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Friday, July 11, 2014

Super Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn

On July 12th we will experience a Super Full Thunder Moon in 20 degrees of Capricorn at 7:25 a.m. Why is it called a super full moon? A super full moon occurs when the moon's closest approach to the earth, aka the lunar perigee, coincides with the phase of the full moon. This causes the moon to appear bigger and brighter while increasing the likelihood of natural disasters. The Indians called the July full moon the Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms. I'm sure no one can argue with that logic after the weather of the past week!  I decided to use the pool in my building on July 7th and within ten minutes I received notifications on my cell phone of thunderstorm and tornado watches!  We had neither, but it did start pouring rain within a few minutes.

How is this full moon going to play out astrologically? We will be dealing with themes of balancing emotional security and home life with outer accomplishments and personal achievement. Ideally we will be trying to achieve stability and success while searching for deeper meaning in what we have created. Once again, I would like to give credit to fellow astrologer Molly Hall for her astute observations in this week's About Astrology. She commented that this full moon is about persevering through a crisis of growth, growing in personal authenticity, and honoring our commitments because Capricorn is tough love personified.

Relationship dynamics will also come to a head with this full moon because it sets off a mini Cardinal Grand Square this weekend. Mars, Ceres, Vesta and the north node in Libra will all be squaring the sun and moon. Mercury will be re-entering the sign of Cancer on the 12th as well, amping up the emotional tone of communication and providing an opportunity for us to review issues from late May and early June. Then Mercury continues to move forward in Cancer and leaves its shadow period by July 16th. But we can count on some planetary assistance in the relationship department because Mars in Libra conjuncts the north node, our soul's mission, and trines Venus in Gemini. I love those trines; they are literally hugs that provide support and encouragement in resolving relationship issues.

Personally, I think that the moon in Scorpio on July 7th set in motion the highly emotional tone for this full moon. It prompted me to post these two tweets on the7th:

"Cancer Sun trining Scorpio moon brings increased emotional sensitivity which can lead to generosity or jealousy and manipulation."

"Scorpio moon trining Neptune in Pisces elicits compassion but don't become a victim. Moon's trine to Chiron puts us in touch with our wounds."

Of course, the moon in Scorpio always directs emotions inward and people will have a tendency to react to psychological slights with a desire for revenge. On July 7th transiting Venus in Gemini was inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio, so that brought out more of a "stinging" tone to relationships because adjustments were needed. For many of us that may not have played out and the Scorpio stinger undoubtedly prevailed.

Another piece to this full moon is that Pluto in Capricorn is rising above it.   The moon enters the sign of Capricorn late on July 10th and we should definitely feel its effects on Friday, July 11th when the moon conjuncts Pluto.  There will be tension in the air and this is not going to be a lightweight full moon! 

The moon in Capricorn can have a depressing tone because it is ruled by Saturn, which emphasizes the learning of difficult lessons. I have a Scorpio friend who has a natal moon in Capricorn and she has noticed that depression looms for her when the moon is in Capricorn.  I hope that she can be free of that heavy depression during this full moon; perhaps she will be able to let go of that pattern.

As for me, this full moon will conjunct my natal Chiron in the 4th house and the Sun will conjunct my midheaven.  I am fully aware that this can bring up old wounds by contacts with people from the past to facilitate healing.  I am trying to focus on the concept that this will teach me to move through to the other side of pain. I am also trying to capitalize on that Capricorn energy and Sun in my 10th house this weekend by formally announcing my Reiki Open House on July 20th to promote my career as a healer.  I have also been getting a few requests for my astrological and tarot services, so Jupiter in my 10th house is definitely working its magic.  It started when transiting Jupiter in Cancer conjuncted my natal Uranus in the 10th house last week, proving that astrology works.  Yes, I would like even more business, but I can’t be greedy.  I can definitely sense a shift in energy and I think that when Jupiter moves into Leo next week the pace will quicken.  Jupiter does have a lot to do with hope and faith, so I have to keep the faith and trust my inner guidance that all is unfolding as it should.

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