological team suspects that it is a severe reaction to his blood thinning medication Coumadin.  His cardiologist has recommended a pacemaker due to his heart problems and further heart rate issues that occurred one morning in the hospital when his heart rate vacillated wildly.. He will undoubtedly require rehab and lots of speech therapy.

How did this affect my chart?  Well, this eclipse also squared my natal Saturn in 12 degrees of Scorpio in my 1st house and opposed my natal Mars in 14 degrees in my 4th house.  So, it played out with a major health crisis for the man in my life.  And Pluto will be opposing my midheaven through early December 2019, so these huge changes in my home life will play out for some time.  I am certainly a believer in astrology, even if I don’t always like the way it manifests.

What else will happen with this Aquarius sun?  On February 4, 2018, the sun will be forming a favorable trine with the Libra moon, which should be a boon for socializing and Super Bowl parties.  Thank heaven for small favors.

But on February 7, 2018, the Scorpio moon will be squaring the sun in 18 degrees of Aquarius and this aspect won’t be pretty. It will challenge us with a struggle between what we think we want (sun in Aquarius) and what needs to be released (moon in Scorpio).  This will be a time of emotional purging and transformation.

The challenging Aquarius/Scorpio energy will play out again on February 10, 2018 when the sun in 21 degrees of Aquarius squares Jupiter in 22 degrees of Scorpio.  This time the conflict will revolve around what you should be doing (the sun) versus the reasons why you want to play and procrastinate (Jupiter).  It should be interesting…

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