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Friday, July 18, 2014

Jolly Jupiter Moves into Leo

On July 16thth Jupiter ended its year-long transit in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer and entered the fiery, fun-loving sign of Leo at 6:30 a.m.  Jupiter was last in the sign of Leo from August 2002 through August 2003.  This is good news for Leos and everyone else, as Jupiter in Leo fosters creativity, play, romance, drama, and the child within while doing its Jupiterian thing of giving us hope.
Jupiter is reputed to be exalted in the sign of Cancer, but many of us felt it to be emotionally overwhelming, in spite of its trines to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Those trines did provide somewhat of an escape hatch from the tensions of the Uranus Pluto square, but most of us experienced enormous anxiety from the deep transformation wrought by the Uranus Pluto square and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

On July 16th I posted two tweets on Twitter reflecting my thoughts on Jupiter in Cancer and its entrance into Leo:

“I think Jupiter’s exaltation in Cancer was caught in the crossfire of the Uranus Pluto square and the cardinal cross.”

“Big day as Jupiter enters Leo today.  Good things ahead for Leos. Creativity and living in the moment are major themes for all of us.”

My first major contact with Jupiter in Cancer occurred last summer when it conjuncted my south node of the moon in the 9th house.  This was not the jolliest of transits, let me tell you.  It forced me to reassess my connection to my 17 year job in a large university that was becoming increasingly demanding and seriously impacting my health.  Jupiter conjuncting the south node is notorious for being stressful and a time for reassessing one’s connections with individuals or groups that may be holding you back from moving on with your life’s path—your north node.  I have never found letting go to be an easy experience with the preponderance of water planets in my chart, and this was no exception.  But I did ultimately make the decision to resign from my position that had afforded me security in order to pursue what I intuitively felt to be my life’s work as an astrologer and healer.  That south node in Cancer has always craved emotional security from my family and job, but deep down I know that my north node in Capricorn needs to be out in the world and establish myself without a security blanket.  I also have my Sun in the 2nd house, so being a self-made person is a major theme in my chart.  But nobody ever said that living your north node was a cake walk.

My natal Jupiter is stationary retrograde at 29 degrees of Cancer, so progress for me is impossible for me without a major review of the lessons of that planet.  On July 15th I tweeted:

“Today can be very emotional and nostalgic as Jupiter spends its last day in Cancer and Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune.”

This tweet seemed to resonate for some other folks, because it garnered 148 views, five retweets and five favorites.

I am currently experiencing my Jupiter Return in the 10th house now and Jupiter in Leo will only enhance that experience for me by boosting my creativity. Jupiter will be in my 10th house until July 10, 2015 before it moves into my 11th house.  And that is also a transit to eagerly anticipate—experiencing expansion of my hopes and dreams and new group associations.

On this Sunday I am hosting a Reiki Open House with a theme of balancing one’s energy to combat the Sunday night blues that 59% of Americans face at the thought of going back to their jobs on Monday.  I am offering free ten minute chair treatments to potential new clients.  In the spirit of Jupiter in Leo, I think this is a fun way to be introduced to Reiki and engage in a little self-care.  And what self-respecting Leo is going to balk at the thought of some free self-care?

Jupiter in Leo will also be making a trine to Uranus in Aries in September 2014, which will be a welcome relief from the tension of Jupiter in Cancer squaring it earlier this year.  It’s delightful to have to those two fire signs playing nicely together to initiate change and give a boost to innovative energies.  Bring it on, Jupiter in Leo!

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