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Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturn and Uranus Stations at Sweet Sixteen Degrees

Saturn stationed direct at 16 degrees of Scorpio on July 20th and Uranus stationed retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries on July 21st. The astrological world was buzzing with speculation over these two strange bedfellows' movements. Astrologer Pam Younghans described its energy as a push pull motion. Saturn likes to be conservative and Uranus is rebellious, so the challenge is to find a reasonable way to proceed that will provide the new energy we need.
I don't think it is an accident that both of these planets stationed at 16 degrees of their respective signs, creating an inconjunct or quincunx aspect. I am all too familiar with this aspect, as I have two in my chart. I have my Gemini moon inconjunct my Saturn in Scorpio and my Chiron in Capricorn inconjunct my Pluto in Leo. I have always loved how Dietrech Pessin describes this aspect: "life's messy, clean it up aspect".  I can definitely attest to that description! The bottom line is that this 150 degree aspect requires an enormous amount of adjustment to get the planets involved to function in a semblance of order in one's life. And Michael Lutin's interpretation of the Saturn and Uranus stations totally resonated for me; he likened it to being hungry and nauseous at the same time! Check it out at his site:

As for me personally, I was so elated that Saturn was finally moving direct and on July 20th that I tweeted

"Saturn in Scorpio ends its 4 month retrograde today and there is hope for progress in long term goals."
 I also hosted my first Reiki Open House that evening to honor that theme and offer more people the opportunity to experience the benefits of Reiki.

The fact of the matter is that Saturn in 16 degrees of Scorpio and Uranus in 16 degrees of Aries are hitting all of us in different areas of our chart. Everyone is feeling the effects of these two planets in different areas of our lives. Transiting Saturn is in my second house now inconjunct my moon in Gemini, which is an aspect that I have natally.  So I am not kidding when I say that Saturn in Scorpio is all about rebirth for me.  Saturn inconjunct the moon is all about self-doubt, low self-esteem and feeling like you have to work really hard to be loved.  Periods of depression, anxiety and frustration are part of the baggage of this aspect, but is power lies in its ability to learn by experience.  Yes, there are definitely roadblocks along with way, but the power of this aspect lies in learning from experience and the salvation of self-knowledge. I certainly have been blessed with a plethora of self-knowledge in the past couple of years.  Another bonus of this aspect is that like a fine wine, it gets better with age because it boosts your self-esteem.  I am no longer as consumed with trying to please others because I have learned the hard way that if I can’t trust someone, then I should not try harder to appease them.   

The fact that transiting Saturn is also squaring my natal Mars in Aquarius (another natal aspect that I possess) only adds fuel to the fire in my attempts to create a new life.  Transiting Saturn is also conjunct my Lilith. Since Lilith pertains to the darker side of the moon, I am struggling with the issue of structuring my instincts and experiencing frustration in achieving my goals.  So, yes, I am really getting a double whammy emotionally these days. I know that this transit will continue through mid-September and then Saturn conjuncts my Sun. I know that transit won't exactly be a day at the beach either but I have had it before and pretty much know to expect that I will probably be tired and depressed. Or I could luck out because this is the final pass of this transit for nearly another 30 years and maybe I will  receive some well deserved success for all of my hard work.  A gal can dream, can't she?

As for Uranus in 16 degrees of Aries, it is currently opposing my Libra ascendant and a few seconds away from my seventh house. Its retrograde motion will send it back into my sixth house, so I fully expect that issues of health and changes in my daily routine will emerge. I quit my job a year ago and over the past three years experienced several health problems with this transit. However, I am not as concerned about Uranus retrograde as I was about Saturn retrograde.  I was born with Uranus retrograde, so I am somewhat comfortable with it as it tends to operate with my natural Uranian expression.  And it is sextiling my moon in Gemini, which is one bonus from this Uranus retrograde.  Sextiles and trines are to be appreciated because they are flowing, not challenging, aspects.  So my chart is literally living proof of the Saturn and Uranus push pull theory in action! 

This week was not all gloom and doom though.  The Sun entered Leo on July 22nd, which lightened the tone after an emotional month in the sign of Cancer and on July 24th the Sun conjuncted Jupiter in Leo, which prompted me to tweet:

“Sun in Leo conjunct Jupiter today amplifies enthusiasm for enjoying life.”

We have more good things coming over the weekend.  Mars, which seems to have spent an eternity in the sign of Libra, where it is definitely not comfortable, finally enters the sign of Scorpio on July 25th at 10:25 p.m.  Scorpio is a much better fit astrologically for Mars’ aggressive energies.  And we have a new moon in Leo on July 26th in 3 degrees of Leo.  This new moon is also conjunct Jupiter in Leo, so we can expect to fully enjoy what life has to offer this weekend.  The Sun rules the sign of Leo and Leo is shining brightly with both the moon and Jupiter in Leo.  Socialize, shine and enjoy this weekend!

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